How to Play Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowling is a game that is played widely by many. Lawn bowling is a sport that is played all around the world. Just by the name, you can guess this game is played on the lawn and includes activities like bowling. The game is pretty easy to play. And playing lawn bowling helps a lot to make you more active. When you play lawn bowling, you need to concentrate on the game to win the match. The rules of this game are relatively straightforward to play. But it would be best if you practiced a lot to become a pro player in this game.

What is Lawn bowling?

So, what is lawn bowling? And how to play this game? How many people are required to play this game? What is the main objective of this game? These questions may be wondering in your mind. And I’m going to answer your questions and solve your curiosity. You may be a lawn bowling beginner or interested in this game; that’s why you have ended up in this article.

To play this game well and become a pro, you need to understand this game thoroughly. If you don’t understand this game or the rules of this game entirely, you won’t play well. That’s why the first thing you need to do is understand. Understand how the game is played and how this game is scored.

Lawn bowling or bowls or lawn bowls is a sport where you have to roll little balls so that the ball stops close to a smaller ball named kitty or jack. A little ball means that they are unsymmetrical. This is challenging as one side of the ball is not proportioned, and the ball travels in a curved path. This game is played on a green surface. The surface can be flat or curved. This outdoor game is mainly on natural greens, artificial turfs, or cotula. It is played on Cotula, mainly in New Zealand. However, it is played in indoor venues at some places as well.

Types of lawn bowling games

You can have a few types of lawn bowling games. You can play this game as a singles game or play it with two or more teams. You can have groups of four in rinks. And a game can have many rinks, such as six to seven rinks or 24 to 28 players per team. And matches generally involve several groups from one club to another club.

Needed types of equipment for this game

There are not many types of equipment needed for this game. You will need four types of equipment to play this game. I will give a brief description of each of them to understand them better. If you know the types of equipment well, you can make great use of them. And this will be very beneficial for your game and give you an insight into this game. The required four types of equipment you will need to play this game are- the balls, the jack, measuring tape, and the scorecards. Now, I will describe these thoroughly to get an idea of these types of equipment.

The Balls

Lawn bowling is played in sets, and in each set, there are four balls. So, you have to play with four balls. You can call these balls or bowls. The balls in this game are unique and have their symbol. It varies in each set. In each set, there are different and unusual symbols. And the logo is etched in the middle circle area on both sides of the ball.

The balls used in this game are not regular round balls; they are biased. For this reason, when you roll the ball, it moves in a curved nature. So basically, it curves when we roll it. For this reason, the player has to roll the ball in an outwards direction, which has an angle of reaching the target. In this game, you have to roll the ball as near as possible to the jack. And the more closely you can get, the better. This makes the game critical and hard to play, making the game exciting and worth practicing.

The Jack

You have to reach a small white ball in lawn bowling whose size is like a billiard ball with bowls. This little white ball is the target of this game, and this target is known as the jack. The jack is rolled out on the field, where the match will be played before the game starts. And then the jack becomes the target for the game. And when the game begins, each player will come and try to place the balls by rolling them as close as possible.

The jack is not biased. The first player has to roll the jack on the field in a straight line. And then the game begins. The players have to get as close as the jack possible. You can hit or move the jack with the ball as well. The jack is the center of this game.

Measuring Tape

When this game is played, not one but many balls will come near the jack. And the players have a competitive approach and will perform their best, so it is normal for multiple balls to reach the jack. And to keep account of that, you will need measuring tape. If you don’t use measuring tape at that moment and try to determine the closest with the naked eye, you won’t have any accuracy and most likely make a mistake.

The Score Cards

The scorecards are not the same in clubs. They are different in each club. Clubs have different ways of displaying the scores. Generally, in some clubs, the score is kept on the printed cards. And other clubs have stood with clips, which hold the scorecards in place. A red can is used to collect chips, and these chips are used to determine where and with whom a player will play. And this game is viral in North America and Europe.

These are the four types of equipment you will need to play this game. And knowing about each of these types of equipment and their role in this game will help you understand it better.

How to play this game?

The way that you need to play this game is pretty easy. It is not much confusing as it seems. This game’s main objective is that you have to roll the ball as close as jack possible. To do this, you can apply different tricks and techniques to help you reach the jack. And there are a few things you need to know about playing lawn bowling. Before rolling the ball, you need to have a firm grip. And it would be best if you saw the ball. You need to understand which side of the ball is biased. The player must place his middle finger along the ball’s edge to get a firm grip.

The edge or the running edge is a line that directly runs between the shaved sides and the face of the bias. Throws can only be accurate when the player has a perfect grip. The players have to stand in a required position to roll the ball correctly. The player should keep his shoulders square and aim towards the line that he will bowl on.

The way that you roll the ball is essential. To correctly roll the ball, there is a way to help you do so. It would be best to step forward towards the throw line before moving the ball. The player’s legs must be bent. If you need stability, try leaning your free hand against your legs. Keeping the ball stable requires both index fingers and thumbs. These techniques will allow you to gain maximum control and stability over the ball and body.

Before a match, you should also practice where the match will be played on the surface. By doing this, you will understand the ground way more. What works better and how to make it work, and so on. If the grass is short, the ball is more likely to be fast. And the same thing happens when the grass is wet. So, please practice on the playing ground.

Types of shots in lawn bowling

In lawn bowling, there are a few types of shots. You can notice four different kinds of shots or delivery in lawn bowling. They are described down below.

The Draw

Each of the delivery skills I’m going to mention. But this one, in particular, is often called the most skillful. This shot is the most common shot used in lawn bowling. The player attempts to play with the exact weight required to finish closest to the jack in this shot.

The Yard On

The player delivers a ball with enough weight to carry one or two yards past the target in this shot. This game’s main motive is to move the target away from the opponent’s ball and closer to your ball as much as possible. This pushes the opponent’s ball away and puts your ball close to the target or takes his place. This shot is often known as a “chap and lies” shot in Scotland.

The Running Shot

In this shot, the player uses more weight than the yard on. This shot’s motive is to move the opponent’s ball from the head, move the target to the ditch, or gain other results that weights can receive. This can be difficult to play as the changes in the weight also make changes in the line.

The Drive

This shot is stroked with the maximum speed and weight to hit the target with full force. This shot is delivered to remove the opponent’s ball from the head or the rink or place the jack entirely into the ditch. This shot can be hard to make as it is hard to control, and the ball can go out of line pretty quickly with this shot. So, you need to make sure that you deliver this shot properly. This shot is commonly used in the last few photos.
By reading this article, you know what lawn bowling is and how to play lawn bowling. Thank you for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. And I hope that this article was helpful to you.

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