Best Gifts for Basketball Players – 30 Great Basketball Gift Ideas!

Do you have a basketball-crazy son, daughter, partner, wife, husband, friend, brother, or sister whom you want to give some dazzling gifts that they will be really excited with to get? If so, we have an enchanting collection of jaw-dropping basketball gift ideas that the person(s) you intend to give gift will be amazed. You surely have a wish list of items that you cherish. We are beside you to help out from such dull situation with your favorite basketball items that would make you proud to own. We are quite sure that our list of gift ideas will make a basketball player happy. Because it is stuffed with inexpensive items like basketball books and premium quality & costly portable basketball hoop as well. Let’s start the journey to the dream world of our 30 great basketball gift ideas!!

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1. Wall mountable Basketball Hoop:

It is great source of fun for adults & kids of all ages and mountable over any door. Just attach it and start playing. Keep in mind to select a sturdy hoop that will last longer and can withstand dunking.

2. Coaching Clipboard:

This magnetic tiles based board is great for basketball coaches for demonstrating games and keeping the tracks of timeouts and fouls during the last minutes of a competitive game. You can add a book (Blackboard Strategies – Over 200 Plays from successful coaches) as an accompanying item which will be really a worthy item to the receiver of the gift.

3. Mug with a Hoop:

It is a funny gift item to your basketball-crazy and enthusiast partner. He/she will surely be astounded to receive such an out of the box coffee mug. He/she can practice throwing sugar ball through the attached tiny hoop to the coffee.

4. Agility Ladder:

Basketball players who are desirous of improving their coordination and footwork would love this great tool. It is a tool that almost all basketball coaches uses to increase the agility of his players before start of the season. Working with this ladder at home will likely to attract the focus of your coach.

5. Shooting Sleeves:

NBA players started the trend of wearing shooting sleeves which your kids love to mimic their favorite heroes. This sleeve will protect your arms from cold by warming up quickly. So outdoor basketball practice session is a fun now for the warmth of the arms. 

6. Basketball Jerseys:

If your pal is a serious basketball player, he/she will require enough jerseys to continue playing. However, in our gift list you will find reversible jersey that your receiver can easily turn the inside out of it for instant team switching. Players with such reversible jerseys are in the favorite list of the coach.

7. Daily Fresh Basketball Shoes:

You will find not any person who doesn’t like to have more pair of shoes as they are symbol of fashion for the humankind. If the shoe has a brand name, your basketball buddy will be more than surprised to get the gift. This newly designed brand shoe has shock-absorbing features that make the basketball game smoother and silkier!! 

8. Ambesonne Sports Decor Curtains:

Obvious things are not always the perfect gift item. You may need to think deeply about the taste, choice, and preference of the receiver before buying a gift. Ambesonne Sports Decor Curtain is such a nontraditional gift item that will make your mate or kids delighted. This curtain made of high-quality fabric provides not only an elegant look but also transforms the room of the player into a private sanctuary. 

9. 3D Illusion Basketball Night Light Lamp: 

Any kid or teenage fan of basketball game will love this pretty gorgeous 3D Illusion Basketball Night Light Lamp. Your kids can set to change the colors of the lamp according to their desire. They can make their room appealing to the guests who are likely to stare at the different illusions created by the lamp. It is certainly treated as a treasure to the kids.

10. Dummy Defender Mannequin:

It is one of best basketball training aides popular to the players. For helping the beginners to improve their shooting skills, professional players and coaches have jointly developed this Mannequin. Since this is perfect simulation of a defender’s body, the newbies need to elevate their shots for getting skilled. It is one of the best basketball gift ideas for the persons who want to play basketball seriously. 

11. Basketball Dribble Trainer:

If you want to improve the basketball dribble skill of your kid, AKA Dribble Trainer is a great training tool. It has a flexible stick that stimulate the arms of the trainee for a faster and skillful dribbling. Kids can practice with this training aid at garage, gym, driveway, and basement. It is easy to install and comes with a storage bag that the kids really like. 

12. Basketball Hoop System:

You will hardly find any basketball player who doesn’t wish to have hoop system at home around the driveway or backyard for practice. It is a perfect gift for your buddy who is a serious basketball player and wants to see himself in the arena someday or other. Although you would require to count several hundred dollars for the gift, it is very durable and sturdy to last long. You can consider to buy this high-end gift for your special one.

13. Dribble Up Smart Training Basketball:

This technology-enabled basketball will allow you track different dribble movements. It will provide you the feedback as well so that you can understand your level of skill. It also ensures accessing to various training programs relating to basketball.

14. Basketball Books:

You can consider giving basketball books to your loving ones who are basketball-crazy and affectionate readers. The receiver of the gift will be very delighted that you will be thankful to our collection. You can also consider giving the audio version so the receiver can listen to while on the move.

