Pickleball Net Height vs Tennis

No doubt, pickleball has grown so popular in the USA as it’s a fascinating and fun outdoor game. Originating in the mid-1960, this game has become one of the favorite pastime sports of people within a little amount of time. As you’re here, you must be among pickleball lovers, just like me. My passion for pickleball insisted on preparing a private court in my backyard to get the chance to play whenever I wanted. As a beginner, it was not easy for me to create a standard court since I didn’t know much about the regulations of court dimensions and net lengths. I researched rules of court dimension and other basic rules necessary to understand. Then, I thought of sharing this with you, so you have the convenience of setting up your court and learning the construction regulations of your favorite game.

Pickleball Court Dimension

The court used in pickleball needs to get constructed with some strict rules. Whether you want to construct an indoor or outdoor court, you must follow the standard court dimension if you want to enjoy the game without any inconvenience. The pickleball court’s dimensions and measurements are set out in the USAPA Official Tournament Rulebook.

Pickleball is gravely inspired by the sport ‘badminton’ and is known as the combined game of ‘badminton’ and ‘tennis.’ That’s why many pickleball rules are nearly similar to badminton and tennis. Pickleball court generally follows the dimension of a doubles badminton court. The court has to be rectangular in size, and various lines inside the court make sections for different parts.

In general, a standard pickleball court follows the measurement of 20’×44’. That means the court’s width should be 20 feet, and the size for the length is 44 feet. The whole playing surface area should be at least 30 feet (9.14 m) wide and 60 feet (18.29 m) long. USAPA Official Tournament board follows this measurement for both single and doubles play. So, this dimension has become the standard to follow while building a court for pickleball.

Sidelines, baselines, and centerlines divide the court into three main parts. The Non-volley zone is the first part located up to 7 feet from the net, including the non-volley line. This non-volley zone is often referred to as the ‘kitchen.’ The other two areas are service areas. Both service areas are just behind the non-volley spot. A service area is again divided into two sections. The left section behind the non-volley bar is the left service, and the right section behind the non-volley bar is the right service. Each section follows the measurement of 10×15 feet. The lines used in the court to make sections should be bright colors like white or light yellow that can visibly see and contrast the playing surface’s color.

Size & Design of Net

Net is one of the crucial pieces of equipment you can’t miss while playing pickleball. As I have mentioned before, the game is hugely inspired by badminton, and you must need a net to play pickleball. But, people often get confused about the size of the net when buying. The size of a pickleball net is a bit different from a badminton net.

The ideal size of a pickleball net is at least 20 feet long and 3 feet wide. The net should be a minimum of 36 inches high. However, the center of the net is 34 inches long because of the center strap.

The Center strap is a strap used in the middle of the net to ensure the net’s stability. This center strap also helps to prevent sagging the net. Although some courts do not use a central belt, the center of the net is a bit shorter in height if it’s set up in the proper regulation.

A pickleball net is made with mesh. The small-sized mesh is the material of the pickleball net. Using small-sized mesh is to prevent the ball from passing through the net. Nets used in pickleball are usually edged with 2 inches wide white tape binding over a cord. This edge makes the net more durable and helps the net to remain play-worthy.

The net is attached to net posts with the help of a cord or a cable. Net positions are located about 12 inches from the sidelines. Distance between the inside of the one standing to inside the other post is 22 feet or 6.71 m. And the diameter of net posts is usually 3 inches. You will get pickleball nets of this standard size from all sports stores that sell pickleball goods.

How to Set Up the Net

You know what sizes the pickleball net comes in. But it is not enough for you to know. It is essential to understand how to set up a pickleball net correctly for your court. If you plan to customize your pickleball court in the house’s backyard, you must know the process. And, if you do it following the instructions, you’ll indeed find the job super simple.

Pickleball nets usually come with all the necessary equipment and pieces needed for assembling. You will find some parts of relevant sections and numbers printed over each one. You only have to fit these sections orderly and attach the net with the net post.

It would be best if you start assembling with the base frame. You will find numbers printed over the fittings, and you should complete the sections by maintaining numeric order. When the base frame is constructed once, you should assemble posts on both sides and the center. Now, bring out the net and position it so that the center strap faces the ring in the support base frame. You should insert one net post in the net sleeve and another net post into another net sleeve for the next step. Make sure the threads don’t get twisted while inserting the posts. Now, carefully extend the net and fit both net positions with the opposite side’s base frame. Don’t forget to attach straps of the net to each side of the post to adjust the net. Finally, make sure the central belt is accommodated in an accurate position.

And that’s how you can set up the pickleball net in just a couple of minutes.

Tennis Net Height vs. Pickleball Net Height

Court games such as Pickleball, Tennis, and Badminton seem almost similar. The rules and equipment like a ball, racquet, or net have differences, drawing a thin line between these games. Nearly each court game lover thought of using the pickleball net for tennis or the tennis net for badminton. We can surely do this when we are playing an unofficial tournament with our friends and family. But, the scenario of the official match is way different.

Pickleball and tennis nets have almost similar sizes and compositions. Like tennis or pickleball, nets used for the game are shorter and designed to place at a lower height. Pickleball nets are generally located with the sidelines at 36 inches or 3 feet. But, the center of the net is established a bit lower than the end sides. The middle of the net is set at 2 feet 10 inches or 34 inches. As I already mentioned above, the central strap causes the net to hang a bit lower than the end-sides.

The tennis net also has an ideal measurement that we follow. Like the pickleball net, the tennis net is also needed to attach to the net post. Tennis nets are also set, so the net’s center is placed a little lower than the edge sides. Nets used for tennis have 3 feet 6 inches or 42 inches at both posts. The center of the net gets down lower by up to 6 inches than the edge sides. That means the center of the tennis net is placed at 3 feet or 36 inches. But, no central strap is used in the middle of the net to make it lower. Preferably, the net is attached with posts, so the mid of the net gets lower. These two inches in the center make a noticeable difference in the tennis net and pickleball net.

Otherwise, the material used in both nets is similar. The small-sized mesh is the right material for both nets. The small-sized mesh prevents the ball from passing through the net’s spaces. Moreover, both nets have a vinyl band or nylon around the edges for protective purposes.

It is undeniable how fun the game of pickleball is. To fully enjoy the game, you also need to know the terms, construction, and other necessary regulations. This knowledge regarding the game helps you construct your court, but you can also enrich your playing skills if you know more about the sport. I have tried to gather all the necessary information about the pickleball net in this guide. Still, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section if you have more to know.

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