The Ultimate Guide to Golf Swing

Golf is a trendy sport for the people who want to spend a relaxed time with friends & families at the weekend, avid competitors who have a competitive edge, and business persons who wish to expand their networking. Whatever is your purpose of playing golf, you surely have to learn specific techniques & skills and must have physical fitness & flexibility to make the right shots. A slight mistake in movement may lead a probable good shot into a lost ball!! Thus, understanding and learning the golf swing is of utmost significance. If you are a beginner, our article will help you master the techniques of the golf swing for making perfect shots like a pro.

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Grip Properly for holding the club

If you look into the grip preferences of the pro-level golfers, you will find that they hold the club with either a strong, weak, or neutral grip. As a newbie, you must first learn how to grip appropriately for keeping the golf club. Until you know and learn the holding techniques, no one can expect you to hit the golf ball accurately. Let’s see below some practical methods on how to grip and hold the golf club.

  1. Size of the golf club matters. Rather than extending the club to match your height and weight, focus on the level of comfort while holding it.

  2. Use our left hand to grip the lower part firmly and hold it with the left index finger. Make sure that you feel the comfort and there is a balance in keeping the club. In case any maladjustment arises, don’t forget to change the position of finger to maintain the balance.

  3. Put your right hand and use the mid two fingers and right little finger to grip the club for making a shot actively. It will help you with producing a swing.

2. Fix the slice and hook

You must have a clear idea of the clubface position and its impact. While making shots, if you hit your heel, it’s pretty sure that you are seeing left to right curve excessively. Furthermore, you may stand too firmly to the ball. These situations will lead to slicing, which is a significant problem for many golfers. After understanding the reasons behind the slice, if you can work-out on those, you can prepare yourself for making a powerful and perfect golf swing.

Sometimes you could make duck hook if there is a massive difference between the clubface and the path. Fixing this problem will allow you to make golf swing consistently by 100 percent.

3. Determine the right posture

Golf professionals bear different opinions regarding posture or the standing position for making a shot or club swing. The right posture will depend on convenience and practice. But to keep in mind that if you don’t have a correct posture, it would be difficult to swing the golf club. Swing is nothing other than the combination of your standing position and stroke played. Let’s explain the specific standing position below:

  1. Bend yourself a little while standing with the golf club by keeping your knee a bit forward to the waist level.

  2. If you want to make a perfect swing, don’t put your back in a straight position. When the body is in a straight place, you can’t move the body along the stroke.

  3. Put the ball in between the legs by keeping a gap. This standing position will help you to share the body weight and take the right shot with a proper swing.

4. Align the body, shoulder, and arm

You must understand and learn these critical swing tips. At the time of making a shot, there should have perfect alignment among the body, shoulder, and arm. For swinging the golf club accurately to get the desired result, you must have coordination among the body, hands, and shoulder. Otherwise, you will experience inflexible swing. To align properly follow the below techniques:

  1. Move your shoulder when you take a shot. Your shoulder should move along the hands. If there is a lack of coordination between the shoulder and hands, the chance will be weaker for the wrong swing, and thus the ball will not cover 50 yards at best.

  2. Move the arms along the shoulder. Your shoulder will help to rotate the arms for making great shots and swing. By any chance, if you hit the ball straight, you will only get the frustrating result.

  3. You must also remember to move the body when there is the right coordination between the shoulder and arms/hands. Rotate the body while swinging the arms with the shoulder for getting the dazzling shot.

5. Determine the swing position

You know swing starts from a point, and it comes back to that point again and creates a circle. The swing position will differ based on the type of shot made. There will be a clear difference in golf swing when making the long shot and when you just hit the ball to the hole. A hard stroke will be required of you want to cross a long distance say, 150 yards. Let’s examine various swing positions:

  1. When you need to cover a long distance, swing will start from your left shoulder (if you are a right-handed golfer). For the purpose, you have to hold the club at a 90-degree angle to your shoulder. Now hit the ball by bringing down the club, and you will see the swing.

  2. When you need to cover less distance, holding the club from the side of the waist will give the result.

  3. If your target is to send the ball to the hole, just hit it with a little swing.

6. Plan for draw shot and fade shot

When you need to make a shot for covering the distance between 3 to 5 yards by curving in the air, mastering the draw and fade shot will help you out. For making a draw shot, just hit the ball and return the clubface to the original position. While making a fade shot, you have to change the clubface to the left while returning it after hitting the ball.

7. Hit the ball

The swing process will require you to follow some specific procedures. It will ensure to hit the ball rightly. Always keep in mind that you must hit the ball naturally. You have to use the right point of the club to hit the ball. Otherwise, the ball will not cross your coveted distance. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the right position of your club for the perfect stroke.

8. Practice regularly for perfection

You know that only practice makes a man perfect. The legendary golfer Tiger Woods surely has tremendous talent in the game of golf. But that talent alone has not earned him the grand success. Instead, it is his strong determination to practice vigorously. Thus, you must take the matter of practice very seriously. Only then can you master the golf swing and can become a maestro in the game.

Final Thoughts:

It was an exciting journey indeed with you!! By now, you have understood some very crucial techniques for the golf swing. Practice those regularly and consistently. Within a brief period, you will be amazed to see your development in the golf course.

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