What are the best golf bags

Are you looking for the best golf bags for this year? As there are so many great products and so many manufacturers, it is not easy to pick the perfect one that matches your taste and fulfils your desire. A golf bag is so essential for a golfer as it does many critical things to a golfer such as it holds clubs, rain gear, golf gadgets, and many more! The market to golf bags makes a private and defensive sanctuary for our prestigious clubs and individual things. With lined pockets for our wallets and electronic gadgets and a lot of space for the capacity to keep a coat or umbrella convenient, an incredible golf pack resembles a Swiss armed force blade that conveys many methods for helping us while we play. On the off chance that you are a golf player who needs a lightweight bag, simple to get, and gives a lot of insurance, this article is for you. As sturdy bags can exacerbate, you feel them. An awful sack decision can make your shoulder tight, and you can wind up with a horrendous back! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

Best Golf Bags at a Glance

1. Sun Mountain C130

In Golf’s game, apart from clubs and golf balls, golfers need a golf bag. There are many names in the golf bag making industry. Of them, Sun Mountain is one of the best. Sun Mountain has been making golf bags for a long time. And these bags are designed for both style and comfort. C-130 Cart bag, one of the best bags designed by Sun Mountain. This whole bag comes at a very efficient price for most golfers. It priced at 228$.


The bag is set around a dimension of 12 X 18 X 38 inches and weighed around 9 pounds. That bag comes with a variation of 14 different colours for the golfers. Many features have been added to the bag overtime to make it the best choice for the golfers. The C-130 has many versions over the years, and each version has upgraded according to the golfer’s needs.


The Sun Mountain C-130 designed as a cart bag, and it acts as nothing else. The large compartments for the clubs allow for a different use for different purposes. The top handles are straightforward to grip and go well with the design. The other top holes allow the various clubs to set at different levels according to the player’s preference. The number of additional pockets is an excellent addition to the golfer for keeping essentials or extra equipment. When attached to the cart, it is very convenient for the golfer because all the pockets forward faced due to the bags’ reverse orientation.

Exclusive Features

The bag is designed with fourteen club dividers each in individual sizes for different clubs, and they run the full length of the bag for the protection of the clubs and keep them from shifting. The bag has two Velcro attached Smart Strap systems to keep it from moving once attached to the cart. Other pockets include two full-length apparel pockets, one ventilated cooler pocket, and three velour-lined pockets, one of which is water-resistant.


  • Has a lot of variation in colours to choose from.
  • It has all forward facing pockets.
  • A matching rain hood is also available with the bag.


  • The club dividers are not full length.
  • The fabric choice may not have been proper.

2. Bag boy chiller golf bag

Founded in the 1940s, the Bag Boy is a known brand in Golf’s world for its high durability, innovation, design, and fantastic quality. Not only bags, this company designs, manufactures and distributes high demand golf accessories. One of these high-end accessories is the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag. This bag is designed to fulfil the golfer’s needs and comes at a price not that much. Its price penned at $190.


The bag is set around a dimension of 11.5 x 37 x 15 inches and weighed around 9 pounds. The bag comes in a variation of 3 different colours for the golfers to choose from, and the colours are also stylish, black, charcoal, and royal. The bag has designed to carry all the golfer clubs, including a putter with ease, and the extra pockets add a whole new dimension of uses. The Golf Chiller Cart Bag also equipped with an umbrella stand and a matching rain hood.


The Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag is an excellent addition to the golfer’s arsenal when he is out there in the field. The significant assertion of club holes in the top allows for a very lovely separation, and the internal full-length divider provides excellent protection for the clubs. The oversized putter can also put inside without any extra thoughts.


The whole bag is designed for easy and convenient carry of the golf accessories by the golfer. The Top developed into a 15-way setup with full-length dividers running down the whole bag. That helps to create space for every kind of club available with them binding. The new Top-Lok technology used in this bag is an exclusive lock system to attach the bag with the cart without the fear of falling off. The putter wall rubberized in design for a comfortable grip. The lift assist handles ergonomically designed with a soft grip. There are a total of 12 pockets available in a Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag; two oversized apparel pockets, three quick-access mesh pockets, one fleece-lined valuables pocket, one oversized ball pocket. A removable insulated cooler bag is also available to hold six 12 ounce cans.


  • The grips well designed for a soft touch.
  • The Top-Lok technology is specifically Bag Boy technology which eliminates the use of straps.


  • The zippers in the pockets have known to break down on some cases.
  • Durability is a point of the question according to some golfers.

3. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top

One of the more renowned names in the golf industry is the Founders Club. They are known for their highly durable and classic golf accessories like golf balls, putters, bags, complete sets, etc. And their Premium Cart Bag is one of the best cart bags available in the market. It priced around $ 179.99.


It designed to comfort and ease of access. The moulded divider top with 14-way organizer allows just that. This Top enables the clubs to be separate without rattling in the bag. The ten zipper pockets and two mesh pockets are a great addition for keeping different accessories and valuables. The base is an excellent hard moulded plastic, which helps to keep it steady. The bag attached with two padded straps for easy carry around the ground.


