Senior Night Girls Basketball Gift Ideas

School or High School is a place where classmates grow close to each other. They make friends with each other. The top of high school is one of tradition and transition. The bond can be even stronger among the teammates. As they spend hours together at practice, games, and traveling. Gifts items can be an excellent way to increase bonding. The Senior Night has many Basketball Gift Ideas for girls. You can honor your girls’ basketball team with Senior Night gifts. It can have a special meaning to their basketball careers come to a close.

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Some Senior Night Girls Basketball Gift ideas are highlighting here-

Special Photos

It is one of the best gift ideas. A concrete reminder of senior year will always be special. Have a professional photographer to take some photos. Capture photos of the seniors individually and as a group. Have the senior team captains also pose each other. Now put the images together and create a professional looking photo collage. Then you have to choose a quality frame and place the photos. The current seniors on the girls’ basketball team can look back on their experiences.


Flowers may not be cherished by the senior members of the basketball team. The older members of the girl’s team would love it. A beautiful bouquet of Senior Night is a lovely gift for the girl. A dozen roses for each senior member would be fantastic. You may prefer to create flower arrangements in the school colors. It can be a unique way to honor the seniors. Whatever flowers you choose don’t forget to photograph the players with their flowers.

Autographed Basketballs

It is a perfect gift idea of the Senior Night. A commemorative basketball treasured by the seniors on the girls’ basketball team. You can have the autographs of the teammates and coaches along with keepsake photographs. It may be wise to purchase a particular basketball that made for autographs. These types of basketball have one or more white panels. Where writing instrument will ensure the signatures remain visible for a long time.

Basketball Shirt

This Senior Night gift is perfect for 2019 seniors. It is a great staple and soft T-Shirt. The shirt made of thicker and heavier cotton. The shirt has double stitching on the neckline and sleeves add more durability. Show off being a senior for 2019 graduation. Being favorite to the team members is sure.


Basketball Bangle, Bracelet, Team Jewelry makes a great gift for anyone. It is a perfect gift to show off your team spirit.

Signs of the Teams

Cute gift ideas for a girls’ basketball team. Create a banner for each senior player. The banners can hang on the gymnasium walls. Have the seniors’ names and jersey numbers. It should be displayed prominently on each sign & Add photo of the seniors to their banners. After complete, the festivities of the flag can formally be awarded to each senior.

Athlete Decor

It would make the perfect Senior Night gift. The decor print made for an 8 X 10 inches frame. It also looks good in a larger frame too. Depending on the structure this versatile print can provide a touch of shabby chic. The decor also looks cute with the team signatures on it. Athlete Decor is a unique item for the players.

Final Verdict

All the above items can be great gift ideas for Senior Night Girls Basketball. Every senior team player must prefer these gifts.

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