How to Make a Paper Basketball?

Children love to play basketball. Many children do not have the capacity of owning their basketball. They try to make one out of local materials. Most often parents don’t allow playing with a basketball inside the house. As it is quite noisy and there is a chance to break things. In this condition, paper basketball can be a good solution. You can play inside your house with paper basketball. Paper is a beautiful medium for making shapes. It’s inexpensive and easy to work with. Paper basketballs begin with a simple circle. It is straightforward to make. You can craft it by yourself and decorate. That project; easy to understand and safe as well. You can make it as colorful as you like. Your kids can play and enjoy hours of fun with their friends. Try making paper basketball to celebrate your love for sports. For making paper basketball, you need a few necessary materials. You will find many steps & instructions on; How to Make a Paper Basketball?

To make paper basketball, you need the following materials:

  • Paper or newspaper ( amount depends on the size of the ball you prefer)
  • Scotch tape ( any tape will do)
  • Orange color paper
  • Compass
  • Scissor

There are several ways to make paper basketball. Following one is the easiest way. By the following instruction you can make a paper basketball:

  • Get some old newspaper, magazine or another type of discarded papers.
  • Take a sheet of paper then fold it up to form a round shape.
  • Crumple the paper into a circle and create a basic paper ball shape.
  • Wrap the other paper onto your crumpled paper.
  • Do the same thing to another piece of paper.
  • It will get bigger and bigger.
  • Stop crumpling if the size is OK for you.
  • After using all the papers, grip it tightly with your hands.
  • Spin the compass to draw a perfect circle onto the paper.
  • By utilizing a scissor cut the circle out from the paper.
  • Try to bring a real basketball image on the circle paper.
  • Place the orange paper onto the crumbling ball.
  • Next, wrap the tape around the paper shaped ball.
  • You can fill the whole paper shape with tape if you want.
  • you can make design over the paper ball if you wish.

As you can see making a ball out of paper is super easy.

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