The Founders Club Premium Cart Bag is as the name suggests a premium bag with the perks and style of Founders Club accessories. The bag is lightweight, can be carried around the course either using the straps or attaching it to a cart with ease. The Top design allows for a very convenient separator for the clubs and putter. The pockets are convenient to store valuables and the additional pockets for golf balls; tees are a great addition.


The 14-way top compartment organizer design allows the clubs to separated in each protective rubberized slot without rattling and clanking. Each club has its dedicated spot in the design resulting in each club can be accessed at ease. The putter also has a reliable storage place and accepts large grip putters for convenience. There are ten zipper pockets, including velour-lined valuables pockets, tee and balls pocket, and two mesh pockets. The zipper pockets are arranged around the bag conveniently for easy access when attached to a hand cart or carried. An insulated cooler bag is suitable for keeping drinks cold and a drawstring to hold brushes and other accessories.


  • The bag comes with an umbrella slot and drawstring which come in handy on the course sometimes.
  • A matching rain hood provided with the bag.


  • The pockets provided in this bag are not suitably large.
  • The bag is ideal if packing light but not perfectly suitable on a rainy day for the extra accessories.

4. TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0

In the game of Golf, one of the oldest names to be around is TaylorMade Company. Their designs are always one of the top picks for the golfers whether they be golf balls or clubs, complete sets, bags, etc. they have ever designed community-based products and the T.M. Cart Golf Bag 5.0 is another addition in that list. And it is also priced at $110, which is very affordable for most golfers.


The TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0 has a dimension of 36 x 13 x 10 inches, and it weighs less than 5 pounds, which makes it very lightweight. The 14-way Top design separates the clubs, and the three full-length sleeves keep the clubs from rattling at the bottom of the bag. The seven pockets include two apparel pockets, one tee, one golf ball, and one valuables pocket. A water bottle pouch is also attached, and an umbrella sleeve also included. The bag comes with a matching rain hood.

You can also check professional golfer biography.


The TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0 is a lightweight designed bag for the easy transportation of a golfer’s golf accessories. The separate compartment of the clubs is very convenient for the avid golfer, and the internal separation of the shafts increases the clubs’ durability. The easy to carry single shoulder strap allows the golfer to move with ease and the carry on belts allow for the bag to be attached to the cart without the fear of falling. The pockets appropriately sized for the storage of accessories, and the company also adds some extra perks.


The TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0 comes with a 14-Way divider top design that separates the clubs and keeps them from rattling and clanking. Three full-length dividers run the inside of the bag for perfect separation of the handles. It comes with seven pockets designed for convenience &These pockets include two oversized apparel pockets for shoes and clothes, a golf ball pocket and an extra tee pocket, and a velour-lined valuables pocket. The integrated hand-design helps for secure handling of the bag when in cart or riding.


  • That is a very lightweight bag.
  • The single carry strap ensures easy to carry and lock straps secure the bag is sturdy when on the cart.


The number of pockets available is less than most of the bags available on the market.Not suitable for golfers who prefer a stand bag.

5. Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag

In a long-range of exceptional golf bags, the Cobra Company has been trying to improve its experience by continually evolving and enhancing their designs according to the golfer’s need. The Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag is and adds in that line of bags that fulfils all the golfer requirements. As its name suggests, the bag is extremely lightweight.


This bag designed to be lightweight and easy to carry with a dimension of 36 x 12 x 11 inches, the bag weighs around 5 pounds. This bag designed with14-Way Top for all the clubs with full-length club dividers that provide for the perfect separation of the clubs. There are a total of 13 pockets included in this bag, which include two apparels oversized pocket, two fleece-lined valuables pocket, and one fleece-lined range finder pocket. An insulated cooler pocket also had with the bag. The dual top grab handles allow for smooth movement of the pack when riding.


The Cobra Ultralight is genuinely a fantastic Cart Bag designed by the Cobra Golf Company. This bag is not only lightweight but has so much space that the golfer does not need to think twice while buying this bag—the gear designed for the complete separation of all the clubs in storage. And the pockets are spacious enough for storing valuables and other golf accessories with ease. The straps and handles specifically designed for easy carry and efficient access to storage units.


The designed with a 14-Way design with full-length dividers separate the clubs from clanking and rattling on Top and bottom. The top grab handles allow for a comfortable grip of the bag. The Cart strap Pass-Thru helps fix the bag on the cart without error: the handles and the strap designed efficiently for easy access to the pockets—the 13 pockets organized in the most efficient way for storage. The velour-lined valuables pockets are on both sides for easy storage. An umbrella stand is also available in this bag. The insulated cooler bag can hold ten 12 ounce bottles.


  • That is an extremely lightweight bag despite the number of pockets and accessories.
  • It made from quality material which makes it highly durable.
  • Highly spacious and has a luxurious look.


  • This bag is not waterproof.
  • The zipper is an issue for some golfers.

