13 Tips for Playing Golf in the Winter!

Playing golf in winter is more challenging. Because one has to maintain some special rules which are not used in a local golf game. Because we can’t control the weather, but we can prepare ourselves according to the situation. As it is quite tough to play golf in winter, so many people quit this game for some time. But it is not a good decision because one can lose his excellent skill and have to start golf again from the beginning. At the same time, some people enjoy playing golf in the fresh and quiet winter morning.

After a lot of analysis, we have found some tips that are helpful for playing golf in winter in a better way. Now I’m going to share some tips which will help you to play golf in winter.

  1. Use winter hand gloves: Frozen hands in winter are common, but playing with this hand won’t give you a good result, and you can also get injured in hard shots. So, it would be best if you used warmer hand gloves so that you can play comfortably. And the gloves are not ordinary, these gloves are thicker and durable than summer gloves.
  2. Use a spike and always keep the soles of the shoe clean: Using spikes in the winter will help your boots stay dry. If you use regular shoes, then it will get wet and make you feel discomfort. And it would be best if you always cleaned the soles of the shoe.
  3. Wear proper winter clothes: To keep yourself warm, you have to wear appropriate winter clothes. It will be more effective if you wear waterproof clothes. It may be expensive, but it will keep you dry and warm. You can also use a snood to keep your neck warm. And for keeping your feet warm, you can wear two pairs of socks.
  4. Keep your body hydrated and warm: If you want to play golf in winter, then you must keep your body warm and always hydrated. You should eat more nutritious foods and avoid alcohol. So, you should eat such kind of foods which will provide high calories, and it will raise your body temperature. Such as- coconut milk, dark chocolate, meat, chicken, etc. one should eat something before starting every round and keep drinking energy drinks. And playing golf with the freezing body in winter is too harsh, and so you need to raise your body temperature.
  5. Carry your bag: In winter, bringing trolleys to the golf course is banned because it thrashes the fields. So, one should carry his golf bag, and it has a benefit that carrying this heavy bag will warm your body. And the most important thing, one must use a waterproof golf bag to keep the clubs dry from unavoidable rain. If you don’t have a waterproof golf bag, then you should buy this if you have an intention to play a lot of golf rounds in winter.
  6. Keep walking instead of riding: It sounds like crazy for non-professional golfers. But walking is very beneficial in winter because it burns calories and will warm up your body. And the warmer body is a must for playing golf in the winter season. Otherwise, you will fail to give your best shot.
  7. Make the best use of winter rules: Playing golf in winter has some specific rules which are quite different from the summer rules. One must understand that rules and use them wisely. 1st rule preferred lies- it allows ones to lift the balls and clean it, then places the ball on the mark, or it can be moved six inches from the place. Another rule casual water- some golf courses remain casual water after a rainy day because of improper drainage systems. If your balls are affected by the casual water, then you can take relief by placing the ball in the closest hole.
  8. Keep the balls warm: It sounds silly, but a warm golf ball can indeed run very fast than a cold golf ball. And it’s a useful winter golf hacks that many people don’t know. So, you have to keep two balls in your pocket to keep them warm and change the ball after every shot. You can also keep the ball warm by rubbing two balls together in your pocket.
  9. Track the ball smartly: Tracking the balls is a tough job in winter because the sunlight touches the ground rarely. So instead of running after the moving ball, you can track the ball smartly by assuming where the ball can be dropped and then search the ball on that place.
  10. Softer golf ball: Usually, the golf balls are hard, and they act like steel in winter. So, it is better to use a smooth golf ball (not so available but you will find some) which are easy to compress. And surely it will move fast and will cover more area.
  11. Yellow golf balls: Since the yellow golf balls were expensive, but nowadays, some good brands are offering a yellow ball at a quite low price. So, you can use a yellow golf ball, which is more visible. And this hack is very effective in the winter season because the white ball often lost in the snow.
  12. Take more clubs: As we know, golf balls don’t go so far in winter, so it is better to use more clubs to reach the hole faster.
  13. Indoors: If you don’t have any nearby golf grounds, then you can practice this game at home. For practicing indoors, you need to buy some equipment (net), and it will also be useful. At present, it is a very exoteric hack.

Golf is such a game that you should keep practicing; otherwise, you will lose your skill. So, one shouldn’t skip golf for winter. And I hope the above mention winter golf hacks will surely help you.

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