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Jaime Gomez is an American professional Golf Player. He was born on 18th May 1967 in Arlington, Texas, United States. So, he is an American by birth. Now the age of this golfer is 52. Jaime completed graduation from the University of Houston. When he was in college, he played golf for the University of Houston. Gomez became professional in 1989. Now he lives in McAllen, Texas, with his wife and son. Jaime’s favourite professional sports team (football team) is the Dallas Cowboys. Jaime had a dream to team up with his dad, brother, and Ben Hogan. One of the most exciting events was playing the Sarazen World Open’s final round with Jack Nicklaus.

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Career: In his whole professional career, Jaime won a total of four tournaments. One in Korn Ferry Tour, two in the Canadian Tour, and one in other events. Gomez started playing- the PGA Tour from 1990 and played a total 37 PGA Tournaments, the Korn Ferry Tour (KFT) from 1991 and played 128 KFT events, and the Mackenzie Tour – Canada from 2008 and played 32 games in total on the Mackenzie Tour – Canada.

Career overview

Season 1990: In 1990, Jaime played the U.S. Open Championship for the first time and missed the cut. He never played this event again. He also played two PGA tournaments and missed the cut in both the games.

Season 1991: This year Gomez participated on the Korn Ferry Tour for the first time. This year, he played 25 KFT events and finished three tours in the top 25 and one games in the top 10.

  1. Ben Hogan South Texas Open: He finished the Ben Hogan South Texas Open at T8.
  2. Ben Hogan Santa Rosa Open: Finished at T13.
  3. Ben Hogan Elizabethtown Open: Ended this event at T25.
  4. Ben Hogan Pensacola Open: Finished at T26.

Season 1992: This year Jaime Gomez won his first Korn Ferry Tournament. It was one of Jaime’s successful years because he ended this season at the top 25 in 12 matches, the top 10 in six events, and the third position in two tours.

  • BellSouth Classic: Missed the cut in the only PGA Tour he played in this year.
  • Ben Hogan Shreveport Open: He finished in the eighth position.
  • Ben Hogan New England Classic: Ended at tenth positions.
  • Ben Hogan Boise Open: Won the Ben Hogan Boise Open.
  • Ben Hogan Bakersfield Open: Finished at T3.

Season 1993: In 1993, Gomez played only two KFT events, where he made one cut (NIKE Louisiana Open finished at T5) and missed the other. This year Jaime played his highest PGA tournaments (29 matches where he made 13 cuts and withdrew one event).

  • Freeport-McMoRan Golf Classic: Finished at T10.
  • New England Classic: Finished at T22.
  • GTE Byron Nelson Golf Classic: Finished at T26.
  • Walt Disney World/Oldsmobile Classic: Finished at T24.
  • Buick Southern Open: Finished at T36.

Season 1994: Jaime played only one PGA Tournament (Deposit Guaranty Golf Classic) where he missed the cut, and 12 KFT events, where he made five cuts and ignored the others.

  • NIKE Boise Open: Finished at T15.
  • NIKE Tri-Cities Open: Finished at T34.

Season 1995: Played 21 KFT events in total and missed 13 cuts. His best finish over this season was in the NIKE Shreveport Open (finished at T4), and the NIKE Sonoma County Open (spent at T29).

Season 1996: He played 14 KFT events this year, where he missed nine cuts and finished one game in the top 10.

  • PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament: Jaime played in the PGA TOUR Qualifying
  • Tournament final but didn’t win.
  • Panama Open: Gomez won the Panama Open.
  • NIKE Permian Basin Open: Finished this KFT tournament at T9.

Season 1997: Gomez played 13 KFT events and an unofficial PGA event (Sarazen World Open Championship) that he finished at T21. And among all KFT events, his best performance was in the NIKE Omaha Classic he spent at T20.

Season 1998: This season Jaime participated in one PGA Tour and missed the cut. But in the KFT events, he made all the cuts and ended this season in the top 25 in three events and the top ten in one game. His best performance was in the NIKE Wichita Open that Jaime finished at sixth position and the NIKE Permian Basin Open, which he had ended at T19.

Season 1999: In 1999, Jaime Gomez finished the only Korn Ferry Tournament (NIKE New Mexico Classic) at T48.

  • This year he won a Canadian Tour (Telus Calgary Open).

Season 2001: This year Jaime played only two events in KFT tournaments, where he missed one cut and finished the other game (BUY.COM Shreveport Open) in the top 25 at T20.

Season 2002: In 2002, he missed the PGA Tour cut and finished the only Korn Ferry Tournament (Louisiana Open) at T46.

Season 2005: In 2005, he played one PGA Tournament, where he missed the cut and two Korn Ferry Tour Canadian PGA Championship Pres by MasterCard (finished at T27) and Alberta Classic (finished at T58).

  • This year Jaime won his second Canadian Tour (Corona Mazatlan Classic).

Season 2006: This year Gomez played only one Korn Ferry Tournament and finished the tournament (Albertsons Boise Open Pres’d by First Health) at T42. In 2008, 2009, and 2010 Jaime only played on the Mackenzie Tour but didn’t win any of them.Season 2011: This year, Gomez played five events in the Mackenzie Tour, where he missed two cuts and could not finish any tours in the top 25.

Season 2012: This season Jaime played six tournaments in total and cut all the tours. Among all the events, his best performance was in the Great Waterway Classic, and he finished it at T6.

Season 2015: Jaime played only two events on the Mackenzie Tour – Canada and missed the cut in one tournament.

In 2017 and 2018, Gomez played on the PGA Championship, but he missed the cut in both the tournaments.

Jaime Gomez played on the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship, but he missed the championship cut. And he didn’t play on the two other major tournaments. He earned a total of $76,850 from PGA Tour in his whole professional career, $166,335 from Korn Ferry Tour, and $34,016 from Mackenzie Tour – Canada.

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