Spalding 7800 Slam Jam Basketball Rim

If you are looking for a basketball rim that can fit both huffy and Spalding basketball hoop! Than this Spalding 7800 Slam Jam Basketball Rim most top Slam Jam basketball rim to buy. That Spalding 7800 basketball hoop rim comes with some great features and facility that increase your basketball goal game enjoyment for sure. The solid steel breakaway rim including spring action flex mechanism ensure the flexibility and longevity as like NBA professional basketball rim does. So, without taking any doubt your mind, you can buy and use this basketball rim as a replacement for your huffy sports basketball rim. On the other hand, it proven that the Spalding manufacturer; one of the best basketball accessories producers in today’s market.

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Key Features:

  • Whole system made by Steel.
  • This Spalding 7800 comes with solid steel breakaway rim that facilitates with spring action flex mechanism to handle the dunk type activities.
  • 2.9 x 2.5-inch mounting pattern is another unique feature of this Spalding 7800 rim.
  • The rim color is classic orange powder-coated finished resulting it looks gorgeous.
  • The manufacturer includes standard white net with this Spalding basketball rim.
  • The Spalding basketball accessories manufacturer designed this 7800 rim for residential play only.

What exciting thing about this Spalding 7800 slam jam basket​​​​​ball rim?

That’s a fascinating and important question you have to know before buying a Spalding basketball rim. The manufacturer made that basketball rim with some unique features like Ultra Smooth Spring Action, Slam Jam Goal , Reinforced Mounting Bracket, and All Weather Net.

Now let’s talk about what benefits you wil​​​​l get from these features?

Ultra smooth Spring Action

Most of the time when you play a basketball game you may have to perform dunk type activities. At the same time, your friends and kids can do the same rough playing or hang on it. That unusual feature can handle those dunk or rugged activities for a long while. Resulting, you don’t need to take tension regarding the breaking of the rim.

Slam Jam Goa​​​​l system

This Spalding 7800 comes with that dynamic facility which helps to play basketball with the team against a team. This system helps to play a game with unity. Resulting, the whole systems able to handle the rush of the basketball goal.

Reinforced Mounting Bra​​​​cket and All Weather Net

This Spalding 7800 portable basketball rim comes with both the reinforced mounting bracket and all weather suitable net. So you can play anytime, anywhere you wanted to enjoy the basketball game.


  • The high-quality basketball rim can use the huffy backboard .
  • The whole setup works great for its solid steel breakaway rim.
  • It can handle dunked type activities up to 200lb.
  • Most of the customer said that Spalding rim loves their kids.
  • Highest quality by lowest cost.
  • It comes with all the necessary parts for immediate installation, resulting in no need expense extra penny.


  • Little bit costly than its similar category.

Frequently Asked Q​​​​uestion

Question: Is this perfect enough to fit for most backboards? And does it come with all the accessories like bolts and nuts?

Answer: Yes dear, this Spalding 7800 slam jam rim comes with all the necessary accessories like bolts and nuts. At the same time, the manufacturer makes that for most of the backboards. So, without taking any doubt in mind, you buy this Spalding basketball rim for your existing basketball backboard.

Question: Can I mount this on my wall?

Answer: Yes, buddy; this is a wall mount basketball hoop rim so you can mount this on your wall.

Question: What’s the length of the mounting plate from right to left? 

Answer: This Spalding 7800 portable basketball rim is 5.5 inches wide on plate X 4.75 inch on top to bottom on a plate . On the other hand, 3.5 in the center to center on holes side to side X 2.5 inch center to center up and down. Most importantly, they located for adequately adjustment 1 inch slotted on side to side. Our team of expert tried to replace it with an old goal system, and it exactly matches on the plate. That’s why it’s easily fitted on any Huffy backboard.

Video: NBA Breakaway 180 Basketball Hoop VS Spalding NBA Slam Jam!

Fina​​​​l Verdict

At the end of the Spalding 7800 slam jam rim reviews, we found this one is highly suitable for both Spalding and huffy basketball system. Its solid steel spring rim can handle any dunked and rough playing from your friends and kids. In the meantime, it’s all weather condition suited net can ensure the longevity of the basketball game. Finally, this Spalding 7800 basketball rim is one of the best multiple useable basketball rims you can buy.

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