How many games are there in an NBA season?

How many games are there in an NBA season? Its big question for an basketball fan. Basically, The NBA has a collection of 30 teams. Until the NBA formed, professional basketball leagues played a few dozen games in each season. In between all NBA teams, there’s a total of 1230 games during the regular season. The major sports leagues had come to the number of games. The regular season 82 games played by each team. Among them, there are 41 games at home and 41 games away. The NBA schedule allows every team to play each other in the league at least one time. Each team plays four conferences. It will enable organizations to play around three times per week for half the year.

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A single NBA season consists of the following phases


This season is known as practice games. In this season veteran players get in shape and try to make the team. In this season teams give prospects the opportunity to play a game to evaluate their potential. Usually, there are eight preseason games for each team. Duration period of Preseason is from 28 September 2018- 12 October 2019.

Regular Season:

Each team plays 82 games in regular gaming season. A team faces opponents in its 16 own divisional basketball games. Six of the teams played from the other two divisions. The remaining four teams play three times or 12 games. Finally, each team plays in the conference teams twice apiece or 30 games. That asymmetrical structure means the strength of schedule. In this schedule, each side has played 80 games against their division. In around middle of the April, the regular season ends. In this time the voting begins for individual’s awards, as well as the selection of the honorary, league-wide, post-season teams.


All-star game features the league’s best players. The NBA hosted a basketball exhibition game in February every year. To, regain public attention to the league. It is a matching of a mix of the league’s star players. Fan, player and media voting select the starting lineup for each team. Two players with most votes draft them. Each team consists of 12 players. NBA head coaches choose the reserves. Due to injury, if any player is unable to play, his replacement is selected by NBA Commissioner.


The NBA Playoffs begin in late April. The Playoffs follow a tournament format. There are four rounds in the playoffs season. Each series has the possibility of playing seven games. A team could play a chance to play another 28 games. In this season top eight teams in each conference and divisional alignment competing for the championship. Seeds awarded in strict order of regular season record. best-of-seven series played by Each team. The other group eliminated from the playoffs. All but one team in each conference excluded from the playoffs.

Final Season:

The NBA Finals is the championship series of the National Basketball Association. The teams that will win the NBA conference will reach Finals. They can play seven games more. The NBA Final can play up to 110 games. This season starts in mid-October.

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