How To Make A Basketball Court

There is nothing like having your basketball court in the backyard of your house. If you have a basketball court, then no one will bother you when you will do practice or play your own game in your free time. It does require a lot of space to build a basketball court since regular size can be 94 feet (28.6 m) long. So if you have enough space in the driveway or backyard in your house, why don’t you give it a try to make your basketball court? The process of making a basketball court is not that difficult if you have all the necessary equipment. Let’s check out what the things you need are and how you can use them to build your basketball court.

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Things you need

  1. Two basketball hoops ( each one you need for a half-court)
  2. Court stencil kit, spray paint and tile surfacing kit or masking tape 
  3. Tape measure 
  4. Four skates
  5. Concrete (In this case, you can contact any construction company)
  6. Shovel or any equipment to compress the soil

Process of making a basketball court

1. Determine the location and size of the basketball court

The regular court size of NBA and NCAA are 94 feet*50 feet. On the other hand, for high school, the size is 84 feet long. Now divide these numbers and measurement into half for a half-court and examine what you can install in the blank space nearby your house. No matter even if it will be just a free throw lane. Make sure you use a flat surface, and this will make your job easy and be aware of the windows where you are going to install the basketball hoops. 

2. Buy hoops

As you will make a dedicated basketball court, so try to find some dedicated goals which you will cement into the ground. In this regard, you can also get height-adjustable hoops. If you are planning to build a full-court, then you need to buy two.

3. Mark the Dimensions

Take the stakes and point out the dimension of the court with a surveying level or tape measure if you have the access. 

In order to get a better feel of the size of the court, tie some ropes around the stakes. And try to keep space for “out of bounds” so that the players don’t step into or off the court.

4. Level the playing ground

Clear everything but the dirt in the area you pointed out and level it. You need to transfer the dirt to the low area from the high areas to make it smooth and packed down.

5. Create a concrete foundation

Before moving into this step, make sure the weather is dry. You will have to wait a minimum 36 hours to let the concrete set. And make sure to install the basketball hoops at this time, and you need to place it 1-2 feet into the ground and steadied with the concrete. The regular height of the basketball hoop is 10 feet from the ground to the top of the rim. It will be good for you if you can find a local construction or cement company to do all the works for you. They can even install the basketball hoops and post sleeves.

6. Paint the principle lines

For painting the principle lines, you can buy a stenciling kit. This will help you get your job done with ease. If you don’t have the stenciling kit, you can take your masking tape, spray paint and tape measure and start the measuring as you need to paint the following – 

  • The out-of-bounds line that should be 2 to 3 inches thick surrounding the total court

  • In the middle part of the court paint the center line horizontally from one side to the another 

  • The free-throw line should be  15 feet (4.57 m) precisely from the hoop, and 12 feet long 

  • The free throw lane should be  12 feet by 19 feet

So play and have fun with painting and colors. If you have a color preference, you can use that, or you can use your favorite team’s glow in the court and enjoy it!

7. Consider Surfacing

When you make your basketball court, surfacing would not be easy on your knees, but this will look so nice. You may even miss a few games since you are going to play your own.

8. Accessorize

Decorate your court using your idea and creativity, and you will enjoy playing on it. You can design the court by painting with colors, or you can paint the court with your logo. Some of the boundaries might need to install once you pour the concrete, so make a proper plan before you get started.

Once you finish all these processes, then you are good to go. You just need to hang the nets, get a basketball, and start playing on the court.  You see, the process doesn’t seem so complicated if you have proper planning. So make your plan before moving onto these processes and list up all the necessary things and make your court. You can install a portable basketball hoop also in your court, and then it might be easier for you to move and keep it in any convenient place when you finish practicing or playing the game. It depends on your choice and flexibility.

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