BaseGel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer

If you have a portable basketball hoop system, you need to secure it from falling over. That’s why you need to buy BaseGel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer. In that circumstances, you have to know how to protect it from winter and freezing. You also want it to last that you don’t lose money for repairing it. Replace the water in the base with base gel is the best option. Don’t you think the heavy sandbags or pouring rain is an old style of filling station? Base Gel is an innovative technology. This gel made of super absorbent polymer. It can absorb at maximum 400 times its weight in water. The base polymer is very light in weight and easy to use. Cross-linked polyacrylate polymer creates a firm. The stable gel helps to maintain your outdoor basketball hoop. It replaces sand and water as ballast weight for portable basketball base in a practical way. That is good support for basketball goals, blow fitness bases and volleyball nets. So it is suitable for a poolside basketball hoop. This method ensures less hassle but more stability to the bottom. Base Gel is durable enough for use in any climate. It can resist leaks. So it is also good for an in-ground basketball hoop. This Gel will last up to 7 years.

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Key Features of BaseGel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer-

  • Absorbs more than 40 gallons of water
  • Can make a firm, stable gel within a few minutes
  • Durable for use in any climate
  • Able to resist leak if small holes or crack develop in base
  • Mold resistant
  • Freeze-thaw
  • Long life stuff

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Best Features of Base Gel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer

Easy to Use

Base Gel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer is very easy to use. You need to sort a table salt besides water solution. Then dispense it into the base on uppermost of the base gel. Within minutes’ station, the gel will be disabled. Then it will return to a melted that can tip out of the base. It is ready to go. So it is a super easy process.

Super Absorb Capacity

Base gel features with cross-linked polyacrylate polymer technique. It has a high absorbing capacity & It can absorb up to 400 times its weight in water.


A base gel is a superabsorbent polymer. It can replace sand or water as ballast weight. It ensures portable base support. You may be surprised how good it holds the balance. The goal and base will not move. So it is sturdy stuff indeed.


Another best feature of this base gel is light-weight. It weighs only 1.05 pounds. So it is easy to use and move.


Base Gel is a non-hazardous item. It will not detriment the environment. Base Gel can clean into a snowstorm drain after usage. This Gel will also not hurt plants or sea life.

Easy Reversed System

If you want to empty your portable basketball hoop base, you can revere it. The revered process is speedy. You can reverse the process by adding table salt and water mixture. It will turn into water in less than 5 minutes.

Long Lasting Stuff

After deactivation polymer absorbs up to 400 times its weights in water. It creates a firm, stable gel that will last up to 7 years. After that, it begins to lose absorption capacity. Indeed, this is long lasting stuff.

Pros and Cons of Base Gel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer:

Every product has some positive and negative side. Customer feedback is an excellent source to find out the benefit and lacking. Here a few pros and cons are highlighting-


  • Very easy to use
  • Nice stuff for a portable basketball hoop
  • Adjustable in any weather
  • lightweight and solid
  • Incredibly strong support
  • Environment-friendly
  • Excellent material for the cost


  1. Not heavy enough to prevent tipping

Frequently Asked Question: (FAQ):

Q: Is hoop hard to move the gel with the gel inside the base?

Answer: No, not at all. The gel does not add any extra weight to the water.

Q: Will this work in the base of a punching bag, like a wave master?

Answer: Yes, this gel is excellent. It will work in any type base that sand or water can e added o.

Q: Does this base gel freeze?

Answer: No, it does not. You can use it in frigid weather. This gel is suitable for any climate.Q: How long will it take to turn into solid stuff?

Answer: It takes only a few minutes.

Q: What will happen this stuff after seven years?

Answer: After seven years’ base gel can begin to lose its absorption capacity. In that time, it becomes slushy.

Q: When using for a basketball goal base does it make it pretty sturdy?

Answer: Yes, this gel is very sturdy. So the goal and base do not move at all.

Video: How to Use BaseGel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer

Final Words

BaseGel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer is a recommended product. A portable basketball hoop system base gel is essential for playing an enjoyable basketball game. It’s very speedy and easy to use. It is easy to load and activate for the goal base. This portable base polymer is strong support indeed. Stone and sandbags are an eye saw. Get rid out of them and use this stuff. This gel works great. You will be happy with this buy. When you put the gel in the basketball goal and filled with water, you can see it expand. It does add enough weight to hold the target in place. It will pass when your goal is testing with a massive storm. The basketball hoop is staying put. It never knocked over. This product is legit. You can still move the goal and base around if you need to. But it is still solid when in place. The customer reviews are pretty good. You can take a look at the reviews. It will be helpful for you to make a decision. I am so glad to use that base gel instead of sand or water. This stuff is perfect. So you can buy this gel without any doubt and worth every penny. I hope this article will be helpful for users.

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