10 Golf Workouts That Will Improve Your Game Tremendously

When the golf players think to improve their game, they usually look for new equipment, extended play, or more golf lesson. And these are the reasons we cannot improve our gaming skills; the performance mostly depends on physical preparation, which is the vital factor that we often neglect. If you don’t do the golfing exercise well and lack body functions, you can’t expect to perform well in the course. I am not saying that advance golf classes, a lot of practice, and new drivers don’t improve the performance. But on top of that, there is something more important, and that is physical ability.

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Physical Ability

The thing is golf is a type of game that requires physical discipline. For example, it is essential to boost your swing speed to lower your handicap, and without proper golf workouts, your body won’t be able to do it. Yes, your technique plays a vital role in improving performance, but it is impossible to achieve positive results without appropriate physical preparation.

When I talk about the technique, it means the performativity golf skills that you might have or not. And the other thing is the physique that you must not avoid. To be more precise, it means the overall health condition of your body. If you have shortages of these, then golf exercise can boost your performance in the game and achieve great results.

You might see that two players with the same sort of skills make different scores because of their physical strength and preparedness. No matter if you practice golf swing drills as a professional player or as a beginner, it is essential to work on your flexibility and warm-up. And the golf exercises will help you with that.

Additionally, if you practice and implement the golf workouts daily, your gaming skills will improve, but you will gain better health. In this article, I will share with you what are the best golf exercises that you need to practice and why it is vital to warm up before the game to boost your performance and to maintain a good shape.

Why Is Warm Up Important?

Golf involves explosive and short movement that requires flexibility and a lot of strength, although this game seems slow. Many think that warming up before the game appears non-sense, but the thing is they are the ones who fall into injuries. You need to take preparation for the golf chipping drills and warm up your body. It is essential to prevent Arm, back, neck, and shoulder injuries and the only way to achieve it with golf exercises. Even if you don’t like warming up before the game, and you might think that nothing can happen to you. But if you do just 5-minute golf work out, your distance can improve 45 yards, and perhaps this will change your mind.

How Can Golf Work Out Boost Your Game Performance?

No doubt that working out on your muscle flexibility can improve your mobility and easy swings significantly. When your legs are flexible and back, and Arm stretched, you don’t need to worry about your performance.

For How Long You Should Exercise?

You need to exercise three or four times a week for at least 30 times if you are a competitive golfer. The maximum time you can exercise is for one hour. For example, you can do exercise on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. And the remaining Friday, Saturday, or weekends you can hit the golf course.

Which Body Parts You Need To Focus On?

As I mentioned earlier, working out can help you prevent injuries and improve your swing as well, and for enhancing a better swing, you should learn about some common problems related to swing.

Deformation of Posture

When performing a swing due to a lack of strength and low muscle flexibility, many golfers change their normal body posture. These issues are the reasons players change their stance, that to some may think natural, but it comes from reduced physical awareness.

Flat Shoulders

During the game, the players’ shoulders become more exposed to horizontal movement, like – the spine, which means if your back and shoulder muscles are not healthy, you might suffer from a flat shoulder plane. For this issue, the muscle groups between the shoulders and back can also be the perpetrator.

Early Extensions

Almost 65% of the golf players suffer from this problem; it means the spine and the hip extend to soon during the swing. Underdeveloped muscle groups are the leading cause of this.

Premature Release

At the moment of impact, 55% of golf players have early release wrist grip, which is incredible. Don’t worry about this issue since you can fix it with a regular arm exercise.

Throwing the Club Too Wide

It is a common type of mistake that many golfers do without any purpose. That is a sign of a bad habit. Nevertheless, out of the top motions that surpass the anticipated swing trajectory might also be a consequence of different physical issues that include:

  • Lack of stability and weak core
  • An interrupted balance between lower and upper body power
  • Incomplete flexibility in hip and spine
  • Weak leg strength which doesn’t support the wing
  • Inadequate abdominal strength
  • Lack of strength in arms and wrists
  • Bad body stance

So when you practice golf chipping drills, keep in mind that you need to exercise your hip, wrist, back, abdominal muscles, and legs if you want to avoid this mistake.

Is It Essential To Be In A Perfect Shape To Do Golf Exercise?

