How Can You Decorate A Basketball Court For A Wedding Reception [9 Easy Steps]

For a wedding reception, people often choose a hotel, restaurant, or church. We have seen many wedding programs have been held in fancy places like a grand ballroom or an elegant banquet hall. These places are so fancy that they attract people who are going to marry soon. But if you are a budget-conscious person, then you might need to look for other options because these types of places charge more money that some people may not afford. Instead, you can find a local school basketball court at a very lower price. And it is possible to get a similar type of results like a banquet hall or a grand ballroom if you choose basketball court as a wedding reception venue and that will be cost-friendly as well. So without any delay, let’s check out the process of how you can turn a basketball court into a beautiful venue as a wedding reception.

basketball court wedding reception

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The following things you will need to decorate the basketball court:

  • Balloons 
  • Papers 
  • Ribbon

For decorating the basketball court follow the below-mentioned process –

Step 1 

First of all, keep the tables along the verge of the basketball court. Then pull them far from the brink so that the guests won’t fall off the court or running into the wall while moving their chairs. It won’t look decent if a guest falls from the chair. Keep space on one side of the court for a DJ or musical show. You can keep the head table under any of the basketball hoops. 

Step 2

Run the ribbon that you have straight from the basketball hoops to the ceiling above the middle position of the basketball court. Then run more ribbons from the wall towards the middle. Make it balanced. Keep in mind that, from the left wall, if you are going to run three strings of ribbons, then run three strings from the right fence also. 

Step 3

Now it’s time to cover the wall, and for doing this, you can use a large roll of papers. Color selection is an essential factor if you want to make your wedding stand out. An excellent color combination can make the venue needs to be attractive so that the guests will love to look at it. However, if the wedding colors are purple and pink, then you can cover the bottom half of the wall with purple and the rest of the portion with pink.  

Step 4

Add some pictures of the bride, groom, and their family on the walls. By using the papers, cut out different shapes, it can be a wedding cake, wedding stage, and bells, etc. and then use glue to attach them all for the decoration. This will make the venue eye catchy for the guests. 

Step 5

You can turn off the lights to generate romantic moods in the venue. And for the music and dance floor, you can bring colored lights. Aside from that, we all know the flower is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. Buy some beautiful flowers, including vases, to decorate the venue. You can put the flower vases around the edge of the basketball court. 

Step 6

Personalize the decorations and colors. Select decorations that reflect the interest of both the bride and groom. Bring some colored papers, cut in different shapes, and add them in the walls and stage. You have to choose the right color combination between the walls and colors. You can also use the balloons to decorate the venue as per the theme of the wedding reception. 

Step 7

Try to bring some large decorations that will match the wedding reception theme. It can be a small water fountain or a large fake tree etc. these decorations help to take out the focus off from the walls, and the guests won’t feel like that they are having a party in the basketball court. A wedding cake can be a good option too, and you can keep the cake on the big table. 

Step 8

Basketball courts are large enough to occupy so many things. Keep a separate space for kids’ zone so that kids can joy themselves while their parents will get busy for the wedding ceremony. Give the kids some balloons so that they can play and pass their times. 

Step 9

Sitting arrangement is essential while decorating the wedding venue. Like, you need to keep a separate place for food and drinks. Guests can relax in front of the stage, and you need to make a sitting arrangement in a way so that there will also be spaces for walking.

That’s all about the different steps of decorating a basketball court for the wedding reception. You can transform the school basketball court into a beautiful venue for the wedding. Remember, this is not difficult; you can do it in a simple way and with minimal cost. The first step is to select a court where then you need to make a proper plan for implementing the steps mentioned above. I have seen many people spend so much money on renting a banquet hall, and they also spend money on decoration, whereas you can do all these by spending a little amount of money. So why you will waste cash since you have other options. All you need to have a proper plan and implement them accordingly.

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