Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Do you play a lot of outdoor basketball? Then you need to find the right pair of shoes that will improve your performance and make you feel comfortable. Getting the right pair of shoes can be time-consuming, and you need to be careful while choosing the right one. After doing profound research, I will give you the details about the best outdoor basketball shoes, considering the style, durability, weight, traction, and other factors that I have found.=

10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

ANTA Men’s KT2 Basketball Shoes

Men’s KT2 is a mid-top outdoor basketball shoe. The materials used in this product are leather, rubber, mesh, synthetic, etc. This shoe is the second signature basketball shoe of ANTA. This shoe could be one of the best choices for a basketball player.

It has an additional wing-like design on the heel that provides better Achilles support. The mid-top collar will make you feel comfortable and support you without restraining movement. It has fused mono-mesh, air mesh, suede for utmost breathability. The most important thing is that it has a herringbone pattern on the sole, providing maximum traction.


  • Proper cushioning if you value your knees
  • Durable
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Great grip and traction


  • Bit heavy
  • It’s comfortable but a little bit narrow

Is there international shipping available to deliver in other countries apart from the USA?

Yes, it’s available.

If needed, can I remove the insole?

Yes, you can remove it.

Would you tell me how long the laces are?

Near about 70 inches long

Do you deliver it with an ANTA box?

Yes, it delivers with the ANTA box.

Are there available sizes for the youth? For a kid less than ten years old?

Youth sizes are not available at this moment.

Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Low Basketball Shoe

Pro Bounce 2018 is another stylish outdoor basketball shoe from Adidas. The pro bounce offers one of the most durable outsoles, and the rubber portion is substantial. It has a superb spiral shape, and you will not have any problem with traction while playing on the outdoor ground. Unlike most of the other shoes from Adidas, they have been designed where the bounce cushioning system is over the boost. If you have ever used bounce shoes, you must know that this footwear is reliable for protection and cushioning.

No matter which sort of outdoor ground you play, this shoe will always provide you consistent traction.  Adidas used Forge Fiber material on the upper part of the shoe, and it is a combination of additional stitching and lightweight mesh, which will ensure more robustness and stability. Forge Fiber material is pretty nice, and it’s not only lightweight but also breathable.  Besides that, you will see in some parts of the shoe, textile materials have been used. This shoe also provides superb support for the ankle and Achilles.

This pro bounce shoe has a TPU shank and propulsion plate for stability and excellent support. This overall design will help you avoid getting rail-roaded when you jump as a quick guard during the game.

If you lace up the shoe tightly, you won’t find any space left in the forefoot area. Also, there won’t be any space at the toe box. The lacing system and internal filling will reduce the inner movement and keep your foot entirely locked. The spacious and plane midsole will give you the strength you need when playing the game on any outdoor field. Aside from this, it also has two large exaggerated outriggers. This shoe will fit perfectly for you unless you have a narrow foot. I recommend this shoe for every basketball player.


  • Amazing grip and shape
  • Flexible and provide excellent support for the ankle
  • Stable and comfortable to wear
  • Colorful and stylish


  • Initially, it would be difficult to tighten the shoe
  • It might not fit with a narrow foot

Can I use the shoe in both indoor and outdoor? 

Yes, this is a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor basketball games.

Can I use this shoe for running or any other athletic sports?

No, this is only for playing basketball.

Can I wash it to make it clean if it gets filthy? 

Yes, you can brush it off if it gets filthy

Is the size UK or US standard? 

US size

Is this the original Adidas brand?

Of course, it is. If you order a shoe, you will get an original one from Adidas.

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoe

Men’s D Rose 6 basketball shoe made from pure synthetic and textile material. Although it has a firm synthetic sole, this footwear is lightweight. It has a boost in technology, and it is a well-cushioned high-top shoe.  The collar is in an asymmetric shape, and the upper portion is made with leather. The nonmarking outsole will ensure high performance. The lower portion encompasses an EVA midsole with an integrated cage.