Obviously no! The point of working out is that you have the perfect shape of your body. No matter what level of athleticism you have, you need to practice these exercises to improve your physical strength, health, and performance.

Before starting the practice, I recommend you test your physical preparedness first and check which muscle group is weaker than others. And of course, you need to extend your exercise session as per the needs of your body.

Indoor or Outdoor Golf Practice?

Where can you practice golf? Indoor or outdoor? Well, it depends on you. It would help if you decided whether you prefer to exercise or not. You need to exercise, and you need to choose where you are going to do this.

Any Equipment?

The exercise routine that I will describe you need some easy-to-get equipment, like – a medicine ball, a physioball, dumbbell, etc.

You can do all these exercises at your convenient place like even you can at home, too, if there is enough space. You can also go to a park and practice over there.

Another valuable idea is to enroll in a gymnasium do these exercises with a trainer. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, you can do these exercises on your own in your preferred places. After a week, if you don’t feel any improvement, please don’t get panicked.

It takes time for the body to adjust to a new regime. And it might take some time to reach the optimum level. And while working out another thing is to remember that, don’t give up and you need to consistent.

Yes, it’s not easy to get yourself out of bed, but remember if you want to improve your game, you need to exercise three times a week and don’t miss your scheduled date and time of your practice. Even you are just a beginner level player and don’t compete, and then it is still important to prepare your body for the game.

Why Is Cooling Down Important After Playing Golf?

Like any other game, you need to give time to your body to cool down after the game. The reasons are – stretch, relax your muscles, bring your blood pressure, and heartbeat to normal.

Some people think that playing golf has no stressful impact on the body. But I can tell you that this statement is not valid, because of the explosive movements you perform in the field. And your body needs proper rest and come back to normal.

Once you start implementing these crucial exercises in your life, then you can recover soon and expect to play again in no time. Your body is also a part of your playing equipment, aside from the drivers. So you should take care of it and treat it with respect.

The more effort and attention you give to your physical strength, the better you can have in the golf course. I have seen the drastic change in performance among the players before and after these exercises. You must think like a winner and do these exercises regularly, even if you are a beginner.

Now you understand why workout is essential. Now it’s time to begin these great exercises, which will change your golfing experiences for sure. And not only that, you will feel better, healthier, and fitter than ever.

10 Golf Workouts To Improve Your Game

1. Seated Rotations

If you are struggling with mobility during the swing time, you can do this exercise. In this case, you don’t need to have the equipment, and you will get surprised to see the results after a few days. It would help if you did this exercise to boost your rational flexibility for the golf swing.

Sit on the bench and squeeze a pad or towel between your legs. Take a club and hold a crook of the elbows behind your back, so that your palms are free. The place the arms on your stomach, and make sure you are in the straight position. Hold your hips and make sure you don’t move them while rotating your chest and hold it for 3 seconds. Now get back to your previous position and repeat the same thing to the left. Hold it for 2 seconds and release. In the beginning, every time you work out, you can repeat this left-right session ten times. This exercise is vital for improving your back’s flexibility, and during the explosive movement, this exercise will prevent you from injuries.

2. Standing Y

Your shoulders play a crucial role in golf, and particularly at the time of the swing. If you want to increase your performance, you need to make sure that your muscles around the shoulders are tight and flexible. It would help if you did this exercise to improve your shoulders’ mobility and prepare for rapid swing.

First of all, bend at the waist and make sure that the back is straight and your chest is upward. Find a club and hold it with faced-up palms. Now pull back and down your shoulder blades. Lift your arms over your head in “Y” shaped, when holding the club with palms facing up. Hold it for two seconds and get back to the first position. Repeat this exercise ten times, and see if your shoulder muscles get stronger.

3. Hand walk

To some people, this exercise might seem like a kid’s game, but in reality, this exercise will give you great results when it comes to preventing shoulder injury and golfer’s elbow that is common for players who have weak arm muscles.

Start bending forward from standing position until your hands touch the ground. Keep your legs as straight as possible once you feel the earth with all four, walk-on with your hands until you are in the pushup position. Then from there, make your knees in a straight post and move the feet towards your hands. When you feel stretched, and your toes and fingers meet, start over again and walk your hands forward. Do this for ten times, and that will be enough for your entire body stretch, and particularly your arms, legs, and back. During this exercise, you will feel that how your muscle groups get involved.

