How to Hit a Golf Ball?

Whether you are a newbie or an expert golfer, you must understand the importance of hitting the golf ball. It is inevitable to know the basics of how to hit the golf ball. There are several techniques to know the issue. If you practice them well, you will get a coordinated impact on your performance at the time of playing golf. Do you want to swing the golf ball? Our article will help you knowing the basic skill set and improving the game.

Basic Golf things you must know

Before starting our lesson on techniques of hitting the golf ball, it is imperative to know the fundamental things of the game. Let’s have a quick look on them:

Issue What is it
Stance When you take the preparation for hitting the ball, position of your legs and feet is the stance that primarily determines whether the ball will swing or not.
Address After taking the stance and getting ready with grip and posture, your placement of the club head on the ground behind the ball is called address.
Grounding the Club It is the point of touching the ground by the club head at the time of addressing the ball.
Target The direction towards which you Want to hit the ball.
Fairway Little grassy part of the golf course in between tee and the green.
Green Hole, the destination of the golf ball.

How Shall You Proceed to Hit the Ball?

Because learning the golf ball hitting is very important to develop the skill in the play, you should give proper care to follow the below-mentioned steps. We believe this process will help to improve your philosophy of and performance in the game.

1. Learn the Stance:

The stance is the basic point where you must focus on hitting the golf ball. When you can hit the ball properly, you can master the art of ball swing which would favor you in the game. Your ability to swing the ball depends completely on the right stance. Although proper stance is simple and straightforward, even the pro-level golfers work on it throughout their career.

It would be a standard stance when you stand in parallel to the target and you have the feet wider than the shoulders. For hitting and swinging the ball more accurately, your stance should allow an increased hip rotation. For that purpose, point your lead foot slightly closer to the target and keep the trail foot perpendicular to the target line.

2. Right Posture

The right stance builds the foundation of proper posture in golf. Set to bend your knees a bit and put the maximum bodyweight on the feet balls. After that, you have to hold the club in front of you and hinge it at the hip. Wait for the club to reach the ground.

For getting the right backswing, you have to bend the spine ta the diagonal angle to the ground. Tilt your body slightly as if you are leaning a bit against the target. If you want to get the expected performance elevation in golf, make coordinated practice.

3. Perfection in Gripping

It is evident that your grip connects both the club and the ball. Thus, it is significant to have perfection in gripping the club for hitting the golf ball precisely. Like many experienced golfers, you should initially try the neutral grip by placing your lead hand towards the butt of the club.

You should grip the club in such an angle that when you shall run the club it goes diagonally across your fingers. For a better result, place your trail hand on the lead hand such a way that palm of the trail hand sits on the left thumb.

4. Hit the Ball

After taking the right stance with proper posture and accurate grip, you are ready to address or hit the ball. However, your performance of hitting will depend on an external factor i.e. the length of the club.

If you have a longer club, it will be closer to your lead foot. Therefore, you can line up the hands in a straight line with the club which will lead you to make a more powerful hit. When you have a short club, the shaft and handle of the club will tilt a bit towards the target line.

Golf Ball Swing Techniques:

After learning the golf ball hitting method, you should also know the ball swing procedure. Let’s have a look at the process.

    <li “=”” dir=”ltr” tve-u-1714e2707f9″=””>The takeaway is a good method to learn the backswing of the golf ball. It basically works in the first 12-18 inches and paves the way to an excellent swing of the ball. In this technique, both your shoulder and arms will move together to move the club away from the ball. Your wrist will gradually hinge while the arms would stay straight.

  1. For getting better outcomes in the backswing, you should bend your lead knee towards the ball. However, in case of bending the lead arm, you should avoid the inclination. Thereafter, turn the hip a bit so that you can put the weight on your trail foot.
  2. After reaching the height of the backswing, you should immediately start downswing to make the golf ball go far and fast. It is the reverse of the backswing to unwind everything. For starting downswing, put all your weight on the lead foot and turn the hip to the target line. Finally, your arms and shoulders would act together for the address.
  3. Despite making the shot, the issue of follow-through may hinder achieving the targeted swing. Keep in mind to place your hip towards the target and swing the club all the way up to the lead shoulder. Put all the weight on the lead or left foot and keep the other foot on the ground. If you want to get the expected result, retain the follow-through position for at least 10 seconds before making the shot.

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Final Words

By now you have understood the golf ball hitting and swing techniques and process. By regular practice, you can master this golf essential. Be mindful of the fact that only frequent practice will make you a pro golfer!!

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