How To Become A Better Basketball Player In 2 Months?

Basketball is a type of game where you need to have good stamina and skills. Without having an excellent physical fitness, you won’t be able to perform well in the court. However, if you are a beginner or professional level basketball player and thinking to improve your basketball skills to the next level in two months, then I can say two months is plenty of time to prepare yourself as a better basketball player. In this article, I am going to share some tips on how you can be a better basketball player in two months. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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1. Find your strength and weakness

First of all, try to find your strengths and weakness in the basketball game whenever you practice alone or in a team, work, and focus more on your weaknesses and make the weaknesses into your strengths. This will help you become more skilled within a short time. Give more time to practice sessions to work on your weak points.

2. Practice makes you perfect

There is no secret rule to become a good basketball player; all you need to practice hard to improve your basketball skills. You may have weak points in the basketball game, but the more you practice, the more you can overcome your weaknesses. By nature, we human beings are not perfect, but if we determine to improve our skills, then there are no other alternatives to practice. So focus more on training, utilize your time, and make it a habit like practicing basketball every day is a part of your daily work.

3. Work on fitness

Fitness is crucial for a basketball player. You must have the right fitness level to perform like a superstar. If your fitness level is up to the mark, then you can move faster in the court and dominate the game with your athleticism. And even if you are not fast like your opponents, you can still outplay them by using your strength and stamina. Try to do jog every day for 2-3 kilometers, and besides this, you should also do some workouts to improve your endurance and speediness. Morning is the best time to do some jogging. Wake up early in the morning, go out for jogging, and some workout to improve your fitness level.

4. Footwork

Besides good fitness and stamina, footwork is also an essential part of improving your basketball skills further. Say you are playing a game where your opponent players are faster and bigger than you, then you can dominate over them in the court if you have good footwork. By using your footwork, you can place your body in a superior position by which you can defeat the defender of the opponent team with a combination of cross over, pump fake, drives or spin, etc. So you must also work hard to improve your footwork.

5. Team communication

If you play in the defending position, you must have the proper skills to defend the attack of the opponent team. And for that, you need to improve your team communication. You must know well about your teammates, their movement, and their position. A good example of defending is to steal the ball from the opponent and pass it back to your teammates. And that requires excellent communication with your mates. So if you have good team communication, the chances to win a match would get high.

6. Quality repetition

Quality repetition is more important than quantity. The result of the game will depend on that. But it doesn’t mean that you are going to put less time on that. To be more precise, quality repetition means getting benefits from a few amounts of high-quality repetition than loads of improper repetitions. High quality means focusing on technique, maintaining a high level of energy during the game, and speediness. Once you master these, you can bring more win to your team.

7. Focus little things

Many players are unaware of little issues like – form, footwork, etc. but these little things can make a massive difference in the game. So you need to focus on improving these little things, and you need to identify which parts you are going to improve for yourself, and you have to have a solid foundation.

8. Discipline

Discipline is a vital part of whether you want to improve your basketball skills or anything. So whenever you practice, give 100 percent effort to it. Make a daily routine for yourself and try to maintain it regularly.

9. Get out of the comfort zone

Practice shooting accurately is not a comfortable movement. Playing defensive or offensive in a low position is not comfortable at all. Nevertheless, if you push yourself to improve at these, then you are on the right track to improve your gaming skills.

10. Bring your intensity

Players have the intention to be motivated and require a push to do a practice session with intensity. No matter whatever the drill is, you will always have the choice to bring your enthusiasm. Like – you can push yourself to execute better and get repetition without hearing from your coach. Even if the drill seems so dull, always try your best, work hard, and be focused. Soon you will see the outcome of it.

11. Refuse to settle

If you think that you can complete a down and back in 10 seconds, then do it within that time. Don’t go for 15 or more seconds even though that was the time limit. You need to evaluate your work based on what you can do with your potential.

12. Try to find a training partner

It’s better if you find a training partner so that you can practice together and improve your gaming skills. You need to find someone who will not only be your partner in the training session but also who can motivate you to play well. You need someone like that.

13. Play your own game

You can check out how great basketball players use their skills during a match, but don’t follow anyone because you might get frustrated whenever you aren’t able to play like them. Not all players possess the same skills. So focus on playing your own game.

14. Ball possession

Try to improve the ball possession skills besides other training. This is very important while tacking the basketball during the game. Basketball players seem so tall around the world. Tall players get extra advantage of handing the ball. But if you are not that tall, then try to focus on ball possession skills that you can practice on your own.

15. Mix up your training

Don’t focus on only one or two specialized training. Mix up your training during the session. This will make you a versatile basketball player, and you can play well on the whole basketball ground. Once you are mixing up your training every day, then you will feel confident whenever you are going to play the big games.

16. Shooting free throws

If you want to improve your concentration and increase your stamina, then you need to practice shooting free throws a lot. You can start this practice by doing 7 or 8 free throws successively. Then go towards the backboard and begin rolling the ball off the backboard. Do it for like 10 to 15 times and then again make 15 more free throws.

17. Plyometric exercises

The plyometric exercise comprises high intensity and explosive muscular contraction. This exercise will improve your athletic power; it will especially improve your liveliness and total strength. By doing plyometric exercise regularly, you can achieve the optimum strength in your muscles in a short time. There are different types of plyometric exercises depending on high, low, and medium intensity, like – punching, high jump, pushups, sprinting, kicking, etc.

18. Contemplation

Contemplation can help us focus on things that we wish to do. Try to contemplate before starting the practice session, maybe for 20 to 30 minutes. It will help you focus on your training; add this as part of your training schedule.

19. A little warm-up before the game

Before any game, try to do some simple workout. It will keep you fit for the game and reduce the chance of falling into any unexpected injuries.

20. Watch great shooters video

You can check some great basketball shooters videos online. There are many videos available online, and you can check them out in your free time and apply the skills whenever you do practice sessions. This will help you improve your gaming skills.

If you want to improve your basketball skills within two months, then you must need to follow these tips. You need to work hard and practice with dedication. Things don’t change overnight, and you can develop your skills gradually if you follow the tips mentioned above. And always remember to love the things you do.

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