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Derrick Bornstein is the Basketball Skill Trainer and author of sportsinsightz.com. Derrick Bornstein, his coaching career as junior varsity head coach at McAuley High School. In 2000, Derrick Bornstein was named Assistant head coach of the girl’s varsity basketball team at Mount Notre Dame High School in Reading, Ohio, where he received the 2005 Coach of the Year award.

Basketball Head Coach

Mill River Unified Union School District


With the growing passion for basketball games, more and more people’s goal is to be interested in the perfect basketball hoops for indoor and outdoor use. Sports Insightz is a free resource offering expert, researched information on sports. We have started our journey in 2016; we try to publish other sports news, sports gear, and tips while buying advice for sports fans who love soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and many more.

Derrick Bornstein a hoops geek. Derrick Bornstein is co-founded four Indoor sports accessories companies for almost twenty-five years and an active advisor and mentor for the basketball country team. Sports Insightz is teamwork; this site was born out of the love of basketball games but has expanded to cover other excellent gaming-related content. Sports Insightz offers top quality products at competitive prices, supported by the other teammates with a passion for sports. However, selecting the quality basketball hoops for the players is not easy because hundreds of models and types are waiting for choosing from the market. Our team indeed never like to throw your money on a hoop in low quality and poor performance. You can rely on this site. You can choose your basketball hoop according to your gaming experience, budget, storage, space, and reference. My team and I will make your purchasing way easier by selecting and carefully reviewing the best items on the market.

Selecting a basketball hoop is an involved process; my team always does a ton of research to help the consumers find out the best hoop for your situation. That’s why the consumers need expert reviewers like us to help pick out the top-rated series based on your various needs.

From various sizes, styles, and features, these basketball hoops will offer you easy to use recreational and residential outdoor experience without you even having to leave you the comfort of your home. Here the basketball systems offer you specific characteristics height adjustable features, longevity, and, most importantly, trouble-free mobility and weather protection. Sports Insightz always gives value to consumers for transparency, truth, and fairness in the marketplace. This Affiliate site keeps trying to help customers get the best items from the whole market at the lowest price. We are here to create a fair marketplace for the basketball lover. Our team members’ mission is to choose the right hoops, grow the consumers’ interest in the products, and make positive changes in their gaming and entertainment life.

Our main goal is to support you and your children with the most outstanding basketball experience without having to go through the tedious process of using the grounded concrete basketball hoops or over the garage door hoops. This process does not give you mobility and deprives you of changing the hoops’ height to suit the youngsters.

While we want to buy something, we have high expectations. But sometimes we are not satisfied enough when we see that the product does not suit me. When we chose the wrong product, it will create lots of sufferings. To avoid this situation, we start looking for feedbacks from our colleagues or friends. Sometimes take suggestions from the other basketball hoop owners. And after that, visit the internet to get the best product from the market. If you want to solve all of your basketball hoop related issues, this Sports Insightz is here. We are sure to shape your product purchasing decision. Every day and night, our team members try to do further significant research and study based on many journals, websites, magazines, and publications to improve their knowledge. We are trying to make knowledge of us up-to-date to deliver up-to-date products. So without any hesitation, you can rich your experience based on this site.

We publish the products when we are confident enough about the products that will be best for you. It is not such an easy task to make us up-to-date with lots of basketball hoop related products. Besides this, we have to consider your budget also. But I will assure you that the Sports Insightz team only work for your satisfaction. At the same time, we always try to remove your extra stress to choose the right products. You cannot think even how easily our team is supposed to present all the data, comparisons, reasons, and analysis. Here we provide the rank and price comparisons so that you can choose the right product according to your budget.

On Sports Insightz, I want to continue writing articles based on a basketball hoop, shooting huge videos, and creating tools that help basketball players, coaches, or parents. My team used to check all hoop-related websites and youtube channels to gather as much information about the basketball hoop on the market as possible.

What is the Methodology of our Work?

We provide the details and technical buying guides, individual product reviews, the positive and negative sides of all the products, and the informative post on using the basketball hoop professionally. Our buying guide will always show you a detailed list of the top products and technical coverages. Our unique contents show the new product on the market, and everything is dropping our knowledge just for your benefit. So you can get a more informed choice to find out the best usable product from the market and know how to win in your life. We are here to find out the very best for you.

Why is Sports Insightz Different?

The basketball hoop came with a pole pad by which you can cover up the pole, a backboard pad, and an anchor kit. This site results from strong teamwork, and the main dream is to support the basketball players. Here we are always trying to present the latest and most popular product from the market. Our team is here to implement our knowledge to choose the most desirable outcome from the market. We are here to save your hours of research on your own.

Moreover, the basketball hoop doesn’t restrict to one location. So choose the perfect hoop is a vital issue. All the team members of this site like to Work hard until the job is done. Our motto is to do the product research lifetime to decide to purchase the best product according to their needs.

Portable Basketball Hoops are meant to let you play basketball the way it is supposed to be played for fun, with family and friends, and right at home. From various styles, sizes and features these portable basketball hoops will offer you an easy-to-use residential and outdoor recreational experience without you even having to leave you the comfort of your home. Usually designed for the strong long-term experience, these basketball systems offer you unique characteristics height adjustable features, trouble-free mobility and most crucial longevity with weather protection. Give your children the best experience without going through the tedious process of using the grounded concrete basketball hoops or over the garage door hoops, which not only does not give you mobility but also deprives you of changing the height of the rounds to suit the growing up, youngsters.

We all know the feel when we buy something with high expectations, but at the end of the day, the purchase seems to be a futile one. Now many of us look for reviews. We start looking for feedbacks from our friends, from our colleagues. If we can’t find out from them, we begin to search on the internet. You just can’t compromise with your basketball hoop too.