Players like Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Damian Lillard, Jennifer Lacy have dominated basketball games over many years. D Rose 6 is designed for players with such caliber. Traction is one of the best among all other outdoor basketball shoes. The forefoot part and cushion part is excellent that this shoe will unleash your potential as a basketball player. Men’s D Rose 6 is one of the best Adidas basketball outdoor shoes. Why? Because it provides the perfect fits, steady frame, torsion support, and stabilized boost foam. Overall, D Rose 6 should be the ultimate choice if you love to play on the outdoor ground. If you are a beginner level or armature player, you might want to get cheaper shoes available, but if you play more intense games, practice regularly, and spend more time on the outdoor field. This shoe is worth buying because of the performance, stability, and support for arches. The design and outlook are just perfect.


  • Amazing grip and shape
  • Flexible and provide excellent support for the ankle
  • Stable and comfortable to wear
  • Colorful and stylish


  • Initially, it would be difficult to tighten the shoe
  • It might not fit with a narrow foot

What is the color of shoelace and leather?

For shoelaces, the color is black. On the other hand, there are several colors like black, brown, or white for leather.

Are these shoes heavy or lightweight?

These shoes are lightweight and extremely comfortable.

Will this shoe fit for a long and wide foot?

Well, it depends. These shoes may not fit if you have a long foot; in that case, you can check other alternatives.

Are these shoes good to play outdoor?

Definitely, they are.

Could you tell me about the outlook?

These shoes are super cool and have an outstanding look.

Nike Kobe 1 Proto Men’s Hi Top Basketball Trainers Aq2728 Sneakers Shoes

Nike Kobe 1 Proto Men’s is a durable shoe compare to other shoes. The shoe has excellent durability, and the outsole is so resilient. This shoe features an amalgamation of diamond pattern and herringbone for multi-directional coverage.

If you play with this shoe on indoor or outdoor ground, you will feel like it grips like glue, and this will accumulate less dust because traction pattern groves are widespread. If you depend more on the heel while playing basketball outdoor, you will love this footwear because it has an air unit cushioning with full-length zoom, and in the forefoot, you can find a large portion of the met bag.

This footwear is made from pure leather, which is durable, and it makes the shoe thick like the other materials like woven or textiles. It contains a low volume of phylon midsole to get how the ground ride during the game.

If you buy this shoe and start to wear it regularly, you will have a pleasant outdoor court feeling. The nubuck material helps to make the central portion more smooth and lightweight. Besides that, the mid-foot shank and carbon fiber material in the heel cup is superb.

The shoe has a broad base, and at the lateral forefoot part, there is a boasts outrigger. You can see the teeth design in the midsole will help you achieve stability and better grip.  And at the bottom part, you can see an internal heel counter.

The heel-to-toe transition is top-notch since it has the reduced Zoom air unit in the forefoot; this shoe is equipped with a carbon fiber plate at the base of the outsole designed for additional support and firmness.

Some may have thought that this shoe is heavy and bulky, but you can trust me; it has excellent durability features, and when you start playing with this, you will find it very flexible and lightweight.

I can say that Nike Kobe 1 is one of the most durable outdoor basketball shoes among all other varieties. And if you are concern about the fit, then I must say it will fit you well, and you won’t find any dead space in the toe and forefoot.


  • Stable and stylish
  • Lightweight, smooth, and you will feel comfortable once you start playing
  • Better grip


  • Although this shoe is lightweight, if you have a narrow foot, you will have to choose the one that fits you well.

If I order, will I get the original Nike brand shoes?

Of course, these shoes are the original Nike product.

Can I use it both outdoor and indoor?

You can wear and use it for both outdoor and indoor games.

Can I use it for other sport instead of basketball?

You should use it only when you play basketball.

