Which one is the best for basement: foosball or ping pong table

In today’s hectic world, work seems to be the only focus for many people to survive. The situation is very grave particularly after people enter into corporate world!! In most cases, workload doesn’t permit them to play games that are not only mind-refreshing but also great for the physical fitness.

If you are a game lover but have fallen into an extreme work pressure for the job, we have some good news for you!! Many giant companies including the startups are encouraging now the idea of “break rooms” where their employees can play games like foosball or ping pong and have fun. This physical movement ensures the active participation and dedication of the employees in works.

Both foosball and ping pong or table tennis are popular games that are space-savvy, engaging, and entertaining as well. A foosball table or a ping pong table fit well into the basement of the office or home where you can play with colleagues, friends, or family members in between the work and personal life. These games are the bridges for creating the work-life balance!!

Foosball Table vs Ping Pong Table: Which one is the best?

In present-day corporate office break rooms, foosball and ping pong table games are the most dominating. However, their popularity is not only confined to the office premises. These infectious fun games are also well-accepted and much-wanted to the homeowners. Nowadays, people happily invest money for these game tools.

Both the games are highly popular for their cool, fun, and practical features. But you may not have the answer of investment on which game will be a right choice. No worries!! You are in the right place!!

Naturally, everyone doesn’t have the same level of financial solvency and resources to invest in both the games. If you know what you want from the games and your available space at the basement, it would be easier to decide on which game to invest.

In this article, we shall discuss on the features, pros, cons, and space required for the games so that you can make the right decision of investment.

Foosball Table: Why Choosing it?

  1. Foosball is an extensively played and prevalent tabletop game for a long time. You will find very few alternatives to foosball for passing time with extreme fun and enjoyment with friends and colleagues. Solid structure of the table can take heavy pressure that makes the game very stimulating and engaging!!
  2. One of the best part of playing foosball is that many people can participate at a time and it requires very little space to place the table. If you don’t have a separate game room at home, basement would be a perfect place to keep the table there.
  3. It is such a great communicative and strategic game that all the participants desire to beat the opponents. Teamwork is inevitable in this game to win. Therefore, winning calls for proper synchronization between players.
  4. If you want to remain active all the time, playing foosball will lead you to the expected destination. During playing foosball, your wrists, arms, shoulders, feet, and knees would get engaged. Your blood circulation would increase depending on your fastness in movement in the game. Thus, the fun-stuffed game foosball helps keeping your sound health.
  5. Despite having many advantages of the table, it has few bad sides too. Apart from having fun, if you want to play the game seriously to participate in the competitive tournaments, you must know the rules dictating the formal games. Furthermore, participating in tournaments will require improving your skill sets.

If we summarize the above statements, the following pros and cons of foosball table will be apparent to you:


  • Many people can play together.
  • Small space is required for placing the table.
  • It encourages developing communication and strategy.
  • It is great for building teamwork.
  • The game ensures sound health and improves the blood circulation.


  • Highly formal for serious games

Ping Pong Table: Why Choosing it?

    <li “=”” dir=” ltr” style=”text-align: justify;”Ping pong is also a very popular and dominant game that people can play any time. Although it requires a comparatively larger space to place the table, you will not mind to arrange that space giving the recreational value of the game. You will really love playing it time and again!!/lili “=”” dir=” ltr” style=”text-align: justify;”>For having fun with friends, you don’t need to be highly skilled in the game. Just keep yourself with the flow and kick the ball around to have the utmost enjoyment. It doesn’t matter who your opponent is to laugh and enjoy the play.  <li “=”” dir=” ltr” style=”text-align: justify;”If you select a table that can be rolled in half, it is easier to store even within a small space in the basement. In fact, this nicely finished table can fit anywhere. /lili “=”” dir=” ltr” style=”text-align: justify;”>Ping pong table shows excellence in reducing the pressure. When you feel extreme stress for any event of life, playing ping pong or table tennis would release all the pains. The game engages your brain to coordinate with physical movements. It enhances your focus for precision and speed.  <li “=”” dir=” ltr” style=”text-align: justify;”When you are completely engaged with the game, you will feel bliss!! Regular playing of the game will make sure you vibrate positively in thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Some people say that playing ping pong gives mental therapy./lili “=”” dir=” ltr” style=”text-align: justify;”>It is a great way of improving the coordination between your hands and eyes. The play is good for movements and motor control of the body. You can quickly respond to the surroundings and become more aware about it. If you want to boost your productivity and keep the brain active & energetic, just play ping pong regularly.

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