Soccer Complex Near Me

Soccer is a trendy game in the United States. About 4.2 million people register with US Soccer. A study in 2012 says that almost 30% of American households contain one soccer player. Also, another study in 2012 shows that it ranks as the fifth most popular sport in the US. About 8.2% of Americans say Soccer is their favourite game.

The origin of Soccer in the United States has yet to be explicitly known. It entered the United States through Ellis Island during the 1860s. On the other hand, further research in 2013 showed that it originated in America through New Orleans port. Irish, English, Scottish, Italian, and German brought this game. Some other data say this game’s origins belong to Greece, Rome, Egypt, and China. However, it is tough to determine the actual source of Soccer.

Soccer is a widely accepted game all over the United States. It is well-liked by participants as well as viewers. It creates an irresistible excitement within players and viewers. The other name of Soccer is football. In football or Soccer, there are 11 players in two teams. The game’s main objective is to try to shoot the ball to the opposite team’s goalpost. Soccer players can use any body part, excluding their hands and arms. Only the goalie or goalkeeper can touch the ball by hand, but only in the penalty area. The highest-scoring goal team will be the winner. Soccer’s governing organization is the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA). Players can play Soccer anywhere on official football premises, streets, school playgrounds, and gymnasiums.

Soccer Complex Near Me

Soccer is becoming very popular day by day in the United States. Soccer complexes have also become very popular as they are dedicated to Major league soccer matches. Soccer complexes are spread throughout the whole country. These complexes provide more than one playing ground, which is ideal for tournaments. Soccer complexes providing better facilities can host more teams in the competition.

Bryan Park Soccer Complex:

Bryan Park Soccer Complex is a Browns Summit, North Carolina soccer stadium. It is 10 miles away from Greensboro. Bryan Park Soccer Complex is one of the biggest Soccer complexes in the US. Many youth to adult Soccer tournaments are held in this complex. It consists of 17 fields in total. It has a capacity of about 3000 seats. The area of this Soccer complex is so large that it hosts the largest soccer tournament. The NC Fusion Adidas Clash is one of the most significant events, and it was held in Bryan Park Soccer Complex. Seven states took part in that event. That means it has a tremendous economic influence on that respective area. American Rescue Plan sponsors to expand this facility area with various facilities so it can arrange larger soccer tournaments. Bryan Park Soccer Complex is one of the vital components in the era of the sports tourism market. Local Sports Foundation president Richard Beard expressed his desire to invest in this popular soccer facility. Each year, it exceeds its previous record of success and impacts the local community.

Lou Fusz Soccer Complex:

Lou Fusz Soccer Complex is located in St. Louis, Missouri. The total area of this complex is 11,000 sq. ft. It has a spacious open-air pavilion about 5,300 sq. ft. and 30 feet tall. The complex also has a concession stand and a room for resting. Lou Fusz Soccer Complex is popular among young athletes. Because it provides a fun and competitive ambience to young athletes, it also offers the opportunity to develop athletes by delivering high-quality training and various opportunities to develop themselves. They also develop their trainee, focusing on their integrity and character to be built, which help trainees further in their life and sports. They also teach players various tactics and technical issues of the game for better understanding, which results from consistency in winning the game.

San Bernardino Soccer Complex:

The San Bernardino Soccer Complex is located at the base of the San Bernardino mountain in southern California. Many youth and adult tournaments, amateur and professional events, camps, and training sessions are arranged here. The total area of this soccer complex is about 47 acres. This spacious area is ideal for various soccer tournaments and practice sessions. The San Bernardino Soccer complex has 17 playing fields and high-quality arrangements. It is suitable for regional, national and International competition. It is situated at the crossroad, which is visible and easily ideal for visitors with an exit area and routing sign of the street. Various sports competitions are arranged here, such as the USYSA Regional Championship, the State and National Cup, training for the Olympics, and the Tide Cup. Fields are also available for rent during the sports season and weekends. This field is also used for various sports practice sessions. Facilities San Bernardino Soccer Complex provides:

  • FIFA standard 17 spacious fields
  • 4 Fields light for night hour
  • Easy access and a direct route to the freeway
  • Indoor Picnic spot
  • Two lots with Restroom attached
  • Drinking area
  • Area for office space with the temporary storage facility
  • Courtyard only for the vendor with various electronic facilities
  • 550 parking area with a handicapped arrangement.
  • Secured arrangements for players as well as spectators

Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex:

