How to Make a Basketball Pinata?

How to Make a Basketball Pinata? The most interesting question all over basketball fans. Basically, the pinata is a fun decoration. It is fond of sports fan or all age’s people. It is a craft that can be done by children with adult supervision. It used for basketball party or sports-themed birthday party. Basketball Pinata; an easy way to bring extra excitement to a party. A basketball Pinata can coordinate with other sports themed party supplies and decorations. A basketball Pinata measures 10*10 inches. To make a basketball Pinata is super easy and fun. It takes a couple of days to dry, so if you planning a party be sure to make it in advance. 

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There are three different ways to make Pinata. They are-

  • With Traditional Paper
  • With Sturdier cardboard
  • Smaller Pull String Version

A basketball shaped Pinata can make from traditional paper around the house. Old newspapers, flour, and water are the main ingredients. It will help to form the pinata structure. To make a Pinata, you need the following objects: 

  1. A large size round balloon
  2. Old newspaper
  3. A Plastic bowl
  4. 2-cups flour
  5. 3-cups water
  6. A spoon
  7. A Plastic wrap
  8. Poster or Acrylic paint
  9. A knife
  10. Some hard candies or toys

To make a Pinata, you have to follow the following steps:

  • At first blow up a balloon to the size, you want the Pinata to be. Tie it then place it in a box or bowl, knot-side up.
  • Cut some strips of newspaper into approximately two-inch pieces
  • Make a smooth, thick paste with flour and water
  • Dip the paper strips of newspaper into the dough. Making sure that they are well covered. Then smooth the pieces over the surface of the balloon. Continued doing this until cover the entire balloon. Leave a small opening near the knot.
  • Allow drying thoroughly. It takes a couple of days to dry.
  • After 24-hours place another layer of paper over the first layer. Repeat until the balloon wholly covered once again. Allow drying still.
  • After completely dry, you have to add the colored tissue paper. Keep doing this until the balloon covered. Then do the same thing with some black tissue paper to make the lines on the basketball.
  • You can Use scissors to cut a small slit in the balloon to deflate and pull it out.
  • Cut two small holes in the sides of the basketball. Then run a ribbon through the hole for hanging.
  • Now you have to do is fill it with candy. Cover the hole with thin paper and let it dry.
  • At last paint the Pinata to look like a basketball. You can also glue tiny pieces of orange tissue paper onto the Pinata. Paint the black basketball markings in place.

It seems the making process is quite complicated. With the right tools and tutorials, it is easy to host the perfect DIY party. Don’t forget to buy a variety of candy for these easy Pinata. Just fill up with toys and candy. Then, use the loop to hang it on a sturdy support or tree branch. Now the guests take turns striking the ball until it cracks open and spilling out all the goodies. Grab some treats for adults who might not want to dive into the candy pile.

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