How many times did Obama play Golf?

Playing Golf is a way of relaxation and also a presidential pastime. Almost every president enjoys this sport on vacation. So, Barack Obama was no different.

Now the question arises “How many times or rounds did Obama play in golf?” Here I’ll explain this topic in detail.

How many rounds did president Obama play during his presidency?

At the age of 30, Obama involved in Golf. He chooses Golf instead of basketball because playing basketball requires more physical activities and preparations. From many journals and reports, we got to know that the 44th President (Barack Obama) in the U.S. played 333 rounds in total of golf in eight years from 2009 to 2017 (total time of his office in the white house). It is calculated that President Obama spends a total of 1665 hours in the golf field. We can say it more definitely that he spent three percent (3%) of his presidency time in the golf course. So, we can say that Obama played almost 41 rounds in each year on average. This number leads Obama to a desirous golfer. And this title is for those non-professional golfers who played at least 25 shots each year on average (the National Golf Foundation in the U.S. sets this average). And an estimate says that only three percent (3%) of total citizens in the U.S. achieve this title.

How many rounds of golf did Barack Obama play in each term of his presidency?

The answer to this question is obvious. In the first term of presidency life, Obama played only 113 rounds, and he played a single round of his first hundred (100) days in the White House. And in the second term, his visiting to the golf field became more frequent, and he played a total of 322 rounds in the last four years of the presidency.

Which golf courses or grounds did Obama prefer more Public, Private or Military?

Well, the answer to this question is Obama prefers Military Golf Courses more than Private Golf Courses because the cost of military fields is lower than private areas. In his whole presidency life, he played only 12% of his golf rounds in the private grounds. Obama played most of his golf rounds in the local Military grounds because it consumes low cost and also secured than external golf fields. He played up to 74% of his total games at the Military Grounds. Obama played on ten golf fields and among them none of his own. And the golf clubs are- Andrews Air Force Base, Vineyard Golf Club, Fort Belvoir, Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course, Farm Neck Golf Club, Mid-Pacific Country Club, Mink Meadows Golf Club, Luana Hills Country Club, The Grove Park Inn, and Army Navy Country Club.

Which day does Obama play most golf rounds?

Obama played most of the golf rounds at the weekends and on vacations. He spent most of his holidays on the green grounds. And on Sunday, Obama played more games than Saturday. On Saturday, he played 26% golf games, and on Sunday, the percentage increases by 48%. He also played on weekdays, but the percentage is deficient.

How good is Obama in the golf game?

Obama is not an excellent golfer, but he always gives his best effort and tries to improve. But the question remains. Well, the answer will be clear if you understand his handicap. Before 2008, the handicap of Obama was estimated at 17, and the handicap is decreased to 13 (lower the handicap better the golfer). So, it can be said that Obama is not the worst player in presidential history, but at the same time, he is not the best player.

Comparing President Barack Obama with other Presidents

Playing golf is a common denominator of almost every president of the U.S. Among 45 president 19 were enthusiastic golfers. Now the comparison of Obama’s golf round with other presidents are as follows:The president who played the most golf games during his presidency time is Woodrow Wilson. An estimate says that Woodrow played around 1200 rounds of golf during his presidency time. And he played all his shorts very carefully. So, comparing with Wilson, Obama played very fewer golf rounds.President George W. Bush played only 24 rounds in golf games in the total time of his presidency. So, compared with Bush, Barack Obama played a good number of golf rounds. And now the present president (45th U.S. President) Donald Trump played quite a good number of rounds from 2017 to till. And it is about 220 rounds. And if he re-elected, then he will get the chance to play more golf game than Obama.

Who were Obama’s competitors in Golf?

Barack Obama was ideologically different from other politicians. Obama played most of the golf games with his political opponents. And in the game, he was very gentle. During the play, he used to discuss various issues with the other politicians that they can’t explain in the formal meeting. Most of his competitors were celebrities and athletes. Obama also got the chance to play with the Tiger Woods (number one golfer at the present time). And the athletes with whom he played with are- Stephen Curry, Alonzo Mourning and, Ray Allen. Obama also played with Larry David (a big entertainer).

How much did Obama spend the taxpayer money?

As I informed before that Obama used to play the golf on the military grounds, so it is clear that he didn’t spend more taxpayer’s money on golf. Though it is quite impossible to calculate the exact value. In many reports, it is mentioned that he spent less money than other presidents in the U.S.

Final verdict

Managing time for golf was not so easy for a president, but Obama did it. Because playing golf was a passion for him and he always wanted to cross the average limits of the golf round, which was set by the National Golf Foundation in the U.S. as 19.3 rounds each year. And Obama did so. At the same time, he fulfilled his responsibility as a president very carefully and did a lot for his country’s welfare. Obama didn’t win any championship, but he always gave his best performance and tried a lot to improve. People are always excited to know how their Commander-in-Chief is spending leisure time. I hope this article will be helpful for those curious people who always wanted to know more about Barack Obama. But when he left the office, people didn’t track his golf rounds, and there is no report about this. So, we are sorry for not updating his current golf activities.

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