Bettye Wilson Soccer is named after the soccer player Bettye Wilson. Bettye Wilson is the person who first introduced Soccer in Las Vegas. He also created Nevada’s first girls’ soccer league. This Soccer complex has an area of about 58.3 acres. It is in Nevada, Las Vegas, near the Cimarron-Memorial High School. It has ten playing fields with plenty of open spaces. Various soccer competitions are held here. One of the most famous soccer completion is the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup International Soccer Competition. It is one of the most popular tournaments in the nation. This complex also hosts other events like the Players College showcase, the College tournament held on the first day of the college, etc. This complex also has playground facilities. It has a restroom for players, where they can rest during halftime of the soccer game, and a snack bar where anyone can buy snacks when needed. The facilities the Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex provides:

  • 10 Spacious Soccer fields
  • Open Space
  • Playground
  • Snack bar
  • Resting room

Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex:

Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex is a part of Savannah’s Bacon Park Sports Complex. Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex is situated in Savannah, Georgia. This complex has eight fields that are lighted. Soccer, lacrosse, and ultimate Frisbee are played on this field. This complex is home to Savannah and other leagues during the year. This Soccer complex has a snack bar where players and spectators can buy snacks. It has a dugout and a separate dressing room where players can sit during the game. It also has a bathroom with air conditioning and heated facilities. There is some particular arrangement for spectators, a paved parking lot for parking vehicles, and an accessible handicapped facility. There is also an area for ladies with a separate washroom. The fields of Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex have temperature-reducing infills for comfortable play during the winter. LED sports lighting for better night play. A significant concession building with a large, closed, and three-window concession area exists. There are also public restrooms and rooms for multipurpose use. The multipurpose room is generally used for official purposes. Overall facilities this complex provides:

  • Eight fields with LED lighting
  • A Concession building
  • Bathrooms with Air conditioning and Heating facilities
  • Separated Shower area
  • Separate is for players and coach during play
  • Bleachers
  • Parking lot
  • Accessible Handicapped
  • Separated Restroom for ladies

Cherry Island Soccer Complex:

Cherry Island Soccer Complex is situated in a rural area named Rio Linda. It is located at the border between the north and the west. This complex consists of 10 full-sized sports fields. The size of this complex is about 16 acres. Various tournaments and competitions are held in this complex. This complex also provides professional training to local club players. There is a park-like setting of about 26 acres and wetlands of 12 acres. There is also an area for a picnic. Picnic areas are closed and covered. It has a concession building and a restroom for players. There are also three separate places for barbeque parties. This complex has a large and spacious area with world-class facilities. This complex is suitable for any large tournaments of 100 teams. It is also ideal for a family vacation. Families can enjoy separate covered picnic spots and big matches with family members. It has a large parking lot to have enough space for vehicles. This complex is open throughout the whole year from sunrise to sunset. But people have to make a reservation before any purpose. The facilities this complex provides:

  • Ten sports fields over 16 acres
  • 26 acres area for a park-like setting
  • Dedicated wetlands
  • Two covered Picnic Spot
  • Concession building
  • Restroom facilities
  • Space for a BBQ party
  • Large capacity
  • Spacious Parking Lot

West Jordan Soccer Complex:

West Jordan Soccer Complex is located in the Southwest part of West Jordan. West Jordan is a place in the Hilly area. So visitors can enjoy the game with the spectacular hilly view. This place hosts the USA Adidas Cup. This complex has tourist attractions for its realistic view, exciting trails, and hiking. This place suits nature lovers; people can enjoy a vacation with exciting soccer matches. A paved path is circulated in the Jordan West Soccer Complex. It is an excellent adventure for people with strollers, wheelchairs, or other mobility equipment. The way is not shaded, so bringing hats and sunscreen for heat and sun protection is better. The path is made of cement or grass and is 5 feet wide. There is a paved parking lot for vehicles. There may be some unpaved paths. For this reason, motorized equipment or terrain tires are needed. There are benches and picnic tables for spectators.

Scheels Soccer Complex:

Scheels Soccer Complex is one of the top-rated soccer fields in the US. The total area of the Soccer Complex is 96 acres. It is located in the centre of Overland Park, Kansas. It has 12 synthetic turf fields with high-quality lighting for night play and has a cooling system to control temperature during the game. There is also an arrangement of cooling fans next to team benches. There is also a skate park, free parking, and a basketball and tennis court. Three separate concession areas exist wireless internet for spectators and players and video boards for posting match results. Apart from these facilities, it has multiple playgrounds for young people and separate office spaces for referee coordinators. This soccer complex hosts America’s most prominent tournaments and leagues. It significantly influences the respective area’s economy of about $36 million.

Rolling Hills Soccer Complex:

It is at 2900 Joe B Rushing Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76119, United States. This complex consists of 21 soccer fields with 1st class facilities and turf-filled fields that are well-lighted during night play. This soccer complex has three parking lots. Separated restrooms and concession stands are also available in this soccer complex. The soccer complex has Porto potties for people and players. Concrete walkways are also open in this soccer complex to move people and players. It has bleachers for spectators, but they are not shaded, so that it could be a problem during the hot summer. Soccer fields have multiple entrances and exits for people to move conveniently.