6. TaylorMade 2019 Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

Golf is one of the most sophisticated sports globally, and the golf bag is one of part and parcel. Many companies are related to this industry, but TaylorMade-Adidas is an exclusive name in this sector. TaylorMade Golf is one of the major golf brands in the U.S. They have different golf bags in the market, and TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0 is renowned for their product line. That is the most standard bag of TaylorMade at a very reasonable price.


It designed to fulfil the basic requirements of golf players. The size of the bag is 10x13x36 inches, and the weight is around 6 pounds. It comes with six different colours with the same black stripe belt. There are varieties of features that come with this bag. Golfers can choose according to their choice and needs. TaylorMade 2019 Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0 has lots of earlier versions, but this version is the most upgraded among all other Stand Golf Bag 5.0.


The TaylorMade 2017 T.M. Stand Golf Bag 5.0 is standard because it comes with impressive size, useful storage with a sturdy zipper material. The bag has different tops to allocate various size clubs. So the golfer can easily carry all the various clubs based on golfer’s choice. The shoulder straps are comfortable once it adequately adjusted. It is lightweight and easy to carry. The bag also consists of various pockets which give a large storage facility to golfers according to his/her needs.


The bag designed with a five-way organizational top with storage of different size of the clubs. So golfer can carry varieties of clubs in one container. There is a total of six various size pockets, including ball and tee pockets and umbrella sleeve. The bag has an EVA modelled hip pad so that the bag can pressure the weight. The automatic anti-slit-stand system with non-slip foot pads add more values and provides a considerable advantage while playing. The velour-lines pouches also give an additional storage facility. The water-resistant features are also other features that come up with this bag.


  • It comes at a very reasonable price.
  • The bag is lightweight, so it is easy to carry.
  • Umbrella sleeve is great for carrying an umbrella without taking much space.

ConsThe bag is not suitable for the golfers who want to carry a ton of features.

7. TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

Discipline is one of the main virtues that an athlete held. And organizing entirely is part of the field. In games like Golf where you have to carry golf balls, club, other accessories like water bottle, towel, etc., a bag is needed. Then imagine how much handy it would be if your bag is a stand bag! TaylorMade comes to with this fantastic feature. Other companies are producing stand golf bags, but you cannot say no to TaylorMade considering the functionality and price.


The new model 2019 of TaylorMade golf bag offers you two different colours. Black and blue. And it’s a bag of 5 pounds. Comparatively light right? Its styling, sharp, nice colour and other quality features of this new version will surely attract the golfers.


After several uses, the product quality is so good that I find it just as new, no defects. The dividers this bag has is helpful to use it properly. And multiple grab handle top let you use it the way you find comfort. So, in a nutshell, this model is, at the same time, good looking and a high-quality product. The adjustable loop holder in the bag’s side can be used as an umbrella holder if you want to. The putter grips that you consider as oversized will perfectly fit in this TaylorMade 2019 model golf bag. That is fit, perfect, and a light bag.


Its storage capacity is the most useful characteristic. Because it comes with dividers and pockets, that bag has six sacks and seven divisions. But interestingly is has also pocket for extra-large or XL size balls. The velour-line adds a new edge to its outlook. And the valuables pocket, exterior water bottle pocket all add ethical values to its design. As this is only five pounds in weight, it’s easy and comfortable to carry. The Top of this bag having multiple handle grab makes it even handier.


  • This bag is very light in weight and thus easy to carry and use.
  • It has multiple features, including adequate storage capacity.
  • It has a rain hood and a cooler pocket.
  • Light, fit, stylish and waterproof.
  • The adjustable loop in the side used as an umbrella holder.


  • This bag does not have cart-strap pass-through feature.
  • Dividers are not full in length.

8. Orlimar pitch and putt golf lightweight stand carry bag

Have you ever heard golfer complaining about their bag weights due to the stand? Well, some golfers do complain. They prefer to stand bag, but they also want it to be super light. Guess what? Olimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight hear them! They then decide to introduce the golfers to this super light, super fun to stand golf bag, which is only 1.9 pounds in weight! Yes, you read it right! And with other lovely features and reasonable price, I guarantee you will enjoy using this bag.


As the name suggests, this bag is pretty much light because of the way it made. It has that ultra-lightweight construction. This 31.5-inch-long bag also offers a durable carry handle. Then imagine how fun it is to carry this bag. The proper dimension of this bag is 4.2 X 3.2 X 31.5 inches. This perfect little bag smartly designed to bring 5 to 6 golf clubs, and you can use it for Par 3, executive golf course, driving range, and even in a weekend getaway.


To maintain the ultra-lightweight theme. It only provides two compartments. But they pretty much cover your needs. Fatigue won’t be a problem because it will feel nothing at all, no back pain, no strain literally when you carry this bag. All-day, you will be comfortable and strain-free. Even you can also put it in your travel bag; it is this much light. The back of the pack is not collapsible. And some golfers do enjoy the stiff end of their pockets.


