How to Shoot a Basketball [4 Steps]

It is essential to know how to shoot a basketball correctly if you wish to play the basketball game, and you need to be a master of this skill. In general, basketball is not a challenging game to play where you need to put the ball into the basketball hoop. In the last few decades, basketball game has progressed a lot, and it is more vital for you to have the skill to shoot from a long distance. By born, you might not be a tall human, but the thing is you can improve your shooting skills with regular practice. You can be well ahead of the game if you have the right habit and forms.

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1. Get the right stance

The first thing to note down is that you should keep your shooting foot slightly ahead of your non-shooting foot. If you are a right-handed player, then your shooting foot is on the same side as your shooting arm so that it will be the right foot. You need to turn your feet from 10 to 45 degrees towards your off-hand side, and at the same time, you need to align your him, shoulder, and elbow with the basket. 

If you lock your knees, then it might be difficult for you to get the proper balance. So flex your knees so that you will be in a perfect position to jump when you have the ball. As you are learning the art of shooting and start to practice, so you need to keep in mind of your stance. Once you will find the perfect position, use it every single time. 

If you think of making a more extended shot, then keep your shoulders back and turn in the air and jump forward. Most of your power will come from your turn and your shoulders being relaxed. If you try to throw the ball forward by using the force of chest and arms, then your shot will not be accurate. To practice your turn, you have to practice jumping from 0 to 90 degrees without the ball. Keep in mind that when you jump forward, your shoulders will be in back and relaxed.  

2. Holding the Ball Correctly

Remember your eyes and the basketball should form a straight line towards the basketball. Make the position your elbow in a way so that it will be under the ball. You need to learn to make the position of the ball at the same place every time you intend to take a shot. During the game, if someone passes you the ball, then dip the ball to your thigh or waist. When you catch a low or bounce pass or shooting off the dribble, then you don’t need to dip since you already in a dipping motion. In addition to this, if you are a right-handed player, then keep your left hand on the line, and at the same time, you need to hold them firmly with your right hand. Your other hand will act as a guide and do the opposite if you are left-handed. 

Make the position of your shooting hand in a way so that your fingertips will be at the perpendicular to the seams of the ball. When you prepare for the shot, your palm might or might not touch the ball. You can take control of the ball by using your thumbs and fingers. Keep a little bit of space between the ball and your palm, and this will help you to roll off the ball with your finger easily. To get control over the ball, you need to spread your fingers wide.

3. Taking the Shot

You need to look at the net if you want the ball goes into the net. Look at the spot at the basketball backboard where you want to hit if you intend to bank the ball in off the backboard. Your eyes will are essential while making the shot to the basketball. When you release the ball, either you can continue looking at the rim, or you can follow the flight of the ball. 

When your shooting hand (left or right hand) lunches the ball, then use your legs to propel the basketball by jumping upward. Use your arms and legs together in a similar way to make the shot. 

Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and lean back when you make the shot and jump slightly forward. You should not land your feet in the same position where they started because, in that situation, your shoulders and neck might be in a lot of tension. You should jump in natural motion when your body is balanced and don’t lean forward when you make the jump. 

Release the ball the moment before you reach the height of your jump and keep your shooting hand pointed at the basket. When you release the ball, move your supporting hand to touch your shooting arm. 

Making follow-through is an essential part of basketball shooting. Your shot will not be perfect if you make the shot with your wrist without having any follow-through. Once you complete the shot, your shooting hand will look like the shape of a swan. And at that time, your arm will curve towards the basket with your hand slowly slant downward. That’s what follow-through is all about.

4. Perfecting your technique

During any game, you won’t get time to think about the method of shooting the ball since basketball is a fast and speedy game. You need to practice shooting more and more from many sides and angles of the court and, of course, from a variety of distances. 

Practice free throws as much as you can, and you probably know that free throws are taken from the free-throw line. This distance is 4.6 m from the basket. A basketball backboard is a useful tool if you want to practice the close shots. Depending on your position in the court, you need to make shots to the backboard in different ways. If your position is on the right side of the court, then you need to aim at the right corner of the backboard. And in case if you are on the left side, you need to do the opposite. 

When you feel more comfortable in different shooting, then you can find some friends to play some games for practice purposes. Players feel more pressure when they shoot in real games, but it’s not difficult if you practice shooting in your backyard.  So work hard and practice more to improve your shooting.

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