How You Can Overcome Shooting Slump?

No matter how good a basketball player you are, or how good a shooter you are, there are times when you may have troubles making your shots. This occurrence may lead to major confidence busters and can distract your mind that it might severely affect the other aspects of the game.

During the game, what can you do about shooting slumps?

When the game is on, you need assistance from your coach so that he can guide you through a tough shooting night. When the coach tells you to keep taking the open shots, then you should do that. Think that you can contribute to achieving the team’s performance in many ways, instead of making scores, and then you should keep trying your best. Your teammates and coach can expect this type of attitude from you.

There are many examples that a player did not have a satisfactory performance in the whole half, only to make most shots in the second half and ended up 50% or higher for that day. Other players might go into the tank after missing two or three shots. They seem tense and have the intention to pass every shot, and each time it gets worse along with their attitude. When you can learn to depend on your coach, then you have a better chance to improve your and team’s performance as well.

Four ways to break you out of MENTAL shooting slumps

Previously we observed that many coaches applied the following techniques over and over again to break the players out of shooting slumps that could have become a season-long issue.

1. Don’t hesitate¬†

Whenever you catch the ball, without any hesitation, go into your shot motion immediately. Sometimes a quick shot or a fast-break jump-shot you make. You won’t get time to think when you get in your shot motion quickly. Don’t be in a hurry, catch, and shoot immediately.

2. Practice 

The practice is the best way to deal with a slump. During the practice session, you can have the attention and focus on your energy on getting out of your slump. When you practice, the best way to deal with a slump is to groove your shot with form shooting near the basket. This will help to build your confidence, and you will have a positive mindset. Move back a few times since you have steady success at each increasing distance. During the half time of a game, you can also practice form shooting and try to get yourself out of a slump. Nonetheless, your time is minimal.

3. Unique tricks that can clear your mind

If you have a lousy slump that you just clear out, then you can follow these techniques. These distinctive processes remove the “negative shooting memories” from your mind and replace them with good ones. If you have a terrible shooting slump, these tricks can help you improve your shots.

  1. Try shooting five shots from 8 to 9 feet from the basket.
  2. Now shoot with your left hand (or weak one), and shoot five shots.
  3. Now move to the free-throw line and again make a shot with your left hand (your weak hand, it can be right hand too), make five shots.
  4. Get back behind the 3 point line and again shoot five shots with your weak hand.
  5. Get your position to the half court and make shots with your strong hand.
  6. Now stand with one leg and with your strong hand shoot five shots, Try to make the shots and concentrate on it.
  7. Close one of your eyes and stand with one leg.¬† Now with your strong hand, make five shots. You may not probably touch the rim, but that’s fine. Work hard and try to make it.
  8. Now again, use your weak hand while standing on one leg, close one of your eyes again. Make five shots and try hard to make it. Try your level best to make the shot and concentrate.
  9. Now move back to your shooting range and use your right hand to shoot some mid-range jump shots. Don’t worry if you miss, just keep shooting and don’t overthink. Now you will find it easy to make shots.

Now make some beautiful easy shots for a while. Step back a little bit if you have more range and make a few more shots. Every time you attempt for a shot, say to yourself, “Great shot, I can do far better.” No need to be anxious while making the shot and every time tell yourself that it doesn’t matter.

Probably now you have snapped yourself out of your shooting slump. I believe that your negative memories will soon fade away. Now enjoy making your shots and have fun. Don’t overthink. Try the above mentioned processes again if slip back into your slump. Generally, if you trick for once, then it will work for you. If it doesn’t work, later try it 2 or 3 times. People might look at you and think that you are crazy, but no need to think about that. These tricks can help you out of the worst shooting slump.

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4. Attitude

Work on your attitude since you work your way through slumps. If you face that people make negative comments after the misses, don’t bother it. Counter them with positive words and make a point that you are going to say them after making every shot. Keep in mind that you will become a more accurate shooter when you feel relaxed. If you feel down and don’t feel comfortable, then your show will not be up to the mark.

Show a positive attitude towards your teammates too. If you see that your teammates are struggling with their shooting, then encourage them. By doing this, you are able to build a team that will help you even in your tough times.

By following the tricks, I believe that you can improve your overall shooting skills; thus, your team’s performance will improve eventually. Don’t just give up. Keep work on shooting slumps until you are entirely satisfied.

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