That the bag has a fantastic feature of durable carry handle that helps you lift this little bag easily with 5-6 golf clubs putter also provides an accessory pocket that can use for maybe golf balls or water bottles perhaps an umbrella. The adjustable belt and hook system help you to remove the belt if you do not want to carry the bag on your back. The Top divided into two-compartment to use one for clubs and the other for the putter and a single club. In total, you will be able to carry five to six clubs easily.


  • Too light in weight and comfortable to use.
  • Enough room for up to 6 clubs and a putter.
  • Does not make you feel fatigued while travelling.
  • It has a stiff back.


  • It doesn’t come with any cover or towel ring.
  • The stands are non-detachable.
  • Only one pocket.

9. Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

Introduction It’s our common tendency that we always look for new features and better qualities. And satisfying our customers’ needs is our core responsibility. Hence, Tangkula does not only come with the idea of a lightweight stand golf bag, but it also ensures fabric quality, portability in design, and storage capacity. When a single product can bring you all the desirable features you once dreamt of, what should you wait for? This bag is so much fashionable and satisfies all your needs.


Color says a lot about one’s taste of choice and personality. This bag is available in two colours, black and blue. Its design so that both males and females can comfortably use any of the two colours. This 35.5-inch-long bag has a head frame of 6 X 8 inches and dividers and zipper pockets. Its durability is pretty much good because it made of polyester fabric, pp plastic, fibre, rubber, and iron. Hence it can undergo friction and avoid exterior strain or wear while using roughly.


Six zip pockets and six-way dividers provide quite a room for golf clubs and putter and leave space for extra accessories. Tangkula is commonly known for its lightweight feature with more extensive storage capability. This particular product also provides foot support. This bag has two kick out auto deployed legs that can stand straight because of a plastic chassis. There is a rubber foot pipe bracket reduce the risk of scratch. If you want to relax your hand at a certain point, these two kick out aluminium painted legs will surely be your aid assistant.


Apart from the foot support, it has a travel helper feature as well. You are often carrying your golf bag while travelling is stressful because of less space in your trunk or trailer. But with this bag, you don’t have to worry. You can take it anywhere you want, and even if you are not using this bag, you can neatly store it. This 3.5-pound bag has a cross belt system so that you can take it effortlessly like backpack style. And you also can carry with the durable carrying handle if you don’t want to use the strap for the back. The fabric of this bag is waterproof so that you don’t have to worry if it’s raining while you are busy taking a beautiful shot!


  • It is made of durable material and avoid wear or tear during friction.
  • It has enough room 12 golf clubs, balls, putter, woods and other necessary accessories surprisingly.
  • Provides premium quality of cover for the bag while travelling.
  • Has a fantastic foot support feature


  • Not enough space for a standard set of clubs

10. Ping Hoofer 2018

Imagine how excellent the idea is if you can carry a standard set of clubs at a time and yet find the bag light in weight! PING Hoofer 2018 model comes with the same idea. There are 14 individual compartments to separate your clubs and find them easily whenever needed. With more brilliant features, this golf bag is innovative with aesthetics.


This 36 x 13 x 10-inches bag is designed with a sensor fresh that aid in adjusting the front correctly. Only 7 pounds weighted this bag also have a soft padded strap to carry it in a backpack style and relax your shoulder. With 14 different compartments, this bag designed considering both comfort and pleasing look.


The innovative PING golf bag has 12 pockets that carry many other accessories apart from clubs, ball, putter, and woods. There is a cart strap pass-through mechanism to get easy access to all the pockets. This bag distinguishes itself from another carrying bag by the innovative Top that separates each club and gives easy access. The padded belt gives you a relaxing walk with your bag while travelling. And you can enjoy your journey without being fatigued.


That the lightweight bag is featured so that golf clubs can be inserted easily without any hitch. Which means this is very much spacious. But the 12 pocket and dividers are pretty much unique as a feature to get everything so much organized and cosy. No fatigue or stress will contact you if you carry it on your back because of the soften padded shoulder strap. And the adjustable front due to cool sensor tech. It is a classy feature.


  • Enough space to carry a set of golf clubs with other accessories.
  • Light in weight and aesthetic black colour gives a stylish look.
  • The fabric doesn’t tear easily.
  • It has 3-4 dividers help to organize and sensor cool technique aid to adjust the front.


  • Dividers are not of full length.
  • Its length is not perfect to fit in a micro cart.

11. CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor II Travel Cover

The Constrictor II golf bag has a history of success. It is one of the bestselling and holds the best value in Golf. This product also offers a year full replacement warranty if you get damaged during shipment. With a heavily padded top to keep the gold club protected, this 9-pounds bag is reasonable. Two-color, black and grey are available. Some may say this bag doesn’t have a stand or kick off legs to carry easily. But the reverted handle can bear stress and gives you a way to carry your pocket comfortably.


This nylon fabric bag is the construction of line 1800 denier, carefully designed to protect gold clubs with internal and external compression strap. Club heads highly covered due to the heavily padded Top. This 30 x 50 x 15-inches of the bag also has zip lock and in line stake wheels. The bag is not stiff. And its collapsibility gives a better space of storage. With two large side pockets, this bag has a business card window and a moulded luggage tag.