Nike Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes 

It seems like Nike has released its first LeBron recently, but it has been sixteen years since they are updating their LeBron line series. Last year they released their latest shoe from the LeBron series, which is much more relaxed and sturdy than the older models. Let’s check the features.

In recent years Nike has introduced LeBron model shoes, which were well made and capable of enduring any forces when playing basketball on the outdoor ground. But Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes are a much more improved version than the previous versions. It is also known as Battelknit 2.0. This version of the shoe is springy and breathable at the same time. It has a nylon sleeve that makes it non-stretchable; as a result, it provides durability when you do lateral movement during the game.

The nylon sleeve will give you a feeling of a second skin, and it will stretch the shoe when you move or land on the forefoot. Additionally, the nubuck panel will give you extra comfort.

If you do lots of jumping during the game and change your move quickly, then executing all these movement balances depends on your forefoot. And for this reason, in the outsole, you need an aggressive traction pattern. Thus, this shoe will give you a dynamic and robust herringbone pattern, and you don’t even need any wiping when you play on any dusty outdoor ground.

If you are anxious about the performance of the outsole of this shoe, then I can tell you this shoe has the most durable outsole with an adhesive traction pattern, and that will last for a long time.

In the previous versions of the LeBron model, some instability issues were resolved in this version of the shoe. The cage and added outrigger in the midsole made the shoe more stable than any other version of the LeBron series. The variable lacing system, internal padding, and double-layered heel cups will provide you outstanding support. The max zoom cushioning system of Lebron 16 will give you more protection when you land on your forefoot.


  • Comfortable and durable if you play in outdoor
  • Bouncy and breathable
  • Great traction
  • Give you ankle support


  • Try the shoe before choosing to buy; it may not fit well on all feet.

Can I use this shoe for outdoor and indoor basketball games?

You can use it both indoor and outdoor.

How long will this shoe last?

This shoe has all the outstanding features for playing basketball outdoor, but it still depends on how often you wear it; it is better not to wear it in bad weather.

Can I wear this shoe in other sports?

No, this shoe is made and designed only for playing basketball.

Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Adidas Men’s Dame 5 is the most recent version shoe of Damian Lillard. Let’s check the different features of the shoe and decide if this shoe will be for you or not.

Like other Adidas footwear, Dame 5 also has the full Herringbone traction shape from the heel to toe. The total pattern of the outsole will provide you the same traction at the heel mid-foot and forefoot. Each pattern line is dense and extensive, so there will be less dust accumulation. But again, you may want to clean the shoe when you play on a dusty outdoor basketball ground.

Adidas brand always uses its cushioning system, called a bounce. The system is speedy, bouncy, and responsive.  Most of the cushioning are used in the midsole and heel parts; on the other hand, the forefoot contains the least cushioning. At the same time, the midsole of this shoe engrosses most of the impacts.

You can have the feeling of bouncy effect when you put on the shoe. And you will love the enthralling cushioning of this shoe even if you jump, run, or move during the game. The upper part of this shoe is made from soft suede fabric that makes it breathable, and the forefoot is made from soft mesh.

The padded internal area will give you sweet comfort. And you can play for a long time without hurting your foot. You can find the tongue of the shoe is very well-padded, including the mid-foot portion.

Dame 5 has a TPU support wind made from soft rubber, which will hold you steady. There is also an internal heel counter, and there is a YKWTII logo on it. There is no actual outrigger for the mid-foot backing, but the outsole and midsole are smooth, and they will provide you enough stability to play.


  • Durable traction and outsole
  • Stylish, comfy, and sturdy
  • Great cushioning


  • You may disappoint with Dame 5 because the forefoot is less thick compared to dame 4

Will this shoe provide ankle support?

Yes, it will provide ankle support for you.

Can I wear it and use it for an outdoor basketball game?

You can wear this shoe both in indoor and outdoor

Should I buy this shoe if I have narrow feet?

You can still buy this shoe even if you have narrow feet, and in that case, it’s better to apply laces tightly.

Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap Basketball Shoes

The Kyrie Flytrap has been producing amazing shoes from the beginning, and Kyrie Flytrap is also a cool mid-top basketball shoe. It is a signature line of Kyrie Irving from 2014. Many users love this shoe because of its affordable price, and despite the reasonable price range, it provides excellent quality and durability.

The entire outer area and upper portion are made from engineered mesh; thus, it provides excellent breathability and litheness.  The same material has been used in this shoe, like Kyrie 4. Between the lacing systems, there are flytrap contraptions places. That helps to get suitable containment and lockdown. Besides that, Flywire cables are also used down the mesh edge, and it will help secure your mid-foot.

Although it doesn’t have the signature spiral shape like the old ones, the performance is still good. Even if you play in a worse outdoor ground, this shoe will provide you top-notch traction since it has a multi-directional pattern.

There is a curved rubber outsole that runs from the bottom to all over the shoe and lateral side, and this will help you get superb traction and lateral control.  The great thing about this shoe is the Zoom Air Turbo cushioning layout. The older versions used the zoom air unit cushioning, but Nike replaced it with a new setup, which is more soft and comfy. This shoe might be a bit narrow insides, so choose the one that fits you well.

If you love quick jump, run, and step-backs, then you don’t have to be conscious about getting hurt or something because the toe portion will give you abrasion resistance. If you play more with your forefoot, you will love to wear this shoe because the padded collar will protect the Achilles tendon.


  • Abrasion resistance feature
  • Snug and stable
  • Excellent protection for Achilles tendon


  • Dust may accumulate inside the pattern as it is not deep, and you may need to clean it up sometimes.

Is this shoe authentic from the Nike brand?

Yes, the real one from Nike.

Are there shoes for wide feet?

No, there are standard sizes available.

Can I use it in rough weather?

These shoes are strong and durable enough to play on the outdoor ground. But it is better not to use it in adverse weather conditions.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

This shoe has a unique outsole with coral free pattern. This pattern will help you during the movement, jump, and when you stop. It might get slippery when you play in the dusty outfield, and you will need to clean the outsole to retrieve the traction. Aside from all these, this is an outstanding piece of footwear for a clean court.

Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe has an extraordinary boost set up, which we can see to all fancy expensive basketball shoes. Both older and younger basketball players can use this shoe. This shoe has TPU caging, which is more open, and the moment you hit the ground, it allows the cushioning to expand as needed.

This shoe will fit well on your feet, and it doesn’t restrain your natural movement. The tight fit is also very responsive as it touches a different part of your feet when it requires support. But still, make sure to give it a try before buying; the size of feet varies from person to person.

This shoe has a tapered construction, and this will ensure that this shoe will stay in the right place when you move or play the game.  Besides the startling foot containment, this shoe consists of an internal heel counter, a torsional stability shank, and a broad base. These all features ensure 100 percent protection and stability.

The traction is pretty good for both indoor and outdoor basketball games. But I suggest not using roughly outdoor, because it might wear out quickly.


  • The beautiful design and the outsole with coral reef patterns are a great addition.
  • Tight but comfortable to wear
  • The shoe provides you with excellent ankle support
  • The cushioning is very responsive


  • Ventilation is not that up to the mark
  • It might not have the superb traction for dusty outdoor ground

The price seems low. Are these shoes original?

These shoes are original products from Adidas

Is it possible to ship the shoe outside the US?

Only possible to ship in the US and its territories.

Are these shoes comfortable?

Yes, pretty much.

Can I use these shoes for jogging or workout purpose?

These are perfect for playing basketball.

Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Cloudfoam mid-top basketball shoe is a newly designed that consists of cloud foam cushioning and grainy leather upper. It also features a lace-up style closure, EVA foam midsole, molded rubber outsole, and breathable lining fabric. Despite all these top-notch shoe technologies, the price is quite reasonable.

