How many times has Trump played golf?

Donald Trump is the 45th U.S. President who elected for presidency in 2017. At the time of his election, he owned 16 golf courses, and currently, he held 17 golf fields around the world. Twelve are in the United States, two are in Dubai, two are in Scotland, and one is in Ireland. Trump’s golf grounds selected for hosting many PGA and LPGA tournaments. In 1999, he owned his first golf ground. Trump started playing golf while he was in college. But now everybody wants to know, “How many rounds did Donald Trump play golf during his presidency?” Here I’m going to inform you about this topic.How many rounds did president Trump play during his presidency?Trump started playing golf at college. He likes this game most. He spent a lot of time on the golf course. In many reports, it published that Trump has played 258 times of golf from 20th January 2017 to till now. And Trump wants to cross 302 times of his visit before finishing his first term presidency. And if he re-elected for the second term, then it is expected that he will play 605 rounds.Which golf courses or grounds did Trump prefer more Private, Public, or Military?If we show a percentage, then the answer will be evident to you. Donald Trump played his 98% golf outings in the private golf courses. And Trump played only 2% of his golf outings in public golf grounds. He never played golf in any military golf courses. And the most exciting thing is he played all his golf at his golf fields.Which day does Donald Trump play most golf rounds?Trump played most of the golf rounds at the weekends and on vacations. He spent most of his holidays in the golf grounds. And the most exciting fact is Trump played an almost equal number of golf games on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, he played 36% golf games, and on Sunday, the percentage increases a little bit at 38%. Trump also played golf on weekdays, but the rate is relatively low.How right is Trump in the golf game?The direct answer to this question is, “Trump is a solid golfer.” He is very good at golf. And if we express his golf performance in the handicap, it is deficient (low handicap means outstanding player). The long game is his strength, and a short set is his weakness, where he performs poorly. Overall, he is a good golf player.Comparing President Trump’s golf rounds with other PresidentsPlaying golf is common, almost every president of the U.S. Among 45 presidents, 19 were enthusiastic golfers. Now we are going to compare Trump’s golf rounds with other presidents.Woodrow Wilson played the most golf games in his presidency time. An estimate says that Woodrow played a total of 1200 rounds of golf during his presidency time. And he played all his shorts very carefully. As we know, Trump’s presidency time doesn’t over yet, so it estimated that he would play about 302 times in his first term.Another President who played only 24 rounds in golf games in the total time of his presidency was George W. Bush. So, compared with Bush, Donald Trump played a lot of golf rounds. Compared with the 44th president Barack Obama, Donald Trump played quite a good number of rounds from 2017 to till. It is about 220 rounds, where Obama played a total of 333 matches in the two terms. If Trump re-elected, then he will get the chance to play more golf game than Obama.With whom did Trump play golf?Donald Trump played most of his golf competition with friends, famous peoples, and political rivals. The most known persons are- Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Rory Mcllroy, Jack Nicklaus, Fred and Taylor Funk, etc. For many political purposes, he played with many political rivals.Trump’s favourite golf coursesTrump’s favourite golf courses are- Trump International West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Los Angeles, and Trump Turnberry U.K., Liberty National New Jersey, Trump National: Bedminster, Potomac Falls, and Kasumigaseki Japan. And the most interesting fact is all golf courses are his own.How much did Donald Trump spend the taxpayer’s money?As I said before, Trump prefers to play on the private golf fields, so he spent a lot of taxpayer’s money on playing golf because private golf courses are costly. Calculating the correct amount is quite impossible because they don’t share this with any reporters. Still, the amount is estimated, and it considered that Trump spent more taxpayer’s money than the past president Barack Obama.The presidency period of Donald Trump doesn’t finish yet. And it was an update of his golf game till now. And we will keep updating this.

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