How much space do I need for a regulation-size pool table?

Space is the first thing to consider when you are thinking about creating a pool room. It requires enough space to allow shooting from all sides of the pool table. We are often searching for a regulation-size pool table. Regulation means the size of the playing surface. The length of a regulation-size pool table should be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. Most people put ”Home Eight’ stand in their home. You need to remember the pool cues around the table. The butt of the cue to the wall that makes a big difference in how much fun you will have. A standard two-piece cues measures 58 inches in length. The pool room size should be the pool table plus two times the length of the cue. For representing the pool table in your room, always use the actual playing surface dimensions. You can get a clear idea about ideal room dimensions for a regulation-size pool table from below:

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  • Seven Foot Pool Table: 3.5 inches X 7 inches
  • Playing area: 38 inches X 76 inches
  • Minimum Space Requirement: 13 inches X 16 inches
  • Eight Foot Table: 4 inches X 8 inches
  • Playing area: 44 inches X 88 Inches
  • Minimum Space Requirement: 13.6 inches X 17 inches
  • Nine Foot Table: 4.5 inches X 9 inches
  • Playing area: 50 inches X 100 inches
  • Minimum Space Requirement: 14 inches X 18 inches

These are considered minimum standard space requirements. You will be able to play with a regulation size under this assumption. This measurement is suitable for setting up 7 foot, 8 foot, and a 9-foot table. The measures may vary from person to person. It depends on stance, height, and general comfort level. If you use a shorter cue, you able to use a smaller space. You need to provide the short cue not less than 48 inches. For determination of the amount of space that will work for you is to mock up the space you are planning. For example, you are going to install a 4 X 8 inches pool table. You have to measure and mark off the area where the table will sit. Take your standard pool playing stance over the field. Now keep stroking a few times. In this process, you will quickly know whether or not you have enough space for the pool table.

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