What are the official rules of the NBA?

Basketball has clear and straightforward rules to follow. These rules and regulations keep the game going. Laws help to govern the play, officiating, equipment and procedures of basketball. The NBA formulates own rules. They have some rules and regulations that must serve in the basketball game. This guideline manages the play, procedures and presiding over the competition. To become a good player, you need to take note of all the rules keenly.

The official’s rules of the NBA are as follows

  • According to NBA rules, the basketball court must be 50 feet wide & 94 feet long.
  • The free-throw line equal to the distance from the basket & The line for three-pointers is 23 feet 9 inches. This line should be 16 feet wide.
  • At a time each team have a maximum of 5 players on the court. Within the game, Substitutions can be made many times as they wish.
  • The ball cane threw in any direction. You can do this using one or both hands.
  • A player can only move the ball by either dribbling or passing. Once player puts two hands on the basketball, then the basketball must shot or passed.
  • When the ball goes into team’s half, and they win possession back over the halfway line within Ten seconds. If a shot fails to do so, then a foul will be called. Then the ball will be turned over.
  • Each team has 24 seconds to shot at the basket. If after the shot is taken and the ball fails to go in the basket then the shot clock is restarted for another 24 seconds.
  • After each successful basket, the ball is turned over to the opposition.
  • Each team is trying to score a basket called the offense while. The group trying to prevent them from scoring is called the defense. The defense must do all they can stop the attack from scoring. They work to blocking a shot or avoiding a chance from being fired.
  • There is only one allowance for anyone catching the ball as they run. Players can’t runs with the ball. The player must throw the ball from the spot to catch the ball.
  • The body must not use to catch the ball. Players must catch the ball in between your hands.
  • A foul occurs when striking the ball with the fist. Holding, tripping, pushing or shouldering an opponent is also resulting in a foul.
  • During the play there is no tripping, shouldering, striking, holding or pushing in any way of an opponent.
  • Fouls committed throughout the game will accumulate. Then when it reached a certain number will be awarded as a free throw. A free throw involves one player from the offensive team. Depending on where the foul committed the number of free throws a player will get.
  • The time for the basketball game will be two fifteen-minute halves with five minutes break in.
  • In a basketball game Travelling, double dribble, goaltending, and backcourt violation considered as a violation.
  • All the NBA games have four quarters for 12 minutes each.
  • The 24-second shot clock is another rule of the NBA. If you possess the ball, you have only 24 seconds to attempt a shot.
  • Both teams must have total of six 60-seconds timeouts in a game. Every 20-second timeout lasts for each half-game played.
  • During a game fighting from the bench is not allowed. From the rules, it is not allowed to get off the chair into the field to help teammates.

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