What is the NBA Replay Center?

NBA replay Center launched in the 2014-15 regular basketball game season. It is a new state of the art of the NBA. The NBA Replay Center based in Secaucus, New Jersey. It is a brand new Replay Center. The Center fueled by a groundbreaking high-speed arena network. It enhances the performance of NBA referees and accelerates the replay review process.

The bandwidth capacity of the new system could download more than 158 million documents within 30 minutes. The Replay Center has 29 NBA arenas. They directly connected to the NBA Replay Center in Secaucus, NJ.

That Replay Center features 20 work stations & 17 Replay Operator station and 3 Replay Manager Stations. Each Replay Operator Station runs with three monitors & total Replay Center equipped with 94 HD monitors. On the left monitors shows up to nine different camera angles of the game. Another monitor has touch screen capabilities. It allows the operator to tag plays as they happen.

The NBA Replay Center has a public video interchange option. Video replay has been a part of the NBA since the 2002 season. The replay system of the Center has evolved rapidly. There are 15 different categories to trigger a review from the referees. The Center can pipe live footage in from every broadcast camera in each of the NBA’s 29 areas.

The system absorbs 12 broadcasters if they need it. Within a second the raw video can be edited into crucial clips. It beamed back to an arena for courtside review. Every replay review runs through the Secaucus. Dozens of operators of the center can cue up and edit clips quickly. It helps officials make tricky calls. There is also a multi-angle; time-synced video mosaic is ready to the courtside monitors for referees.

The final decisions can still be made on the court by the referees. Until last season, referees went to the scorer’s table for a review call. They were speaking with television broadcast crews. They could end up talking to over 50 different people for replays throughout a season. There was a lack of synergy and consistency in the process as both of their language was not the same. In the upcoming season, 15 types of calls eligible for replay. The crew chief at the arena will be able to communicate with the replay manager via headset as camera angles shown on the arena review monitor.

At the same time, the third monitor indicates precisely, what the referees want to look. It’s easy to provide other angels, split screens and freeze frames as necessary. It becomes an integral part of the game for referees. It will help them make calls faster. For the league, the process made sense to considerate.

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