On central opening and for side pocket, it has heavy-duty lockable zippers that will not tear easily and confirm the bag’s durability, hence increasing the performance. And the design of the wheels is such a way that it helps to roll the bag easily. The length of this bag allows putting the 10-inch size of clubs. Travels become comfortable with the moulded nylon padded handle. It gives reliable protection against wear because of its heavy-duty curb rails.


CaddyDaddy constrictor II has that fantastic feature of constructive nylon fabric that ensures durability. The inline stake wheels and locker zipped system feature add extra values to travelling and secure handling of the bag. This bag also featured two cinch straps, one from the inside (interior) and the other from outside (exterior). And these cinch straps help to protect the clubs. CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor designed with a heavily padded top with a durable carrying handle. Another exciting feature of this bag is that you can half fold it and store it away when you don’t use it.


  • It has proper quality fabric protection from the abrasiveness.
  • Has heavy-duty zippers to keep the bag safe.
  • Better storage space and light in weight.
  • Both internal and external compression straps to hold the bag on position.
  • Best quality of wheels, webbing, lockable zippers and handles.


If clubs are more extended than 10-inch, extra club golf stiff-arm support needed2. Not fit for an extra-long driver

12. Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Athletico is one of the renowned brands in the U.S. market for making golf accessories such as golf bags, covers, and travel bags. Their products are famous for their excellent quality at an affordable price range. Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag is one of the most selling travel bag covers of Athletico. It creates a considerable demand among golfer for its price, lightweight, style, and durability.


The size of the bag is 53 x 12 x 14 inches and weighs around 4 pounds. It also has 5 mm thick padding all through the cover to protect the golf bag and club heads. Athletico used 600D polyester to make this bag. Neoprene padded handles make the holds of the bag comfortable. Padded tote handles, top handle, and shoulder ties give extreme flexibility and comfort in passing on. It has removable shoulder straps and the pocket protected with heavy quality metal zippers. The bag comes with only one colour black.


Within this price range, the quality of the bag is pretty impressive. 600D polyester made the backpack strong and durable. The inner cushion of this cover protects the gear and club heads from external damages. It is easy to carry, and for its design specification, it is suitable for airline travel. The inside straps hold the golf bag in its position and protect all types of equipment inside. For its lightweight, it becomes a travel-friendly bag among golfers.


Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag is a high-quality product. Its building material 600D polyester makes the bag safe and secured from outside pressure. Also, its lightweight allows a golfer to carry this bag easily everywhere. The heavy metal zipper also gives strong security, and adjustable straps allow a golfer to comfortably carry this bag. The entire pack surrounded from inside with a 5 mm of padding to protect the golf equipment from any damages. The package also comes with a 100% money back guaranty. The golfer can roll up the bag to a compact storage space when they do not need it.


  • There is enough space to add an extra item.
  • Easily roll-up when not in use.
  • Users can remove the strap of this bag and also use it as a duffle bag.


  • The bag has no wheels.
  • The bag does not come with any TSA lock,

13. SKB Deluxe Standard ATA Golf Travel Case

In Golf, the golf club is the most important thing. The golfer who repeatedly take their game on the road, SKB Deluxe Standard ATA Golf Travel Case is one of the most trusted names. SKB is recognized globally as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of manhandled polymer transport cases since 1977. The logo of SKB has symbolized uncompromising quality and incomparable durability.


The SKB Deluxe Standard ATA Travel Case interior dimension is 48.00″ L/12.00″ W/11.00″ D, and the weight is around 19 pounds. The pressure is suitable for the size of the case, and it offers a lot of protection for the clubs. Up to 48 inches golf bag can easily fit in here—the point manufactured from U.S. military-grade ultra-high molecular synthetic polyethene. The bag comes with only one colour Black. The bag has a TSA lock system available, and the price starts from $299.99.


SKB Deluxe Standard ATA Travel Case has made from U.S. military-grade equipment, making the case persuasive, durable, and highly protected from inside and outside damages. The case has an extra padding in the ‘Club Heads’ area and an extra room for the shoes and other golf supplies. SKB’s Perfect- match valance bending system provides a well-gripped and secure fit to protect the equipment from dirt and dust. The water-resistant material keeps the case safe from all types of moisture. It has wheels which help to carry this case easily to anywhere.


TSA accepted and recognized locking systems allow a golfer to take the case in the airport security quickly. The three locks on the case keep the situation safe and secure. The case comes with SKB’s million-mile guaranty and SKB’s lifetime warranty. Up to 48 inches of all kinds of bags and drivers are safe with SKB Deluxe Standard Travel Case if golfer needs to take the road while travelling. For strength and durability, the case is made of durable polyethene and exceeds ATA 300 category for airline travel.


  • That is a very robust travel case for golf clubs and has a built-in lock with a key, which is good.
  • The bag protects the clubs and is fully secured.


  • The case is relatively heavy.
  • The case does not allow you to roll it in an upright position.

14. CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10

CaddyDaddy Golf Company has enjoyed remarkable enhancement over the past several years and continues to develop a diversity of top-quality golf products for 15 years. CaddyDaddy CDX-10 golf travel bag cover is one of the most selling golf travel bag covers from their extensive product line. This luxurious travel bag cover is trendy for its low price, high-quality performances.


The bag’s size is 13×50×15 inches, and it only weighs about 8 pounds, so it doesn’t add a significant amount of weight to the golfer’s clubs—the bag constructed of heavy-duty 600D all-weather nylon. The bag comes arrayed with easy rolling inline skate wheels so the golfers can easily carry it anywhere. It has a heavy-duty zipper-lock on the opening side and two large side pockets with lockable zippers. The bag comes with two primary colours, Black and Ash, and the introductory price starts from $79.99.


The CaddyDaddy CDX-10 Golf Travel Bag made for the golfers who need to travel frequently. Its durable nylon construction, heavily padded interior, and adjustable clamps keep the clubs secure, protected from inside, and outside damage while golfer goes for travel in the airline. It also features a top handle for compatible portability and in-skate wheels to ensure natural dynamism. The internal compression straps help to lock the bag in place. The travel cover is the perfect size for airline travel with protection.


CaddyDaddy CDX-10 golf travel bag cover also comes with a North Pole golf club protector. Ultra-durable 600D all-weather nylon with heavily padded Top helps to protect club heads from inside and outside pressure. Fully adjustable clamps keep clubs safe and secure. The inline skate wheels help to carry the bag easily while moving. The cover comes with a luggage tag and business card window, which is essential for travellers. The bag has two large side pockets with lockable zippers, which gives the golfer a great storage facility. CaddyDaddy also offers a 1-year full bag replacement warranty, which covers any damage to the bag caused by the airline.


  • The bag has plenty of space to carry equipment.
  • The bag has wheels, so golfers can easily carry it anywhere.
  • Perfect size for airline travel.


  • TSA lock not included with the bag, which is the essential requirement of airline travel bag cover.

Types of Golfing Bags

Golf bags are always unique! They have one part identity. Let’s get to know about different kind of golf bags.

Sunday Bags

A Sunday convey golf bag is a little and limited lightweight golf pack that doesn’t have numerous pockets and built to hold an insignificant number of golf clubs. Sunday golf sacks are perfect for the strolling golf player who doesn’t need the over the top weight-related with a truck or stand packs.

A couple of decades prior caddies were not permitted to chip away on Sundays. Eager golf players needed to convey their sacks. Since the players weren’t familiar with communicating overwhelming bags themselves, they were extraordinarily subject to assists. The ideal way they could play a series of Golf was to convey only the basics themselves on Sunday. Subsequently, the name “Sunday” bag conceived.

On regular, Sunday golf bags can convey around six-to-eight golf clubs serenely, albeit numerous golf players fit at any rate ten clubs in their sack. One of the highlights most golf players need to know before they buy a Sunday golf bag is what number of dividers the pack has in the opening.

Stand Bags

Stand bags highlight two retractable legs that hold the pack upstanding on either turf or level surfaces. This brand of golf pack is an adaptable decision for some golf players. For the most part, stand bags include a lightweight plan with more extra space than standard convey bags.

Golf stand sacks have a worked in stand system and intended for players who like to convey their clubs while strolling the course. Stand packs are the most adaptable of all golf bags and regularly weigh somewhere in the range of 3 to 7 pounds, contingent upon the highlights.

A decent pack on your back is vital for solace and diminishing exhaustion. Makers configuration stand sacks with ergonomic and formed knapsack like twofold shoulder ties and a cushioned segment where the pack sits on your back. Using a double shoulder lash framework disperses a pack’s weight across the two sides of your body much better contrasted with a conventional single tie.

Producers comprehend that it isn’t always possible to convey your clubs, so most stand packs have cuts or a lash that lock in the legs when utilizing a push truck or riding a fueled golf truck, a frequently undervalued and ignored component of these sacks. Some stand sacks are beginning to include a pleasant openness structure component to go through for a truck lash that sits behind the assets pocket.

Lightweight stand sacks lessen the overall weight a player is conveying; in any case, the tradeoff is that they will, in general, have somewhat less extra room and produced using lighter textures and materials.

A stand sack has the outward presentation of a truck pack. However, its additional advantage is a lot of two implicit legs that permit the bag to sit at a point when you’re taking your shot. Even though this golf bag style can regularly fit in a truck, the vast majority who use stand packs convey them during their Golf round.

Cart Bags

A cart bag is a golf bag that you should put on a pushcart or power cart to take around the course. Even though this style of bag has a tie to permit you to sling it behind you, it can’t stand successfully on uneven surfaces.

Structured explicitly to sit on the rear of a powered golf cart or a pushcart, cart bags are full-size packs that offer a lot of extra room for every one of your needs on the course. Weighing around 5 to 9 pounds truck packs have a more significant impression than either stand and convey sacks.

