How to Become A Professional Female Golfer

Everyone can play golf, and as long as you have the interest and passion for this fantastic game, you can do it. No matter what your gender is, you can still fulfill your desire to play golf. All you need to understand the rules. It requires patience, dedication, and willingness to become a pro golfer. It doesn’t matter whether you are old or young, if you give effort, then there is an opportunity that you can make your dream come true. If you have a thought in your mind that how you can become a professional female golfer at any age, then stay with us to know more about it. Let get rolling!

1. Don’t worry about age 

“It is never too late to become a pro golfer.” YES, it is! And you never know what will happen to you unless you give it a try. If you always keep thinking about your age, then your subconscious mind will block you for your development as a player. Yes, it is beneficial to pick up the game at an early age. But that is not a big deal. There are plenty of late bloomers who set alight the course with their skill. Don’t make the age as a limiting factor. It is never too late to become what you want to be as long as you have the dedication and motivation over it. Katy Harris can be a good example. At the age of 32, she turned into an NBA professional following two childbirths and operations on her him and hand.

2. Get enrolled for the golf lesson

No matter how long you have been playing golf, an expert opinion is always handy in improving your existing skills to the next level. You should stay in touch with a professional golf instructor and take lessons from him/her. Afterward, you will be able to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. It is also essential to work with a skilled mentor who can understand your present status and can give you a suggestion about how you can become a pro golfer. You need to train under a professional mentor who can identify your inadequacies and assist you in overcoming them. In this regard, you can browse online forums to ask fellow golfers for coach recommendations.

3. Watch golfers play 

Watching videos is a great choice to improve your skills and playing styles further. Yes, there are many videos and tutorials available on a different online platform. But I suggest you buy DVD’s where the techniques of playing golf are organized sequentially. This is not the same as watching random videos on YouTube, because this will allow you to pick up the strategy you need to be a professional golf player.

There are more profound instructional sessions in DVDs that you can watch at your own pace, and you can re-watch them again as per the need. Some DVDs concentrate on specific skills of the game, say, for example, if you want to improve the swinging technique, you can purchase the DVDs that discuss this topic in detail.

4. Diversify your skill 

If you play golf as part of recreation, then it is okay with a limited set of skills. But when you compete with the professionals, then you must have the skills to take all sorts of shots. Like – you need to be comfortable with bunkering, putting, wedge shots, etc. spend more time in the training sessions to practice these skills over and over again. You can ask your instructor to assign your training schedule, and you need to maintain it strictly. And also, you need to work with your instructor carefully to find out your flaws and work with them.

5. Prepare your mind to take the challenge 

Aside from the regular course schedule, all the LPGA professionals work on honing their mental competence. When you walk into the course as a professional golfer, then things might be different. Make golf your way of happiness where you can feel relax and peaceful. But from now on, you need to play with better opposition and competitively. This sudden change in the situation can mess up your mind easily, and you may feel nervous. When you make any mistakes, it will have a rambling effect, and that is inevitable. Always be on top of the game and mentally prepare yourself to overcome all mental barriers.

6. Try to find a competitive golf partner 

The path to becoming a pro golfer would be much easier if you find a regular practice partner who will take the game seriously. If you want to take your game to the next level, then the dynamic individual attempt is a must. But without having a competitive practice, it might not be adequate.

When you find an excellent golfing partner, it will accelerate your learning process, and you get closer to the desired goal. If you know someone who plays golf, then invite them so that you can play together. And in case if you don’t find anyone, then you can check online forums for golfing partners.

7. Look for playing opportunities 

Before turning into a professional golf player, you need to play as much as you can. You can sign up for a local golf club where you have the opportunity to play in local and regional tournaments. If you are in high school, then try to enroll for junior golf tournaments around you. And if you are a college student, later try to get into your college team. You can get high-quality competition in college games, and you also have the scholarship opportunity as well. Playing in the junior level, college, or any college tournament will help you build relationships with the golfing community and like-minded people, and this will be beneficial for your career progress.

8. Sign Up for Professional Tournaments

When you feel confident that you are ready to play in the big leagues, then you can sign up for LPGA’s Q-School program. This is a three-stage tournament that works as a stepping stone to LPGA competitions. You will begin with stage 1, and when you finish this stage, then you can get into stage 2. And afterward, you can move into Q-Series. Around 40-50 players each year get the pass for Q-Series to claim the LPGA Tour card.

You will get access to LPGA tournaments by the tour card, that you can take part as a professional. To retain the card, you must need to maintain a minimum level of performance, and otherwise, at the end of the season, you will lose it.

So now you understand how you can become a professional female golf player at any age. Ages is not a barrier at all, and remember age is just as number. You can do anything at any age if you have the desire and motivation to do that. So don’t hesitate and start working towards achieving your dream. People play golf with passion and love. You need to love the game. So it will be exciting if you take your passion seriously and make a career from it. Practice with determination and keep working on your shortcomings.

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