Amazing Hurricane Junior Golf Tour!

Are you golf crazy? Do you want your children to grow up as a professional golfer? Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) is beside you!! It accommodates junior golf throughout the country for the younger children to provide an extraordinary experience. It also ensures a competitive environment in the arrangement of golf tournaments so that the younger guys can develop their mindset to bid the next level of competition. Hurricane Junior Golf Tour focuses on growing the game of golf and increasing the participation of junior golfers across the US and beyond.

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The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour founded back in 2007. The aim of establishing it was to provide an excellent opportunity to the junior golfers aged between 8 to 18 years to play extraordinary and competitive atmosphere. The tour has the vision to ensure exhilarating and fantastic warmth and hospitality. It arranges every event with such a prolific way that all the participants can’t but makes it their memoir.

All the junior golfers are eligible to participate in the tour. Furthermore, the games are open for both males and females. HJGT is currently the most extensive tour in the US in the category of junior golf. It has been arranging the highly professional golf events that create excellent value for the members, including the players and their families. HJGT headquartered in Orlando, Florida. However, it can arrange golf events throughout the country.

Golf Hub for the Junior

Junior Golf Hub is an essential tool of Hurricane Junior Golf Tour for bringing the junior golfers and coaches together by offering a unique set of features. It is the platform to start the journey to college golf. Golf Hub is beneficial for making the recruitment process more comfortable.

Junior golfers can easily connect to the college coaches and come under their radars. It provides a digital resume for college-level golfers. The Hub is very user-friendly, and college coaches approve the outlines. Through this tool, you can find and follow golf programs at college.

It provides useful guidelines and expert education about the road to college golf. With this super cool tool, you can find the extensive list of top junior golf events within the US. Furthermore, you can optimize your schedule for the tournament. It helps to maximize your chance of exposure to the coaches.

Tour Policies

  • The USGA rules will govern all the play.
  • Only the distance measuring devices are allowed on tour.
  • In a 1-hole playoff, Tiebreakers will declare through a sudden death mechanism.

Until the tour finds a champion, the play of sudden death will continue. In case there is darkness or adverse weather that prevents the game from continuing, playoff co-championship will present. 

If any family has two or more children on tour, there will be a sibling discount of $50 for the brother or sister.

There will be every effort to continue the game to the conclusion. In wet or cold weather, until it is a severe condition, the play will continue. 

No refund will be available in the play is shortened for the rain. However, if no golf played and the entire event cancelled for any reason, will credit accounts of the participating players after deducting the administration fee of $50.

Technology Used

Since 2019, Hurricane Junior Golf Tour has been using new revolutionary technology in all the games through the HJGT app.

Features of the app

  • The players can call or request an official at every event by their device for quicker rulings.
  • It has improved the pace of the game dramatically.
  • Players can know where they stand by getting real-time and live leaderboard updates.
  • All players have access to local rules and regulations.
  • They know the right procedure to follow if any mistake arises in rulings.
  • Golf hole locations are available in the app.
  • There is no physical scoreboard now.
  • The players would ask to provide input when they make a score.


HJGT is the most massive junior golf tour in the world. Let’s examine some statistics on the trip:

  • It hosted over 275 tournaments in 22 States.
  • In 2017 alone, more than 14,000 entries made in the events arranged.
  • Out of those entries, the number of unique participants was 7,780.
  • The tour has reached more than 40,000 participants since the inception.
  • More than 5,000 players played in college golf.

Charity Works

The Hurricane Foundation is beside the needy junior golfers who can’t afford some certain expenses. In such circumstances, the Foundation helps them financially to meet the costs of entry and travel relating to the tour events. This way, HJGT helps to fulfil the dream of young golfers to succeed in golf at high school, college level, and life.

Hurricane Foundation promotes golf in collaboration with various youth organizations within the city. It helps to develop golf skills among the city youth so that those can positively affect their upbringing. The Foundation depends on the generous subscription, contributions, and other fundraising programs for continuing the charity works so that the young enthusiasts don’t miss the opportunity of playing at the national level.

For having assistance from the Foundation, any prospective seeker must fulfil the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • He/she must be a US citizen
  • His/her annual family income must be below $50,000;
  • He/she must demonstrate the ability to play at the national level;
  • He/she has an index at least five or lower;
  • Players who can’t participate in more tournaments for the financial situation get preference.

Final WordsAfter discussing on Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, you now get assured that an institutional force is with you for maturing the dream of making your child a golf guru. HJGT is indeed performing the role of your guide to pursue your long-standing desire.

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