Golf Cart packs regularly have a solitary tie and don’t have a stand instrument since they not intended to carry on the course. The lash will have either a secure or sleeve to keep the tie make sure about and off the beaten path on a truck. The pockets on a truck pack are front oriented and designed in a manner where the zippers were for the most part available when the sack lashed into a truck. They regularly have full-length club dividers for simple access and to help keep your clubs composed. This sort of packs is the best decision to pushcart clients!

Tour Bags

A tour bag is for players who are sufficiently fortunate to have another person convey their clubs for them. Traditionalists may cherish the tour bag’s vibe; maybe it gives them a little sense of self lift when moving up to the pack drop. However, the expenses profoundly exceed the advantages. They are overwhelming, massive, and don’t offer that much additional capacity contrasted with a cart pack or tour bag. They’re perfect for visit experts who need the other land for the brands and producers that support them.

However, they offer some additional club assurance, however past that Staff packs should be considered by players who routinely contend insignificant level competitions. Golf packs don’t come any more significant than this! Golf tour bag is the most loved for tour experts and golf players who use caddies. They hold everything, a lot of clubs and hardware in addition to additional. Tour golf bags arrive in an enormous scope of styles and brands.

Travel Bags

A golf travel bag is necessary for each golf player that movements to different nations to play Golf. You’ve spent a considerable measure of cash on your valuable golf clubs, so definitely, you need them to find the right place in one piece.

Most travel packs will be about a similar length because most golf players are conveying clubs with shafts up to 45 inches in diameter. Travel packs are in the 50-to 55-inch run. They arrive in an assortment of hues, yet the most well-known one is dark. There are various sorts of golf travel bags—for example, Hard case golf travel bags & Soft case golf travel bags.

Ultimate Buying Guide Golf bags

This article focuses on one of the most important aspects of playing Golf, the golf bag. Contrary to popular belief, a golf bag is essential for improving the golfers’ game. This golf bag item accumulates all the other golfer equipment and makes it presentable in an efficient way resulting golf game enjoyed to the fullest. There are different types of golf bags, depending on the diverse needs of the golfer. And this article discusses these various types of bags for the readers’ convenience.


When choosing a golf bag, one thing that attracts the golfer on the get-go is the golf bag’s appearance. The bag looks from the outside with all the equipment in place is a significant aspect of a golf bag’s choice. And golf bags come in different shapes and sizes according to the golfer’s need, whether they be the spacious cart bags, or sleek stand bags, hybrids, or the extremely lightweight carry bag. Depending on the bag’s design, the golfer can determine the number of clubs, balls, valuables, and other essentials he can store inside the bag for the game.

Type of bag

According to the need of the golfer, there are different types of golf bags. The most prominent types are four kinds, namely Staff bags, Cart Bags, Stand Bags and Carry or Sunday Bags.

The staff bags are what we see being used by professional golfers in international games. These bags are heavy and very costly and have very few perks compared to the other bags. These bags came at a slightly higher price than the other ones and provided more real estate for covering the clubs. These extra covers allow for sponsors and golfer names on the bags. So, only the professional golfers are mostly interested in these bags, but others can also buy them for their convenience.

The Stand bags are full-sized bags with rigid structure and have numerous pockets for storage, hooks for towels and accessories, and handles for moving around. As the name suggests, these bags have a stand attached with them for balance in the field and have ergonomically designed double shoulder straps for carrying around the area. These bags have a built-in standing mechanism that allows them to stand by themselves and are preferred by golfers who like to walk around in the field while playing. These bags are lightweight.

The Cart bags, as the name suggests made for attaching to a cart while playing. These bags don’t have built-in standing mechanisms and thus only connected to the wagons. Because they can’t stand by themselves, these bags come with straps to secure them with the carts and keep them outside in the cart. Cart bags come with ample internal storage and pockets for the clubs and accessories. These bags are slightly heavier than stand bags.

Carry bags or Sunday bags are the most lightweight, compact, and robust bags among all the choices. These bags are structure-less, have fewer pockets, and they can be stored away easily when required. These bags are specifically designed to carry only the bare essentials in the field and are very easy to carry around.

Bag Locking System

The bag locking system is not available with most bags & purchase separately. And they are an essential addition for the protection of the valuables stored in the container. So the best choice is to buy a lock system for the bag and the kit for a perfect fit.

Size and weight

Of the four types of bags available, the most demanding of the bags is the Staff Bag and the Carry Bag’s lightest. Some golfers like to carry around their bag on shoulder, and some golfers want to have them move around in their cart. So, the size and weight of the container depending on the preference of the golfer. In choosing a bag overweight, things to consider are that if the bag is lightweight, it will be easier to carry and have a much more appealing appearance than others. However, less weight will mean fewer pockets and less storage space. Also, shedding weight may mean that the durability of the golf bag may decrease over time.


Straps are an essential part of a golf bag. The primary purpose of the golf bag is to carry around with ease. And the straps allow for that convenience. Each type of bag comes with different kinds of belts according to their characteristics. Stand bags come with double shoulder straps designed ergonomically for easy and comfortable carry around the field. Staff bags come with single shoulder straps. The critical thing to notice is that if the straps are not comfortable on the shoulder and the back, then that bag is not worth taking another look.