This shoe provides adequate traction for both outdoor and indoor ground. It has a combination of wavy and zigzag patterns. This combination helps to have excellent traction for the whole foot. It helps to eradicate some common traction issues like – slipping.

Adidas Cloudfoam provides cloud foam cushion technology that increases the overall protection and makes you feel comfortable. Within the budget, the cloud foam cushioning is far better than EVA cushioning. Even the cloud foam is more relaxed than some double-price brand shoes.


  • Good traction
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Decent construction and ventilation
  • Soft cushioning makes it comfortable


  • The outsole might not be eminent as expected

Could you tell me the height of the sloe?

Around one and a half or 2 inches

Can I use this shoe for jogging or running?

Better not to use for other purposes. This shoe is only designed for the basketball game.

May I know the tongue size? Is it large enough?

The tongue size is perfect for the shoe.

If needed, can I remove the insole?

Actually, the insoles are not removable. But still, you can do it and replace it with another insole.

Are these shoes suitable for wide feet?

Yes, they will fit fine to wide feet

Can you deliver it to India?

No, it is only possible to ship inside the US

Under Armour Men’s Ua Curry 2.5

Under Armour Curry 2.5 is almost the same as Curry 2. Both types of shoes have great cushion, traction, and performance. It would be difficult to differentiate which one is better because both the shoes offer several features. Curry 2.5 will give you better support; on the other hand, you can move freely with Curry 2.

The Curry 2.5 has a small heel cup that initially seems unproductive, but it does support well and keep your foot fine in place. This shoe is a bit rigid than Curry 2, and it might increase the risk of an ankle injury. Other than that, Curry 2.5 has muffle construction that will keep your foot on the line and prevents slipping.

Curry 2 has a modest and pleasing appearance; also, there is a unique logo in this shoe. Just because this shoe has a wrap construction, you won’t have any trouble fitting, and this shoe is convenient for your ankle support.


  • Materials are durable
  • Much improved traction
  • Snug fit and comfortable around the ankle
  • The outsole will provide you all-out floor control and grip


  • Wrap construction is stiffer than the previous model (Curry 2), increasing the chance of an ankle injury.

All of the shoes from this brand are black. No?

Yes, all are black, with some grey color on the bottom of the shoe.

All the sizes are for men?

Yes, men only.

How about the traction?

This shoe provides excellent traction and comfort.

How Can Outdoor Basketball Shoes Be Different From Indoor Basketball Shoes?

You may have questions in your mind about how outdoor basketball shoes can be different than indoor ones? Why shouldn’t you wear the same pair of basketball shoes, both indoor and outdoor?

Well, the outdoor court usually is harder than the indoor court. The indoor court is made from hardwood or any form of wood; in contrast, an outdoor court is made from hard materials like concrete. So you need a different pair of shoes for playing both outdoor and indoor. You can still wear the same pair of shoes, both indoor and outdoor, but that will not last for a long time. That’s why expert and professional players always suggest wearing a different pair of shoes.

Things To Consider Before Buying Outdoor Basketball Shoes


Material is a vital factor while choosing the right basketball shoes. Earlier, only leather had been used to make basketball or sport shoes. But in recent times, that trend has changed. Now both leather and mesh are using to make such shoes. And this combination of two materials makes the shoe more durable. While playing basketball outdoor, you will need air to enter inside the shoe. This combination of materials will help you with that. So make sure the shoes you are going to buy have made of mesh.

The durability of the shoe sole

Most of the basketball shoes are made these days only for an indoor court or any other games. These shoes might not be hard enough to play outdoor. So you will have to check it carefully when purchasing for outdoor gaming.  Check the shoe sole. You need to look for those shoes which have a sole with hard rubber. This will make sure the durability of the shoes.

These days many beginner-level fancy basketball players look for stylish shoes for them. That’s not the right idea. Pay attention to durability. Check the reviews of different outdoor shoes and then decide.

