Uses for Pool Table Slate

There is no denying that the pool is a favorite game. Pool Table Slate is a billiard game playing surface. The table has been made using a large slab of slate. The balls roll on this flat surface. The construction of the table around the slate tends to be of high quality. The solid wood pool tables are long-term lifespan. It doesn’t mean that they will last forever. Pool tables are expensive. When the pool table finally wears out, the table slate can reuse for other surface purposes. Here are a few suggestions on what you can do with a pool table slate. Use as a Foosball Table: A Pool table slate is flat, stable, and heavy. You can use this table as a Foosball table. It can be an ideal playing surface for a homemade Foosball table. You need to cut the slate according to your dimensions. Once you fit the slate in the frame, the Foosball table is ready to play. The ball will no longer stuck in the valleys & small hills. The slate also eliminates the wraps problems. It helps the ball to roll right and not wander around. You can spray-paint the slate so that it will last for years.

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Use as a Counter-top Top: You can reuse the pool table slate to make kitchen or bathroom counter-tops. The slate works well more than granite as it is impervious to water. You can make a poster board pattern of the counter. Now draw the overall outside dimensions of the location. Mention the area of the sink cut out. Transport the slate and the design to a counter-top. Now cut the slate according to the cardboard pattern. You need some help from others. Once you make the pattern, the surface is ready for use.

Use as a Workbench Top: A pool table slate can use as a sturdy workbench top. As the slate is substantial, the bench will not wriggle around. You can try the slate take sawing or exert sideways pressure on it. You can very well utilize slate as your new workbench top. Slate’s flatness also comes in handy when other projects require a level surface.

The pool tables are a very versatile asset. You can use pool tables from playing pool game to transforming it into a counter-top. You can also reuse it as a dining table, bench, chair, and so on. The pool table is among the few investments you will never regret marking.

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