Club Protection

Club protection is an essential aspect of a bag for every golfer because the more the clubs are protected, the more they are to be durable. The more security available for the clubs, the better the chances are that these clubs will perform better. For stability, the bags have internal separation so that the shafts don’t rattle or chime with each other. Some bags have unique top designs for separating the club heads and distinguishing them.


Another point to consider when buying a golf bag is the durability of the pack. Some bags have high-quality fabrics in the making, which makes them highly durable but also very heavy. Also, when shedding the bag’s weight, some of them shed their durability in the process. So choosing the best backpack with the appropriate construction suitable to the golfer is necessary.

Rain Cover

The rain cover is an essential part of the golf bag, especially during the rainy season. Some of the bags provide rain covers as an addition in the set. And in some cases, the bodies have to be purchased. But this is an essential part because you don’t want to damage your clubs and other accessories in rain or water.

Towel Ring

The towel ring is an impressive addition to the bags for ease of the golfer. A single ring provides excellent relief for the golfer because of the easy access and convenience it causes. Towel rings are not available in every bag. So one should think if a towel ring is necessary for the player.

Storage Space/Pockets

Storage space is the ultimate issue in choosing a suitable bag for a golfer. As the bags are different, according to requirements, the storage space is also separate. Bags like Staff bags and Cart bags have ample storage with spacious rooms inside for secure storage. And they also contain numerous pockets that allow for the storage of many essential items and valuables. Stand bags have a little less spacious storage area, and their pockets are also not as big as cart or staff bags. And Carry bags only have storage areas for the bare minimums with just a few pockets. So, we must choose the pack according to our needs and playing style.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Golf bags made with style and sophistication. Their fabrics are used for better support and reduce the maximum weight of the pack. So, they need to maintained at regular intervals. The heavy bags have the most durability, so they are less likely to require maintenance very often. But the lighter weight bags have to be maintained properly because of their construction. They are to tear or damaged if handled too roughly easily.

Price Range

The price of golf bags varies from very low to very high depending on make, model, durability, type, etc. when choosing a golf bag; the price must be such that all the golfer requirements regarding the bag fulfilled. Usually, the carry bags set at low prices because of their small storage, pocket numbers, and lightweight design. Depending on storage space and pockets, the price varies on the cart bag and the stand bag. The choice in a bag has to be economical for the golfer for future development.

Factors for Stand Bag

The major factors for a Stand Bag are-

  1. Self-standing mechanism.
  2. Fully padded double shoulder straps for easy carry around the field.
  3. Lightweight design with ample storage and many pockets.

Factors for Cart Bag

The essential factors for a Cart Bag are-

  1. Attachable to a cart with straps and movable on the couch with ease.
  2. Has a large storage space with numerous big pockets.
  3. Pockets forward designed to be easily accessed when attached with the cart.
  4. Full-length sleeves are inside the bag for separation of the clubs.

Factors for Travel Bag

The major factors for a Travel Bag are-

  1. Most comfortable and convenient bag for travelling and have a quick game.Very lightweight.
  2. Contains storage and pockets only for the bare minimums required.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Q: How Much Weight Can a Golf Bag Carry?

A regular golf bag can carry from 25 to 30 pounds of weight with all the necessary equipment.

Q: What are the Uses of the Straps On a Golf Bag?

The straps on a golf bag designed to carry and attach the bag to a cart in case.

Q: How Many Golf Clubs Can I Carry in My Bag?

A golfer can carry up to 14 clubs maximum in his/her golf bag.

Q: What is the ideal height of a golf carry bag?

The ideal height of a Golf carry bag is no more than 36″ or 3 feet.

Editor’s choice

All the bags in this review are suitable for all kinds of golfers. No one bag can be perfect for every golfer because each bag is unique and appealing in its way. And since every golfer has different choices and perspectives. But taking a personal preference, the Founders Club Premium Cart Bag is the top choice for us. This bag is very budget-friendly and also is very lightweight, considering the storage and pockets this bag provides. Again, this bag comes with a unique top design with internal separation, which provides the ultimate protection.

Final verdict

A great golf bag is an essential piece of equipment for a golfer, whether experienced or new. Because the golf bag provides safe protection for the valuable clubs and essentials of the golfer. In the end, buying a golf bag is just as important as purchasing a good club or a good golf ball. Sometimes, purchasing a new golf bag can seem less attractive than buying a new club or golf ball. But this thought will dissipate over time when the bag will start giving the support. When purchasing a golf bag, things to be considered most are price, durability, storage, pockets, natural carrying ability, and comfort. Each golfer faces a different set of parameters when buying a bag. They have to fulfil each of these parameters to achieve a fulfilling experience in the game of Golf. And this review gives the golfers a chance to make an educated decision with all the pertinent information when purchasing a golf bag. In the end, a golf bag not only provides support but ultimately enhances the overall game of the player.

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