How to Wash a Basketball Padded Arm Sleeve?

Basketball Padded Arm Sleeve used in basketball game play to give support. They made of durable stretch fabric. It also provides flexibility during the game play. Another critical factor of this sleeve is to protect the elbow from falls on the court. Padded arm sleeves can get smelly and dirty after several using. So you need to wash the arm sleeve for next use. Before wash, you have to know the cleaning process. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the sleeves.

Washing process of a Basketball Padded Arm Sleeves

A padded arm sleeve can be machine or hand washed. Manufacturers have their washing instructions. Before cleaning you should follow it. You should always use a mild detergent. Make sure the soaps are free from bleach, chlorine or fabric softeners. This item will reduce the lifespan of the sleeve.

Machine Wash Procedure

You could wash padded sleeves in a machine if it labeled machine-washable. You need to use a mild detergent. Mix 2 cups water with 1-cup white vinegar and 10 drops the soap. Put the liquid in a spray bottle & spray the mixture over the padded arm sleeve. Wipe it off with a damp cleaning rag. Set the sleeve aside and allow drying. This mixture helps deodorize and disinfect naturally. Now place the sleeve in your washing machine. Wash with warm water in a gentle cycle. You have to maintain the water temperature between 87 and 104 degrees F. You can place the sleeve in a mesh bag for more protection. After wash allows it to air dry.

Hand Wash Procedure

Washing a padded sleeve by your hand is easy. At first, fill a sink with water. Now dampen sleeve in this water. Add a small amount of detergent. Let the sleeve soak for sometimes. Without stretching rub the sleeve gently. Empty the sink and refill with water again. Rinse the sleeve with this clean water. Gently rub the fibers to rinse out salts and oils. Again empty the vessel and rinse one more time. After finishing washing, you have to let it dry. You can dry the sleeves with a dryer or air dry. If you use a dryer, you cannot use any heat. Turn the sleeve inside out and tumble dry on cool. If you want to dry the sleeves in the air, then place it on a towel. Squeezing the sheet and allow it to dry. Do not wring the sleeves for excess water out. It may stretch the fibers. Do not hang as the water in the sleeve will add weight. It may become stretched. You cannot dry it in the sun as UV light may damage the fibers.

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