How to Get Better at Foosball?

Foosball as a game is so addictive that all the players want to win and control the board!! Some of the players are really seasoned and they know the tricks & strategies to implement those in the game. Despite having enthusiasm, some players can’t do well in the game for the lack of proficiency. If you are a newbie, learning new strategies and skills would lead you to reigning the game.

In this article, we would present you the full set of foosball strategy so that you can become a king in your domain of play. But keep in mind that learning is a continuous process. Keep this process up by learning new tactics and lessons from the experienced players and top performers. It will help you gaining strength and courage for your journey from beginner to advanced level of foosball player.

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1. How to Be Good At Foosball

All the beginners make the same mistake of using their instinct in the game. They try to use their muscle power to push the ball as hard as possible with believe that hitting fast will make a score. But this wrong way doesn’t give any positive result for them. If the opponent is a good defender, all the shots are defended leading to lose the game. Your performance would be better if you follow the below-mentioned tactics.

2. Possessing and Keeping the Ball in Control

For having absolute control on the game, there is no alternative but to hold the ball in your side as much as possible. You can dominate the game only when the ball is in your possession. Controlling the game is very easy in case the ball is in full control of your side. You can do whatever you want on the table if you can improve holding the ball for long time. Don’t make mistake like newbies by uncontrolled power shots. Rather try to keep the ball as long as possible by passing it between your player figures.

3. Passing the Ball Smoothly and Accurately

When you will pass the ball to one of your player figures, try to receive that accurately and smoothly. At the time of taking the ball, try to act like a spring for stopping the motion of the ball. If you receive the ball as a wall, it is highly likely to lose the control and possession of the ball.

4. Shooting from Angles

Unlike other games, you can’t expect to score more goals in foosball game from any point of the playing surface or table. If you want to increase your proficiency level in foosball, try hitting the ball at accurate angles. Particularly, if you can hit the ball from diagonal angles, your chance of scoring goals is higher.

Find out your own way to hit the ball. The ultimate motive is to have a deep focus on the ball and create a mental map for lines along which you would like to hit and score.

5. Reading the Shots

While playing the game, there are some incidents when you may get stuck and surprised for the untended shots made either by you or your opponent. These shots may lead to score goals. Therefore, it is imperative to learn the shots consciously and apply those on the table against the opponents for the better outcome. Don’t get arbitrary, rather be analytical that will ensure your easy scoring!!

6. Using the Goalkeeper Wisely

Goalkeeper is a very important player figure in foosball game. In case you don’t have enough control to maintain the goalkeeper, your chance of losing the game is higher because of conceding the goals easily. Although it is quite tough, try controlling this player with strong hand. Otherwise, you will see the downfall of the efforts of other players.

7. Being Fast

After you gained mastery over the above tactics, now try to speed up yourself on the table. But don’t compromise the control and passing the ball. Gradual enhancement in speed will help you growing like a pro!!

8. Persistent Practice will Make You Perfect

Your ultimate target is to become an expert in foosball game. Only persistent practice will make you a pro in the field of foosball. All the great players in the history confer their achievements and successes to the continuous practice.

From the early days of your career, start vigorous practice on good tables if you want to see yourself as a top-level achiever in the game. Good tables will help you enjoying the game and fulfilling the desire to be a great player.

9. Trusting the Instincts

By the time you are confident about grabbing all the above techniques, you are ready to trust your instincts. You can now make challenging passes, snatch the ball away from the opponent players, and speed up your game when required.

Enhancing the Skills for Different Shots


How to Make it

Difficulty Level

Pull Shot

Pull the ball along the rod and shot it fast towards the goal of the opponent when there is gap in the defense line

Semi-easy to learn. But It takes time to have mastery.

Pull Kick Shot

Ball is shot from the 3-man rod to the farthest player. Make a pull pass and employ your middle player to shoot for scoring a goal.

It is easier to learn and apply.

Push Shot

3-bar middle player placed on closest to the opponent player in the middle pushes the ball along the bar and shoot in the goal.


Push Kick Shot

Player figures in the 3-man bar quickly pass the ball to the closest middle player for shooting and scoring the goal.


Snake Shot

Middle player of the 3-man rod pins down the ball in between the table and the man in front. Shoot the ball with open hand keeping the rod resting on your wrist. Push or pull the rod and simultaneously spin it. Strike the ball with the same middle player with the same speed.

It is an advanced level shot and requires huge practice.

Bank Shot

Any of the outer players on the rod makes this tricky diagonal shot that bounces the ball and scores goal from an angle.

Medium difficulty level.

Dead Man Shot

This situational shot is made to the corner of the opponent’s goal in a way that makes the player figures of the 2-man rod “Dead” to block the ball.

It is easy to train.

Now, you understand what you will need to do for increasing your level of proficiency to become good player at foosball game. If you are a newbie, you can dream to grow like a pro when you have the right guidelines in place.

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