Reasons why do I like basketball

Nowadays, basketball is considered as a modern ball game. It doesn’t mean that I’m discounting other ball sports as a modern game, but basketball is very popular. There have many reasons why people like this game most. And for me, it is one of the best ball games. There have many reasons behind liking this game. Now I’ll explain the reasons why I love basketball most.

Easily accessible

Basketball can be played anywhere. That means you can play this game anywhere with a basketball and a hoop. If you cannot afford to practice or play in the courts of a public or private school, you can play it in a local government school available anywhere. You can also play or practice this game without a formal setup. So, practicing basketball is not a big issue if you don’t have any courts to play. All you need a hoop and a basketball.

It is not expensive and also attainable

Basketball is an affordable game so that anyone can play this game with a basketball and a hoop. And the price of basketball is not so high. So, you can easily afford it. And if you want to use a high-quality basketball that the pro players use, you can buy an expensive one. But whatever the ball is costly or cheap, you can still play with the ball with more comfort and get good results. Besides, to play this game, you don’t need a specific place. And if you want to practice it in a court, there are many public, private, and community schools for basketball that are easily attainable. And now it comes to the sports gear. And you don’t need to worry about the sports gear as you can start playing this game with the things that you are already using. But it is better to use a boot as you can get injured, and legs play a vital role in this game. But the price of the shoes is also affordable.

This game can be played with various people

You can play this game with five or more players at the same time. Many other sports are played by only two or four players, so the other players become bore to get his/her turn. But in this game, you don’t need to wait for your turn, and you have the chance to play all the time. Besides, basketball is an excellent game of teamwork. And I like this part of this game very much because success in this game depends on the great teamwork. The effort of each and every player lead them to success.

The basketball fundamentals are straightforward to learn

To play this game, you have to know how to dribble and shoot the ball. And then you have to practice more and more to improve your dribbling and shooting skills. And you can learn dribbling and shooting by watching, and after that, you need to practice a lot to make a good shoot. And now it comes to defending the opponent, and it is very easy to defend the opponent if he/she is not a very good player. And if you are playing against a good player, then you should improve your defense skill. To defense the player’s shoot, you need to stand in front of the player and try to block the way of the player with the body and use your arms to prevent him from passing or shooting the balls. But you have to use the legal way to defense.

Rules are very easy to understand

Basketball has straightforward rules. And most of the rules are limited to the shooting and dribbling. And the most important rule of this game is to avoid any hard body contact when a player is going to make a shoot. And these simple rules make this game very cool to play with friends.

Male and female can play this game

Both the male and female can play this game. And for this reason, this game becomes very popular around the world.

This game is highly competitive

We all like a competitive sport, and basketball is such a kind of game. You can’t play this game solo, so you need one or more opponents. And playing this game with more players makes this game more challenging. And the competition stars from the lower level and goes up to a professional level (many national and international league).

It is a game with high paced

Another reason to like this game is- it is a game with high paced. There is no dull moment in the whole duration of the game. So, you won’t get bored while watching or playing this game. Both the players and the audience enjoy the entire moment and get excited with the time to know the final result. And the result of the game can be changed at any time, so this is so unpredictable to assume the result.

It is a game full of fun

This game is filled with fun. The players enjoy every moment of this game while playing. And not only the players, but the audience also enjoys this game to watch people of all ages can get the fun of this game as it is very simple to understand.

So, for me, the above reasons are enough to like a game. And I spend my leisure time by playing this game. And it also keeps me fit as it is one kind of great exercise. So, you can teach your kids to play this game at an early age, and in the future, they can also play this game professionally.

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