Garmin approach s20 golf gps watch

Ant Garmin Approach is one of the best brands globally that sells the most updated and unique Golf GPS device. And a GPS device is necessary for those who want to improve their skill and make a more accurate shot. The Garmin Approach offers various GPS devices, some are watching, and some are handheld devices. Below I’m going to give you some honest review of some best-selling products of the Garmin Approach. And I think it will help you to choose the best product for you.

The handheld GPS device is best for playing golf, but who like GPS watches, this Garmin Approach S20 is for them. It comes at a cheaper rate with all the functions. In short, it is the best GPS watch for the entry-level golfer. So, you don’t need to remove it immediately after the game. You can use it as a smartwatch, and it will last up to 8-weeks as a smartwatch. Besides, it has all the functions that you need to play golf perfectly. All the features of this Garmin Approach S20, GPS Golf Watch, are given in detail.

Functions of the Garmin approach s20 golf gps watch

The screen size is perfect, and you can see all the measurements very clearly as the display resolution is 128 x 128 pixels. Besides, the watchband is very smooth and comfortable to wear. This golf GPS watch also has smartphone compatibility, so you will get all the essential notifications through this watch while playing. This S20 GPS Golf Watch is also a lightweight device (only 1.6 ounces).

This Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch is very easy to use. First, you have to press the “OK” button and then press the “START ROUND” button. And after that, it will take only 30 seconds to recognize the course, and then it will show you the distance accurately. This GPS watch preloaded with more than 40,000 golf courses around the world. So, you don’t need to waste your time by downloading the system. And updating this device is also very easy. After connecting with the course, it will show you the hole you are on and the green distance. It will also show you the length of the spot’s hazards, which will help you make a more accurate shot. It will show the reach of the front, back, and the centre of the green.

This Garmin S20 has the AutoShot Round Analyzer. It will help you to detect and measure the shot distance automatically. And this information will automatically record on your Garmin Connect account for post-round analysis.

This S20 GPS watch has a green view function. This green view will show you the green’s exact shape and layout, even if you are standing behind the green. It will allow you to reposition the pin so that you can make a more accurate shot.

This approach S20 has a digital scorecard. So, you don’t need to record the score with pen and paper. It will automatically record the score in your Garmin Connect mobile app, and you can share your best ratings with your golf buddies.

To improve your swing consistency, you can use the optional device (the Garmin TruSwing), which sold separately. It tracks speed, swing tempo, club-path measurements, club angles, and so on.

This Garmin Approach S20 GPS watch has the activity tracking technology. This technology is not much use for all the golfers, but some people like this function very much. And it includes the distance travelled, step counting, calories burned, sleep monitoring, etc. You can use this GPS watch outside the golf course, and it will help you lead a healthy life.

The Garmin S20 GPS watch has long battery life. You can efficiently finish two rounds of golf in full GPS mode before it needs to charge. And if you only use the activity tracking mode, it will perform up to 8 weeks before it requires a charge.


  • This GPS watch is straightforward to use. It is the best entry-level Golf GPS watch.
  • It is excellent in both function as golf and fitness watch.
  • It comes at a low price if you compare with other GPS watch having the same functions.
  • It preloaded with 40,000+ golf courses, and it doesn’t require any fees for updating.
  • It can recognize the golf course within 30 seconds and will show you the updated distance.
  • It will automatically record your scores.
  • The display is readable at sunlight.
  • It is a tournament legal Golf GPS watch.
  • Its battery life span in GPS mode is up to 15 hours, and in the activity tracking mode is up to 8-weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this watch vibrate for phone notifications or alarm?

It doesn’t vibrate for phone notification, but it beeps a little bit while getting any information from the phone. And it is enough to draw your attention.

Q: Which is a better GPS device, the S20, or the S10?

The Garmin S20 is more expensive than the S10, and the functions of the S20 is more versatile and useful than the S10. So, the S20 is much better than the S10. And so, if you pay more, you will get more.

Q: Does this Garmin S20 have the backlight feature?

Yes, you can use this watch in low light as it has the backlight function. Just press and hold the “OK” button for 3 seconds, and the backlight will activate. This device is also readable in the sunlight. So you won’t face any trouble while reading the measurement.

Q: Is this GPS watch waterproof?

Yes, this Garmin Approach S20 is a waterproof GPS watch. So you can use this watch even in wet weather without having any damage.

Q: How to update or download the new course in this device?

Updating the S20 is very simple. Just connect this watch to your computer and log in to your Garmin Connect account, and it will update automatically.


Though the Garmin Approach S20, GPS Golf Watch doesn’t have all the necessary functions, golfers need all the essential tasks. You can get all the vital measurements accurately through this device and play golf more efficiently. This GPS watch may not be perfect for the professional golfers, but it is best for the entry-level players. In short, it is a cost-effective Golf GPS watch for those who want a GPS watch for playing accurately but don’t want to spend much on it.

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