What is a Triple Threat in Basketball?

Basketball is a sort of game where you need to move a lot. To understand the entire game, you need how all the components of the game work together. There many terms and rules you need to know and memorize. One of the standard terms you might have heard before in practice, sports, or commentary is “triple threat.” It is also known as a triple threat stance. Triple threat is one of the fundamentals that all the basketball players need to know and have to apply in the game. However, a triple threat is a particular way any offensive player stands in a game that gives them a wide range of options while they play on the court. Many coaches instruct their players – “You have to bend your knees and put the ball in the shot pocket. That’s called the triple threat”. To be more precise, a triple threat is all about having the right balance and the capability to change that balance to suit what the players try to do (like – blow by the defense, make a jab, pivot, etc.). So I think I have given enough introductions about a triple threat. Let’s get deeper into the fundamentals of the triple threat. 

Understanding the Triple Threat

A triple threat stance happens when any offensive players square up a guard. They need to be in an athletic position, and it means their knees need to bend, and their body is ready to move. The last ball must be seized in their left or right hip. To maximize their options, typically their one foot also in front of the other. 

Additionally, the offensive players need to have dribble, which means they caught the ball from a rebound or a pass, and in front of them, they need to have a court. The players will be in a triple threat position if all these requirements are met. 

The stance is very common so that every wing or guard should automatically go into as soon as they get the ball. It will provide more options when outside of the key and also helps square up any defender.

Why Triple Threat?

  • To be dangerous

When you catch the ball and get squared up the rim, every time you get a pass, you are in the right position to make a player that could be an assist, shot, or penetration. 

When you catch the ball, the initial thing you need to analyze in your mind “Am I open to shoot?” if you are open to shooting, then hopefully, you have worked hard before during the off-season, and you can knock down open jump shots. You are hurting your team if you are not a threat on the offensive.

  • To save your dribble

In a basketball game, dribble is overused. Save the dribble so that you stay dangerous. It’s great to use dribble if you are working to penetrate, but if you are not, then you have the risk of losing it when the defense makes you pick it up. In addition to these, if you just dribble in one spot, you can’t make a shot fake or pass fake.

  • Ball security

You will be not in a triple threat when you stand upright and put the ball over your head. You should not let the defense do that to you and, of course, don’t do it without being forced to do it. You need to stay strong, low, compact, and also dangerous, that is very important. If you keep or put the ball over your head, then you are risking a turnover. Keep the balance of your position and keep the ball safe. Basketball is a type of game where the momentum can change anytime, so you don’t want to miss your chance to hit a cutter, or blow by the aggressive defense.

Where, When, and Who Should Use The Triple Threat?

  • Where
  • On the edge or perimeter
  • When
  • Anytime when you catch the ball
  • Who

Most of the time, guards use triple threat, because the post players down low with their backs to basket. But if they catch on the perimeter, they have to get right into a triple threat.  

How To Triple Threat?

So now you know keeping balance is essential. You want to explode out of the stance so that you can shift your weight forward and be on the balls of your toes. And you need to be able to slide a piece of paper under your heels.  To get the right forward balance, you need to – 

  • Shift forward your weight 
  • Keep your hands on your knees
  • Now keep a basketball in your hands
  • Then transfer some of your weight on your weak foot

The reason you need to move the weight more on just one foot is that at a time, you can only push off of one foot, and your other foot needs to be light so it can jab step when required. 

You have to make sure your arm is in “The Cobra” when you hold the basketball. It means your wrist and elbow are cocked and ready to go. Now you are all set for making jab, pass fake, shot fake, or whatsoever else out of triple threat. Now it’s time to through a little bit extra effort on top. 

Three Great Options

Everyone has been used a triple threat because it is the most useful position in the basketball game. There are three great options in a triple threat. The players can either shoot, pass, or dribble. Then it will be difficult for the defenders to figure them out. When any player stuck in the corner from where he can only make a pass or a player down in the post attend to make a shot, a guard in triple threat can do everything literally. 

Utilizing the triple threat is an essential part of the basketball game. Whenever you pick up your dribble, a defender can get up on you and could force a bad pass. Nevertheless, if you are ready to go, they need to sit back just when you pass or dribble by them. 

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