15. Basketball HQ Membership:

HQ Membership would be an outstanding gift for both the players and coaches of basketball. With this membership the receiver can have an easy access to a pool of basketball resources and tools. Please keep in mind that this is annual membership program and it needs to be renewed each year. If your pal is serious about improving basketball skill, it would be an excellent gift for him/her.

16. Speed Rope:

As a basketball lover, you know how important it is for the players to jump and run in strategic moments of the game. Speed rope as a gift is a great choice for the basketball players since it helps them increase their speed of running and durability of jump.

17. Ball Return Net:

Only a proper shooting practice can ensure great shooter in the basketball arena. It would be a worthy gift to your young friends, colleagues, partners, neighbors, or high school goer kids. It will make sure the comfort of the receiver doesn’t need to move while he/she will be doing the shooting practice. The net will help returning the ball after it is thrown to the rim. 

18. Ball Hog Gloves:

Ball handling is very crucial to expose a dazzling performance in the basketball arena. This training gloves would be perfect match to the requirement of the newbies who dream to be a maestro in the court someday. This gloves will help the beginners to capture the ball properly so that they can dribble naturally. After the toils taking practice when the beginners will enter into the competitive games without gloves, they can show captivating presentation with a brilliant presence. 

19. Hand Grip Strengthener:

It is another great training aid for basketball players. It helps the players of other games as well to increase the strength of the hands, fingers, forearms, and wrists. It enables a basketball player to grip, catch, pass, and shoot the ball like a professional. You can make your TV time a training session by using this tool. 

20. NightMatch Light Up Basketball:

It is a gift that your kids or teenagers will really value. Playing basketball at night would be full of fun, if your kid has such a gift. The players don’t need to worry over losing the ball as the light within the ball will be on while playing. This gift includes a free ball pump that will make the enduring. 

21. 3D Sports Basketball Duvet: 

Any basketball fan will love this 3D designed bed cover. It will give the appearance of the receiver’s room a new dimension. You can surprise your kids with this fabulous gift. They will feel the touch of basketball arena while in the room and dream to become a legend in the future. This gift includes one duvet cover set and one pillowcase.  

22. Basketball Hoodie:

If you want to wonder your beloved one with a warm and cozy gift, a basketball hoodie would be an unparalleled item. This hoodie is made of high-quality cotton and polyester while watching the game in arena or the receiver can warm himself/herself during the pregame. The receiver will really appreciate your taste.

23. NBA 2k20:

You will find hardly anyone in the younger generation who doesn’t love to play video games on Xbox or Play Station? You can choose to give this basketball video game as gift to a younger guy. This 2K series is one of the most popular video games in the market. Even the NBA players have the obsession of playing this game in their free time.

24. Basketball Backpack:

When coming to practice session, a basketball player will need to carry all the necessary stuffs with him. A nice big backpack is a good solution to carry all the weight. So you can consider giving a basketball backpack to any of your loving one playing basketball. He/she will surely get amused to see a real value addition that will help him/her throughout the year.

25. Smart Basketball:

Basketball players may think seriously to improve their skill level and want to get feedback on the improvement status through a mobile apps. A technology-enabled smart basketball would be a good option. You can call it a virtual guide for interactive dribble and workouts on basketball. The speed meter calculates and processes the speed of your dribble, hesitation moves, and crossover. 

26. Jersey of the favorite Team/Player:

You will see the happiness on the face of your basketball-loving kid when he/she gets the jersey of his/her favorite player or team as a birthday gift from you. They will be so excited that they wouldn’t take off the attire even within a full week!! You will find a wide range of jerseys in our collection. From affordable replicas to regular swingman edition to expensive authentic ones are available for the basketball mad. 

27. The Official NBA Basketball:

For ensuring an advanced level of dribbling skill, a basketball player should have a quality basketball like one that is used for official NBA games. So it is a great gift idea if you give an NBA basketball to your younger and growing basketball fan siblings. Although this ball is not cheap, you can give a special treat to someone you really love for enjoying his/her happiness.

28. Weighted Speed Vest:

It helps players to increase their explosiveness and speed. When a player wears this vest, he/she can work harder. After it is removed from the chest, the body thinks to support more for another session of workouts. It helps increasing the stamina of the player. You can give it a gift to a coach for use with the team or a mid-school goer or older. 

29. Portable Basketball Hoop:

If you want to give someone countless hours of fun and pleasure through playing around home, there is a little alternative to a portable basketball hoop system. For the portability, you can literally convert any place of the home into a basketball arena. Although it is a bit expensive, the receiver as a basketball lover will surely appreciate your choice. 

30. Double Shot Indoor Hoops:

The people of all ages love this gift since it has an intrinsic quality to provide fun. You can carry this hoop to anywhere for playing basketball with extreme fun with family, friends, and colleagues. It is great for installing dream of being a basketball player to your kids’ mind.


So, it was a great journey indeed with you!! It will be really great if you like to choose any basketball gift item from our ideas. We are pretty sure that it will be an unforgettable sweet experience that you will ever reminisce!!

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