Shoe size

Shoe size matters most while buying a basketball shoe. Make sure the size fits with your feet. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable while playing. If the shoe size is too tight, it might cause an injury, and if the shoe size is bigger than your feet, you cannot move frequently. Before buying, you should try several shoes and choose the one that fits you well.


Are you weightier (more than average weight)? Then look for more soft shoes with enough cushioning; this will help you move, jump, and land comfortably. If you are not weighty, then go for those shoes that have tight cushioning. But again, this also depends on your playing style. If you like to play faster and speedily, I suggest you not choose well-cushioned shoes; this will affect your movement during the game.

Traction pattern or grip

Before buying a new pair of shoes, check and analyze the grip of a shoe. A right shoe will always have a stable grip pattern where pressure will create during different body movements and improve the agility of your body.


Choose the shoe that will make you feel comfortable while moving or running so that you can enjoy and apply your basketball skills on an outdoor court.


Before buying a shoe, assess your need, and make a budget plan. There are many types of footwear available. Choose the one which has all the necessary features within your budget.

Types Of Shoes

Low-top shoe

It’s not heavyweight compared to other types, and you won’t get ankle support from these types of shoes. Still, it will help you accelerate your moving speed as it is lighter.

Mid-top shoe

Many professional players are willing to have mid-top and high-top shoes because these types of shoes are stable and provide excellent support during the game.

High-top shoe

The High-top is the most popular type of shoe for every basketball player. This type of shoe will give you proper ankle protection, although it is a bit heavier compared to the other two types.

Some Best Brands For Basketball Shoes

When we think of a basketball game, it is essential to wear those long-lasting, stylish shoes and provide traction. If you are ready to buy perfect footwear and hit the outdoor court, but you are not sure which shoes could be best for you, then without further ado, check out the following brands for basketball shoes.


Nike is one of the most popular and famous brands for sports. This brand has its own space in the basketball world. The sneakers they offer will improve your overall gaming skills and make you feel like a star player.

Air Jordan

This brand was created by former famous basketball player Michael Jordan, who MJ also knows. If you choose any outdoor basketball shoes from this brand, you will enjoy playing in style.


Adidas is another reputed sportswear manufacturer brand from Germany and the largest in Europe.  And their basketball shoes are as good as you can expect. If you buy an outdoor basketball shoe, then you will get premium support from them.


Reebok could be the right brand for you if you are looking for a supportive basketball shoe. This brand has been dominating in the 90s and is still considered one of the best brand’s footwear.


Puma is another prominent German manufacturer company for footwear and athletic. It is the third-largest sportswear in the world. Their sneakers are very comfortable and supportive. You can find a classic design or modern sneakers from them.

New Balance

New Balance is one of the leading American manufacturer companies for footwear and apparel. Whether you are an armature or professional basketball player, their sneakers will help you make free throws and move easily across the ground.

Anta Sports

Anta Sports is a Chinese manufacturing company founded back in 1994. Their sneakers are super reliable and have an outsole with excellent stopping power. There are many colors and designs available in their store, and you will feel like a superstar when using them.

Under Armour

As a global footwear and apparel brand from America, Under Armour has offered some high sneakers for basketball lovers. Their durable, stylish, and flexible basketball footwear will make you feel like to win every game.

Editor’s choice

Now you know all the features, designs, and potentials of the 10 best shoes that I have chosen to describe. You might have difficulty picking one out of these 10. Or you may find some other alternatives. But out of these, I recommend you to buy Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes, because along with the other features, this shoe is sturdy and non-stretchable. This shoe helps you to move, jump, and run quickly and responsively in the outdoor court.

So I provided you the all the features and information of the best outdoor basketball shoes from renowned brands to select. There are different parameters in choosing the best basketball shoes, and you need to check all the relevant factors. Make sure to give it a try initially before choosing any shoe. Choose the one that is durable, lightweight, and helps to improve your performance on the court.

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