Learning to Play Golf at 60

As a retired or semi-retired person, if you have a passion for starting to play golf, we have good news for you!! For the development of modern technology and its impact on golf as sports, playing the game at age 60 is no more a dream!! For an enthusiastic person like you who takes care of his health, loves to socialize, and enjoys outing from home, we have worked out extensively to research how you can dare to play golf at the age of 60. In this article, we shall introduce you with some essential and natural ways, which we believe will help you plan to start playing golf at 60.

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How would you learn: Some Easy and Pro Tips

1. Check the Health Condition

Although golf is an excellent game for maintaining health, you must ensure that before starting to play the game, you have a basic fitness level. Otherwise, it would be challenging to enjoy the game fully since a lot of walking is involved in the game. However, electric carts will somewhat help to carry you and your bag of clubs around the course.

Have an in-depth look at yourself before you decide to play golf at 60 years of age. Consult with a health professional to check the heart condition and any other complexities that may discourage you from playing golf. You must pay heed to the recommendation of your physician to make sure the game is safe for your age.

2. Be careful about the Older Injuries

At a younger age, you might have played baseball for which it is highly likely to bear a shoulder injury. Remember that at age 60, this older injury may aggravate at the time of playing golf, particularly if you can’t restrain from making aggressive swings. That is why it is imperative to be highly critical to take care of older injuries beforehand. Also, you must check the issue frequently while already in the play.

3. Understanding the Physical Strength

Despite having no requirement of lifting in the game, golf will surely ask you for some efforts while making swings. The driver is the main issue that will call for a bit force for moving the ball onto a fairway. Although you can cover the walking need, there is no way to eliminate the physical aspect of hitting the ball.

4. Go Slow and Steady

Since you are starting to play golf at the age of 60, it would not be wise to expect that your single shot will reach the ball to the hole. For your kind information, golf is quite a tough game. Unless you have the proper knowledge and good command over the game, you should make a hurry. You must keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race. So, you must have the patience to learn the game steadily and practice it regularly that will uplift your skill shortly.

5. Learn the Basics 

You may think it weird to learn the basics of golf games when your age is 60. You might have previous experience of playing golf. But it is for your reminder that this prior experience is not sufficient to do better in the real-life golf game, particularly when you are planning to start again at 60. There is a higher chance that you would forget the necessary skill set. Golf playing will require your regular training if you want to perform better. Consult with the local experts. Else, got yourself admitted in the professional golf academy to learn the basic techniques.

6. Online Lessons are Resourceful

In case you don’t have any access to a local golf trainer, online would be a great learning source if you can take it with an open mind. There are plenty of videos and other related lessons on the internet regarding measuring the distances, holding the grip, selecting the iron, and golf swing, etc. These materials are beneficial, and you can learn basic methods to play golf with confidence.

7. Set the Golf Bag with Related Equipment

A symbolic statement that is prevalent in the game of golf is “set your bag.” It means that when you are ready to enter the course, you need to get all the equipment of golf, including balls, clubs, gloves, tees, bags, carts, and others. Don’t get confused about the tools and equipment. You shouldn’t ever compromise with the quality of the gears. Before buying the necessary items, make sure that you have gone through both on and offline reviews. It’s better to spend weeks to select the details before you start playing.

8. Focus on your Posture

Now you are on the ground!! Don’t start playing immediately. Instead, focus on your stance. Keep in mind about the accuracy of your posture. At first, there is no alternative to hold the grip correctly and failure of which will lead you to wrong motion. Secondly, focus on your comfortable standing position that will bear your bodyweight equally. If there is any inconsistency, be sure to make shots incorrectly.

9. Be Choosy in the selection of Golf Club

A golf club is an essential tool for you to play golf at 60. Don’t forget that all the clubs are not perfect and many would not suit your age. Since you are a newbie golfer at the age of 60, make sure to choose a lightweight club. Experts suggest that you first become accustomed to the lighter ones and then try the more massive golf clubs. Time will come for you to play golf at the senior level. In such circumstances, you should always select golf clubs with handy features.

10. Set a target

You know the rules of golf to win the game. Lesser the shots, higher the chance of winning!! As a beginner at 60 years of age, you must want to win some games. For that purpose, you must set targets to end the ball so that you have to play minimum shots. Keep your legs, arm, and hip parallel to the destination. If you can’t set the target alone, don’t feel shy to take the help of others. When your target is set, you can complete the golf by more than 80%.

11. Hit the Ball

Bravo!! You are at the final stage of your preparation. Now, hit the ball towards the hole with poise, right force, and proper swing. For the perfect swing, you need to rotate the body and arms accordingly. Make sure that the middle part of your club hits the ball after it is in the right position.

Benefits of Playing golf at the age of 60:

  1. In comparison to the children and many younger players, people at 60 years of age can learn and start playing golf better for their mental maturity to grasp the new things.

  2. Golf ensures physical activity that offers health benefits to the people of 60 who are likely to sit comfortably at home and tend to lose their psycho-physical stamina.

  3. Golf creates an excellent opportunity for bonding. When people of 60 years of age go out of the home with an adventure to play golf, they can make friends to many unknown faces. Like any other sport, golf ensures positive mindsets.

  4. After you are retired, you have an abundance of free time that you can utilize by playing golf with friends and other peer groups.

Final Thoughts

After retirement, playing golf is an excellent source of fun for many people at their 60 around the globe. It ensures their physical fitness as well. Keeping that in mind, tell yourself that you are not too old to learn golf and start playing it.

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