The golf course is a ground where golf game played. Nowadays, many people play golf, but most don’t know how to measure the golf course length or the golf grounds’ right measurement. A golf course includes a series of holes, and the standard golf courses have 18 holes in total. Besides, many things are essential to determine the golf course length. Here I’ll indicate some points which are necessary for deciding the golf course length.

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Golf course length

Every golfer must know about the range of the golf course where he/she is going to play. Almost every golf course has the same length, but sometimes it varies slightly, but it’s infrequent. However, the average golf course length is 6600 yards. And they use the same structure for setting a golf ground, and all of them have some standard parts. These explained below.

Common parts of a golf course

In a golf course, there must have some parts without them; the golf ground is incomplete. Below are given their brief details.

Tee area

Tees are the small plastic or wooden peg which the players use for holding up the balls. It is unnecessary to use the tees, but it helps the balls fly faster and cover a wide area. Tees located at the start point of every hole can find many tee boxes in a golf course. As the year passes, the size of the tees is becoming more prolonged and more extensive. At present, the tee’s design is more artistic and aesthetic than before. For easy identification, the tee has a different colour code, which also helps determine the scores. Most of the U.S. golf courses use four colours.

Red: This is the closest tee from the hole. And it is for a beginner. 

Gold: The next closest tee is in gold colour, and it is for teenagers, high-handicap men, or low-handicap women. 

White: It is the third closest tee. It is for the low handicap men and teenagers. 

Blue or black: It is the farthest tee from the hole. It is for the professional and zero-handicap players.

Fairway area

The small area between the tee box and green indicated as fairway. Most of the golfer take unique shots from this area.

Rough area

That is the larger area between the out-of-bounds markers and the fairway area. Making great shots from this area takes a lot of effort, and sometimes it fails, so most of the players skip the shot from this area.

Green area

The smooth field surrounding the hole is usually known as the greens or putting greens. The grass in this area is significantly trimmed. The decent size of the green putting must be between 5,000 sq. Feet to 6,500 sq. Feet. More extensive than this size is quite difficult to maintain.


Hazards are the barriers of the golf course that makes the game more enjoyable. There have two types of obstacles one is water hazards, and the other is a bunker. And when the ball falls into the risks, the player must follow some special rules. And the stakes are always marked with different colours of yellow or red.

Golf Ground Fairway Grass Length

The grass on the golf courses must be short in size to make the playing field fair to play. Smaller leaves of the greens make the surface tighter, and the stable surface ensures effective shots. Besides, making effective shots in the soft texture is very challenging for the golfer. So the length of the golf field’s grasses must be in a particular size, which will make the playing environment fairer. Or if the greens leaves are longer in the golf course, you won’t get the desired result because of the unfair playing field. For cutting the grass leaves, the special cutter used and must chop the leaves regularly. The perfect length of the grass must not exceed 1.5-inches.

The average length of 18-hole golf ground

It is the most critical issue to discuss on. The average length of 18-holes is almost the same in every golf course, and sometimes it varies, but the extended range is not much more than the average size. At present, the length is around 6500-7000 yards, depends on the tournament. The golfer always prefers an extensive golf course because it leads them to better performance. They can make a vital shot in a long golf course, which increases the win’s chances. It was very tough for the golfers to send the ball in 200 yards in the past time, but now they can easily send the balls over 250 yards. Now the increased average golf course length of 18-holes has an excellent benefit for the golfers.

Question: How long it takes to cover the average length of the 18-hole golf course?

It will take more than four hours to cover the average length of 18-holes because the golfer has to do many tasks between these hours. For example, they have to walk to the whole course, carry the golf bag, find the balls, keep the records, wait for their turn, etc. There also have some other factors that also have an impact on timing. There are-

The average time of playing may decrease or increase based on the competitor numbers. When the number of competitors is higher, then it will take more time to finish the game.

  • If you are walking, then it will take more time to finish the game.
  • The average time also depends on the players hitting skills. If the golfer can’t make strong shots, it will take more time to end the game.
  • One can also use golf carts to reduce the average time.
  • If the climatic condition is not right, it will also take more time to finish it.

Golf course length 7-letters

It is the most exciting issue for discussing. You can solve the golf course crosswords by using these seven letters. And it is straightforward to remember all the terms. For example-

  • Yardage: It indicates the golf course length.
  • Semester: Semester refers to the course or field length.
  • Fairway: This is the small grass on the starting part or tee of a golf course.
  • The time: It is the line that requires to follow on a golf course schedule.
  • Bunkers: Bunkers are the sand and water traps lying on a golf course.

Footgolf course length

Footgolf is a new term in this sport, and most of the golf players are not familiar with this term. However, many golf courses host this footgolf, where the golfer has to send the ball into the hole by using their feet, not with the golf club. And the balls that used in this sport is usually a football. The footgolf’s length may vary, but it starts from 45 yards, and it is around 190 yards.

Question: Why is it essential to measure golf course length?

Knowing the golf course length before making any shot is very important for every golfer. Because if you are well aware of the distance, you will be able to prepare yourself to make effective and robust shots that will increase your chances of winning. Besides, if you are not aware of the golf field’s length, you won’t estimate the area that you want to cover, and your shots won’t be much useful. And it will create an adverse impact on your overall performance.

Question: Is there any benefit to the long golf courses?

The long golf course has fascinating benefits, and every golfer must know the golf field measurements. If you want to win, you must have strong and few shots. And if the golf ground’s length is shorter, you won’t be able to make strong shots. So it’s better to know about the golf course range and prepare yourself before making any strong shot.

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