What is the best way to trap the ball?

Playing foosball is such an addiction that if you somehow fall in love with the game, winning over the opponent and controlling the table will always drive you!! However, only enthusiasm will not get you the result. You have to enhance your skill level as well and one of the crucial techniques to increase the capacity of catching, trapping and pinning the ball.

The more you can trap the ball, the better will be your offense, defense, and inclusive control on the foosball. When you will learn the tactics of trapping the ball, you will be highly skillful in ball possession that would dictate the game. 

In this article, we shall discuss some fabulous ways to ball trapping and other important aspects of this important technique. We believe that our article would help you easily practice the tactics alone and prepare yourself to become a foosball maestro!!

Why is trapping the ball necessary?

A thorough understanding and grasping the techniques of foosball trapping is inevitable to control the game. You may make powerful shots and create gaps to pass the ball towards the goal of your opponent. But if you can’t catch & block the ball, hold & trap it, and pin it down strategically, it is highly likely that you would lose the game. Let’s discuss below, why and how trapping the foosball is so important!!

The first thing to control a foosball game is to take possession of the ball by blocking the opponent’s shots. Now, you can apply your strategy when the ball is in your control. Foosball being a very fast game will not give you many gaps to take shots if you don’t have proper ball trapping techniques in mind and hand. If you know the ways, you are the in-charge of the game.

When you can master the techniques of ball trapping, you can easily place the ball to your favorite particular position that increases the chance of scoring goals.

If you want to stop your aggressive opponent, learning the foosball trapping is a must. Newbies face a common problem of blocking and releasing the ball that creates a chance for the opponent to make another huge shot. To become a foosball champ, you have no alternative but to block and trap the ball properly.

Like a regular football game, foosball has a dynamics of keeping the ball in possession that leads to the chance of winning. You may learn and apply great shots. But those will go in vain until you know the techniques of catching, trapping, and pinning the foosball. The more you have the possession of the ball, the more your chance is to make goals!!

When you don’t have the right position of the foosball at the right spot of the table, your chance of losing will increase. However, your good command over the trapping will ensure reaching the ball in the offense rods for making timely shots to score a goal.

Foosball is entirely a strategic game. It calls for a deep down concentration and attention if someone wants to win. When you can trap, hold, and pin the ball, you basically buy some time to read the strategy of your opponent. Accordingly, you can set and change your plan to beat your opponent’s techniques.

If you can catch and trap the ball, you can use the total area of the table for passing and making shots. When you will be an expert in trapping, it will be difficult for your opponent to beat you.

Trapping techniques help improve your defense and offense skills on the table. Mastering the techniques will compel your opponent to change his natural way of playing that will take him towards the defeat.

Ways to trap the ball

When your player figures can receive a pass or withstand the shot from the opponent, be sure you are learning the ball trapping techniques. For trapping the ball effectively, you need to tilt the player figures at such an angle that the ball when reaching will get stuck beneath the legs.

Once you trap the ball, it will not move without your further action. It ensures the ball doesn’t go to the opponent’s area and the ball is in absolute control of your players. There are few basic guidelines that you should follow to learn the trapping techniques easily and effectively.

Having the Right Stance

Foosball is in fact a table soccer that requires right hand-eye coordination and balance. Although there is no standard position of where to stand while playing foosball, experts suggest that you should take a stance in a way that will allow you to move and respond instantaneously. Right stance will ensure your vibrancy in the game and you can have more control on the ball by catching, blocking, holding, trapping, and pinning it perfectly.

You should check all the rods properly to see if you can operate those with comfort and hold them tightly for trapping the ball.

Having the Right Grip

Grip of the rods is a very important factor to learn trapping the ball. If the grip is slippery, you can’t expect good learning and practice. Open-handed grip works better for pushing, pulling, and turning the ball willfully and at the right moment. To avoid the slippery in the rod and ensure a better gripping, you can use either a baseball or a golf gloves. Make sure to put your thumbs on the grip towards the axis of the rod.

Reading the OpponentYou will need to keep in mind that trapping, holding, and pinning the foosball is not just a mechanical skill. When you can upgrade your subconscious mind to forecast the passes and shots of your opponent, you will turn into a great foosball player.

Fact is that every extremely good foosball player has his unique style of playing. If you can make a mind mapping of your opponent’s techniques and patterns of game, your chance of beating him will increase manifold. You can deploy your strategies to compel him to play at your preferred positions where you have great control.

Before starting any game against a new player, take some time to observe him. In case you don’t get the time for that, spend a few minutes on the table while playing. Above all, your chance of success in the foosball game will greatly depend on how well you can read your opponent’s mind.

Working on the Overall Game

By learning the ball trapping tactics, you begin to control the foosball table. Although catching, holding, and trapping will enhance your overall skill, trapping needs to be complemented by some other skills like passing and shooting. When you can comprehend the game thoroughly rather than merely trying to score goals, you can become a great player.

Besides learning the trapping, you need to achieve mastery to use all the player figures, pass the ball between the rods and in the same rod.


Trapping is the best way to gain full control of the foosball game. If you practice regularly the techniques described in our article, these will help increase the winning experience. However, since foosball is a highly competitive game, you have to develop your overall skills by giving equal importance on all the aspects including trapping, offense and defense.

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