Youper Mini Adjustable Portable Basketball Stand & Hoop System – Kid Electronic Basketball Set with Scoreboard

Today basketball is a top-rated game. It is one of the most favorite sports that children love to learn. Basketball will increase your child’s stamina and flexibility. It is a competitive manner to boosting their confidence. A portable basketball hoop is needed to enhance your child’s skills. Youper is another popular brand name in the hoop system. The Youper basketball hoop for kids is an indoor use unit. This Youper Mini Adjustable Portable Basketball Stand & Hoop System – Kid Electronic Basketball Set with Scoreboard indoor set can installed on a wall or door. It is a cheaper option compared to a more massive outdoor game. This kid’s basketball hoop comes with all the bells and rings to interest any child. The dynamic scoring and score record to engage children in rounds. This mini basketball hoop and stand will give you an authentic basketball experience. This set comes with 6 inches Pro rubber ball. It arrives deflated. It gives you the game-like action that you need. This article can be useful to you if you are looking for the best quality Adjustable Portable Basketball Stand and hoop System. This set includes 17inces X 13inches clear polycarbonate backboard, 10inches rim, two 6inches basketballs, and pump. That publishes May help you take into consideration for buying Youper Mini. It is a nice adjustable Portable Basketball Stand and hoop System. We believe that; you will find helpful information here before you invest.

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Key Features:

  • Clear Polycarbonate Backboard
  • 6 inches pro rubber kid-sized ball
  • Suitable for indoor game
  • Easy assemble
  • Adjustable height system Up to 5 ½ feet in height
  • The automatic score recording system
  • Automatic electronic scoring
  • Time clock
  • Authentic announcer sounds
  • Battery-powered flashing light
  • Safety ensure basketball stand and hoop
  • Constructed from quality materials
  • Suitable age for 3-10 years kids

Best Features of Youper Mini Adjustable Portable Basketball Stand and Hoop System

Automatic Score Keeper

That’s a great feature of this unit. This Youper mini has the automatic score-keeper. The scoring system is perfect for groups of children playing together. So your child can concentrate on perfecting their shooting skills in a fun and active way. It will help to increase your child’s sociability.

Electronic Announcer

Youper Mini featured with electronic announcer option. This electronic basketball scoreboard cheers sounds when the ball goes into the hoop. That basketball score board excellent option for getting kids interested in playing basketball.

Designed for Indoor Game

The Youper Mini strictly an indoor use unit. It comes with all the bells and rings to interest any child. The high-quality basket can be set up as Wall mount basketball hoop in a gym for indoor practice.

Adjustable Height Option

That is a great feature. It is nice that your little kids can reach the ball to the rim. It is suitable for different age and height. The Youper Mini is height adjustable. That will enable you to set the height. In Youper Mini, You can adjust height up to 5 ½ feet. Kids from different age can practice their game. This Basketball hoop is suitable for toddlers.

Convenient Base

Portable isn’t attached to the ground like other hoops. To keep it steady that basketball hoop system needs a strong base to support and. The Youper mini Hoop’s base fills easily with water or sand. It ensures standing while shooting and dunking.

Easy to Set Up

That Mini Adjustable Portable Basketball Stand and hoop System is easy to set. It is easily assembled and portable. So you can fit this Mini Basketball Hoop for Door. You can set up anywhere indoors while accommodating players of different age and height.

Durable Material

Youper Mini Portable Basketball Stand and hoop System is durable stuff. The backboard crafted with polycarbonate. It is durable material. It offers a similar bounce as acrylic. The hoop is designed to last through many basketball seasons.

Pros and Cons of Your Mini Adjustable Portable Basketball Stand and Hoop System

A customer review is an excellent source to find the pros and cons of any product. Observing the review here few pros and cons are presenting.


  • Great outside hoop option
  • Increase your child’s sociability
  • Score recording system boost kid’s confidence
  • Ideal for all ages even for preschoolers
  • Fitting onto virtually any door
  • Sturdy Built Quality
  • Adjustable Height to accommodate mature players
  • Affordable price


  • Batteries are not lasting so far
  • Quite an expensive price tag

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Can my ten years old child play this mini adjustable stuff?

Answer: Yes, sure your child can play with this mini basketball hoop system.

Q: Can my 13 years old child use it?

Answer: Yes, 28.5 average sizes will be perfect for your child.

Q: ​What is the basketball size?

Answer: Youper mini comes with two 6” inflatable basketballs.

Q: ​Is Youper Mini Adjustable Portable Basketball safe for kids?

Answer: Yes, of course. It is a safety ensured product.

Q: ​Does any pump include with the set?

Answer: Yes, Youper mini comes with a pump.

Q: ​​What is the warranty period?

Answer: This Youper mini comes with five years warranty.

Final Words

There’s a wide variety of different options to give your child a head start of basketball skills. It is ranging from a toddler-friendly play set to professional-level free opportunities. As with any sports equipment for children you need to consider a few basic things. It’s like safety, convenience and product features are the main. Considering all the basic, you can choose this Youper mini Adjustable Portable Basketball System. It is good quality and durable product. The best thing about this basketball hoop is that its a flexible option. The brand is well received and has excellent customer support. I found this toy great for my preschooler son. Usually, he is not active. I am glad to see something to make him move around. This set comes with two small basketballs. The ball made with rubber. The basket is very flexible. It is convenient to set up and excellent build quality. So much fun to have this set in our home. We love it. I think this a safe stuff for your kid. This mini set can be a perfect choice for you. You can buy this Youper mini. It can be a good investment for your child.

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