How to Make a Basketball Jersey Cake?

Jersey cake is a perfect gifts item. For a basketball sports fan, a basketball jersey-shaped cake is a creative idea. For a birthday party, It can be a March Madness celebration. You can personalize the Jersey cake with the name and age of the celebrant. They will appreciate it. This cake is not difficult to make. Just you have to learn some simple steps to know How to Make a Basketball Jersey Cake?

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To make a Basketball Jersey Cake, you need the following ingredients:

  • One box cake mix
  • Egg
  • Oil
  • Water
  • 13/9-inch baking pan
  • Oven
  • Cooling Rack
  • Serving plate
  • Knife
  • Picture of favorite basketball team’s jersey
  • White icing
  • Food color
  • Pastry bag with writing tip

You have to prepare the cake into three separate steps. The steps are-

Template Making

At first, you have to make your template. To do so, you need a 9*13 inch cake pan. Place the pan on the cake card. Then draw a line an inch away from both sides of the rectangle. You have to pull a box on the cake card. The sleeves are 2 inches extend beyond the width of the pan. Draw a line an inch away from both sides of the rectangle. Now start the process of making the jersey template. You have to draw lines to create the shape of a jersey. After finishing with the sketching cut out the model. You easily can use this template each time you make a jersey cake.

Cake Carving

Bake a cake in a 9 X 13 inch rectangular pan. Let cake cool for overnight. Cold cakes are more comfortable to carve. In the morning take the cake out of the fridge. Remove torte the top of the cake. Divide the cake into two in the middle. Now, flip the cake upside down. Place the prepared cake card on the top of the cake and carve the cake using the card. Remove the cake card, spread a bit of frosting on it. Again place the top half of the cake into the cake card & put the cutoffs from the sides of the cake. The sleeves should keep carving until you have filled all the jackets with cake. Remove the top half of the cake and use frosting. It helps to stick the bottom sleeve pieces to the cake. Now frost the top of the cake. Place the other layer on top. Frost the whole cake to make the crumb coat. Let the cake chill for some time. Then spread another coat of frosting on the cake. Before starting design chill the cake again.

Cake Designing

Prepare the cake board by covering it with fondant. Make the logo of the jersey. Cut out the letters you are using on the cake. Place the pie on an elevates platform. Drape it with fondant. Cut off the excess fondant. To smooth out the fondant using a smoother. You have to use an embosser to mark out the sleeves. It helps to make the creases on the cake. It brings the jersey to life. Look at a real jersey picture and try to copy. Next place the cube on the cake board. Cut out a strip of fondant as the cake height. Wrap the cake sides with fondant strip. Now brush the whole cake with vodka. At last cover the hands of the cake board with a ribbon. The cake is ready to serve.

By following these steps, you can make a lovely basketball jersey cake.

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