How to Organize a Foosball Tournament?

Foosball is a simple yet competitive and fun game. For this reason, it is one of the fastest growing and popular games throughout the world. If you want to level up your craving for the play, you would someday look for inspiring more people around in the game. One attention grabbing way to make foosball passionate to your local players is organizing a tournament. In this article, we shall discuss step-by-step guideline for arranging a foosball tournament successfully.

Step-1: Set an Optimal Date and Time for the Tournament

After you decide to arrange the tournament, fix the auspicious day and time of the week to play the game. Friday and Saturday evenings are the most favorable days. There is no hurry of the players to go to work or attend the class on the eve of weekends. So, they can participate in the game happily and without worries.

On the weekends, many people may prefer to go out of town. Else the tournament could be too noisy for the weekend crowd. However, before the final decision, make sure that you have a very clear understanding on the dynamism of your surrounding social life.

Step-2: Find and Secure the Venue

For executing your plan to run a foosball tournament, find the right venue depending on the number of participants. If the competition is confined only among the friends or colleagues, a game room with a single foosball table is enough.

In case all the players of your locality enlist themselves for the tournament, you need the local arcade or pub or a social hall. The requirement of number of tables will depend on the number of players and pools.

Your selected venue should be an already popular site for social events. Generally, student unions, pubs, and hotels are ideal places for arranging foosball tournaments. If quality foods and drinks are available in the venue, it will be an added advantage for the tournament.

Step-3: Set the Duration of the Game

The duration of the tournament will depend on factors like opening and closing time of the venue. Every social place has its governing rules depending on which closing time a venue is determined.

You must have solid idea on how many players have registered and how many are participating in your tournament. Also make sure that you have available resources in hand to arrange such tournament.

If you have one night to complete the game having 16 players to compete each other, you must have 4-5 foosball table. When you have more tables, it highly likely to complete the game quickly. Complete the registration process before half an hour of starting the tournament.

If you can’t start the game within stipulated time, your chance of failure is higher. Follow some strict directives not to run the game too late and drag it too slowly.

Step-4: Organize and Gather Required Equipment

You must make it sure that you have all the required things in hand to run the show. If the venue doesn’t have enough tables and necessary accessories, you have to go for renting or borrowing the required number of essentials for the players. You also need to procure extra balls and spare parts if there is need to repair the tables when the game goes on.

Step-5: Figure out the Prizes

You must have awards and prizes for honoring the winners. It will motivate the players to register for the tournament. If you have sound idea, share it with the willing foosball equipment manufacturers or social places or businesses and companies for the financial support of the game. You can take entry fees from the participants and distribute the same to the winners. It is a good idea to collect money from the sponsors and use part of it to purchase trophies and mementos including mugs, hats, and t-shirts.

Step-6: Establish Rules of the Game

After making the plan to arrange a foosball tournament with prizes, you must establish set of must follow rules for the game. At the beginning of the tournament, you must read aloud the rules before the participants. To settle the dispute, you must have the printed copies of the set rules.

Step-7: Organize the Brackets

If there are lots of participants in your tournament, it is better to organize the players into brackets. Depending on the talent level, you should set up the pools. Maintain a board to keep the scores updated.

Step-8: Structuring the Tournament

There must have a full-proof structure of the game on the length of the competition with the number of registered players and number of available foosball tables. You must make it sure that there is no loophole in the format to get exploited by any player.

Step-9: Advertise

Advertising and publishing the tournament information in advance will have a significant impact upon the registration of willing players of your locality. Use a combination of media including billboards, posters, digital advertising on social media & internet, and off-course on the websites.

Get your plan out there by telling to friends, distributing handout flyers I local pubs & bars or sending text messages. It will draw the attention of huge crowd.

Step-10: Securing Sponsorships

You will find many organizations ready to give sponsorship to your tournament. But make sure that you approach such sponsor company which would the direct beneficiary of the event. In such circumstance, you have higher chance of negotiating for upper financial benefits. If a Sports shop or table importer, or the venue see its more visibility for the tournament, it will be interested to sponsor your game.

Final Words:

If you follow our guideline, it will be much easier for you to organize the foosball tournament. However, you must be careful to small details regardless of your level of preparation and availability of necessary equipment for making the foosball game show a grand success!!

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