4. Shoulder Stretch

For every golf player, open shoulders are essential, from the beginning to a professional level.

To start the exercise, go to any flat surface, if outdoors. And if you are indoors, you can use your living room and lie on the side. Keep straight your bottom leg when your upper leg is bend. Then touch the ground with the inside portion of your knee. In a straight position, twist your upper body and touch the ground with both shoulder blades. Don’t lift your bent knee when doing this. Now hold for two seconds and do the same exercise from the other side. Do it ten times from each side. In the beginning, this exercise may seem complicated and painful, but don’t give up!

5. Lateral Pillar Bridge

When laying golf, Lateral Pillar Bridge will help you open your hips and prevent injuries. In addition to this, it will help you to perform a better swing.

Firstly lie down on the ground with keeping your body on the side and your elbow below the shoulder. Straight your legs and lift your hip off the floor when you support yourself by your elbow. Don’t bend your bone, and your head hangs down. From tip to tow, keep one line and stay in that position for 3 seconds.

After doing that, put down your hip on the ground and change the side. In both sides repeat this workout for ten times. This Lateral pillar bridge workout will help you open your hips and straighten out your entire body.

6. Parallel Throw

You will need a medicine ball for this exercise. And this exercise will help you boost your swing speed, store, and release energy at the right time.

To do this exercise, with a three feet distance, face a concrete wall. In the line, hold a medicine ball with your waist. Then twist the upper body off the wall, and then by throwing a ball, rotate back fast towards the wall in only one movement. When the ball bounces back, try to catch the ball with one hand behind it and the other one under it, and at that time, you need to bend your arms slightly. Repeat this workout ten times, and do it again from another side. It would help if you made sure the wall not made from glass.

7. Perpendicular Throw

If you want to improve your mobility and core strength, this workout would be an excellent option. The perpendicular throw is like a parallel throw, and the only difference is that your standing should be 90 degrees from the wall. Twist from another 180 degrees from there and after that throw the ball. Catch the ball on the rebound. Again, do this for ten times from each side will boost muscle balance and core strength significantly from this workout.

8. Pushups On a Physio Ball

This exercise will strengthen your shoulder muscles and your back that you depend on when you play golf and perform the swing. Pushup position is the starting point of this exercise. But instead of placing your hands on the ground, you have to put them on the physioball. Until your chest touches the ball, start lower yourself down from there. Then when balancing your arms on the ball, push your body back up. Do this ten times.

9. Dumbbell – One Arm

It would help if you had a bench and a dumbbell for this exercise. Choose the weight that you think you can handle. This exercise will help you in improving the stability of your shoulders and make it straighter.

Firstly, lie down on the bench, where your right glute and right shoulder rely on the bench. And your left glute and shoulders off of it. Then above your head, hold a dumbbell in your left hand. And to hold onto the bench, use your right hand. Then very slowly start lowering the dumbbell until the elbow reaches the same horizontal line with the shoulder. Now go back to the beginning position again. Repeat this exercise ten times by using both your arms.

10. Glute Bridges

Among the other exercises, this one might seem like an outsider to you. But Glute Bridge is a perfect exercise for activating muscles that get repressed all day at work. To begin the training, firstly lie down on the floor and bend your knees 90 degrees. You should make sure that they are stable and parallel on the floor. Now roll a towel and put it in between your knees. Then lift your hips and stay in that position for three seconds where your shoulders, head, and feet touch the ground. Go down and repeat this ten times.

Final thought

These golf exercises play the lead role in the golf game, considering improving the skills further. If you have plans to improve your performance in the game, you need to spend the necessary time for these exercises and prepare your body for the swing. You can spend roughly 3 to 4 hours a week practicing these exercises and improve your game to the next level within a short time. And if you continue these exercises, you don’t have to worry about falling into severe injuries. Remember again, and there is no alternative to hard work. If you work hard with dedication, you will reach your goal and play for a long time without falling injuries. So let’s not only depend on some golf courses or watch tutorials online. Go out and practice hard. And don’t give up. I hope that my tips would be useful and beneficial to you. Start working on these exercises, and you can see the outcome. I wish you good luck with durable, consistent, and enjoyable golf exercises.

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