Can you Wear Socks with an Ankle Brace?

People usually do not wear socks with an ankle brace in normal circumstances as most of the time, it is unnecessary, but it does not mean that you cannot wear socks with an ankle brace. However, there are some cases where you should know not to wear a pair.

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There are some ankle braces out there with linings specially made to support wearing socks. You would see that most people that wear socks with ankle braces usually do so to keep the props from starting to smell. It is easier to wash socks than it is to clean ankle braces.

Compressible ankle braces are made to reduce swellings; these are already made to fit your feet perfectly. Wearing socks with these types of ankle braces would reduce blood circulation. However, it is not advisable to wear socks under a tight-fit ankle brace because it would suffocate your feet. Moreover, wearing socks under tight-fit ankle braces would also hurt very much, and it will likely leave marks on your skin because of the pressure the support creates.

Sometimes it depends on what you actually feel comfortable with that would best decide if wearing socks with ankle braces is worth it or not. Some people prefer to wear socks with ankle braces, just like people dislike them. However, of all the people who tell their story of wearing socks with ankle braces, almost 90% say that they wear socks over the braces. This way, wearing socks does not hurt at all like it does when wearing them underneath your braces.

Like there are times when you must not wear socks with ankle braces, there are times when you must wear them. Some low-quality ankle braces out there can cause blisters if you do not wear socks underneath them, and the friction, later on, would hurt pretty bad. However, if you wear socks with tight-fit braces, the socks would themselves be why you suffer from blisters. So, be careful when choosing whether to wear a pair or not.

When you get sweaty, the surface’s continuous sliding will cause the skin to itch like crazy. In these cases, wearing crew socks or knee socks is recommended.

It entirely depends on whether you want to wear socks or not, as it does not matter that much since most ankle braces are made to be worn without socks. Most people feel comfortable wearing socks, but then again, you may not be among them. It is just a personal preference and would not alter your medical situation in any way.

Should I wear an ankle brace over or under socks?

Ankle braces differ in how they are worn, with some being worn over the socks and shoes and others being drawn up from below. In both cases, care should be taken when choosing a brace or orthotic to ensure sufficient room above the Ankle for the entire movement of toes and no pressure on toes or other body parts. Any footwear or foot problems should also be considered when selecting ankle support appropriate for the need—for example, deep dished soles can interfere significantly with stabilizing straps.

For an unencumbered fit, while wearing socks, one may recommend wearing over-the-socks styles that allow free room for fingers beneath–not to mention maximum protection against injuries due to falls. There are two common variations for wide-feet persons: the first is a wrap-around elastic with Velcro fasteners, and the second type has straps and buckles. These braces can be worn under socks, but one should consider wearing over socks instead for best results.

It is also still possible to wear ankle braces over socks, so long as you do not wear thick socks or the prop will be too tight to wear. There are many different types of ankle braces available on the market today. Every one of them has a specific purpose, and they can all benefit people in very diverse ways. One important thing is to find out what you need before choosing ankle support that best suits your needs.

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Are High Tops Better for your Ankles?

It is common knowledge that high-top shoes are better for your ankles and that they can prevent your ankles from being injured. People assume that high-top shoes are similar in build to ankle braces. But this is untrue to some extent.

The University of Oklahoma researched high-top shoes in 1993, proving that high-top shoes are not similar to ankle braces when supporting against sprains. The researchers worked with 622 students who play basketball; all of these students were volunteers. The students were divided into three groups and asked to wear sneakers that fell into high-top shoes, high-top shoes with air compression, and low-top sneakers.

After many games, trainers finally submitted each play’s results and the number of injuries among each group. People then were amazed at the results – high-top shoes had almost no connection to ankle support.

The number of injuries that each group suffered was nearly the same. A total of 15 students sustained injuries, 7 wore high-top shoes, and four from each of the other groups suffered from injuries.

Doctors, however, have pointed out the opposing sides of wearing a high top. You would guess that because high tops and ankle braces are similar, high tops would not harm your ankles in any way. But this is a wrong theory since high tops secure your Ankle in tight, snug, ankle movements restricted to some extent, and long the long run, this is a bad thing.

The more you work your ankles, the stronger they will be. Therefore, when you wear high tops, you gradually weaken your Ankle, increasing the chances of injury. Your ankles will gain strength if you wear low-top shoes since flat-top shoes do not restrict movements. That’s why health professionals have determined that a joint’s excess external support can cause your surrounding muscles to weaken.

If you bring high-top shoes in question, it is your ankle strength to prioritize ankle injury. The stronger your Ankle is, the less likely you would suffer from an ankle sprain. Dr. Miniaci-Coxhead said, “The best prevention for an ankle injury has strong muscles on the outside of the foot (investors), and wearing high-top shoes can cause these muscles to activate later and be less effective.”

So, in the end, high-top shoes would only help your Ankle to some extent; it is your ankle strength that is important. However, some high-top shoes have built-in technology similar to an ankle brace. These shoes can help prevent ankle sprains since the sharp tops reduce ankle inversion. If you compare ankle braces with high-top boots, you recommend that you go for ankle braces since they offer much better ankle support than high-top shoes.

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