Indian Springs Soccer Complex: Indian Springs Soccer Complex is located in Broken Arrow City in the United States. The total area of this park is about 234 acres. It is at the city’s end, just near the Arkansas River. Soccer Complex consists of two complexes: East Complex and West Complex. East Complex has 13 soccer fields. Among them, five areas are well-lighted and have supporting facilities. The West complex has 11 Soccer fields. There is also parking and a concession stand in the West Complex. This facility has two adult softball fields with supporting facilities. The east complex has three picnic spots with tables and a playing field. There is also an arrangement for baseball games. Sixteen areas are dedicated to baseball, all lighted with the required facilities. Also, there are rooms for rest and concession facilities for baseball and Soccer. The arrangement for spectators is shaded for the comfortable enjoyment of the game. This complex has a fitness room for players for their practice sessions. There is also a walking trail of about 0.5 miles. The Arrangement this Soccer Complex Provides:

  • Comfortable and Shaded Seating Arrangements for Spectators
  • Fitness room
  • Picnic Spot
  • Playing field
  • Restroom for baseball and Soccer players
  • Walking Trail
  • Concession stands

Red Mountain Soccer Complex:

Red Mountain Soccer Complex is at 905 N. Sun Valley Blvd. in Northeast Mesa. It opened in February in the year 1995. It is a multifaced Soccer Complex with six soccer fields and about 22 Acres. This complex hosts various programs in Mesa and local schools, youth groups, and leagues. It also hosts several Soccer tournaments and competitions. The fields of this complex are of various sizes.4 fields of this complex 360×225,1 field of them 320×200 and 1field is 360×200 in size. There is a space of 242 acres consisting of a lake, playground equipment, basketball court, volleyball court, and different sizes of ramadas for people to rest. The facilities this soccer complex provides:

  • Multifaced Soccer Complex
  • 6 Soccer Complex of varying size
  • Separate Park area
  • Lake and playground equipment
  • Basketball and volleyball court
  • Different sizes of ramadas to take rest

Onion Creek Soccer Complex:

Onion Greek Soccer Complex is the ideal place for any soccer competition. It is located at 5600 East William Cannon, Austin, Texas, and is maintained by the Austin Men’s Soccer Association. It has ten well-facilitated soccer fields for the game. There is a trail of about 0.5 miles; anyone can walk on the path and enjoy the match. There is a separate area for the public to rest, and there is limited parking space and parking space with wheelchair access. It has an open area for spectators. These complex fields are cleaned and well-maintained by local volunteers and have a better irrigation system. It has several portable toilets for spectators as well as players.

Jack Allen Soccer Complex:

Jack Allen Soccer Complex is one of the most prominent recreational places in the Southeast United States. It is located at Southwest Decatur, Modaus Road, US, and has ten international-sized Soccer fields area of about 77 acres. The fields have manicured turf and are well-maintained. This Soccer field arranged several local and international leagues and competitions, such as the Alabama State Cup Championships, the Presidents Cup, the NAIA Women’s Soccer Championships, and The Open Cup. This Soccer complex is also used to train local teams such as the Decatur Soccer Association and our local club teams, River City United. Some other games are also played in this facility, such as Golf competitions, Frisbee tournaments, and NFL Punt, Pass, and kick competitions. This soccer complex provides excellent facilities and is well-maintained. There is an area for younger children to play. There are restroom facilities, cleaned bathrooms, and a concession stand for people and players. Participating teams have ice water, cups, rest tents, and benches. Golf areas, locker rooms, and separate arrangements for spectators are also available to enjoy the game, and there is also a spacious parking space for people.

Patriots-Point Soccer Complex:

Patriots Point Soccer Complex is at 85 Patriots Point Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, US. It has five multipurpose fields with various facilities. There is also a playground for younger children and concession stands for people and players. There are also locker rooms and separate private areas for VIPS. There are also rooms for coaches. This complex also offers training, and a particular training area with multimedia facilities exists. There are also arrangements for spectators to enjoy the game. The Premium public gallery is arranged with a cushioned, comfortable seat reserved for premium ticket holders.

Miami Whitewater Soccer Complex:

Miami Whitewater Soccer Complex is at 8715 Hamilton Cleves Pike Rd, Cleves, OH 45002, United States. This soccer complex has 16 well-maintained fields for games like Soccer, Lacrosse, Frisbee, and more. There is a park near the Soccer complex, so anyone can enjoy the game by enjoying the park’s scenic beauty. This park is known as Miami Whitewater Park. The total area of the park is approximately about 4,438 acres. This park provides shelters for people who can enjoy the match and the wildlife beauty of nature. There are a lot of trails in the park, such as nature trails, fitness trails, a driving range, a separate reserve area for camping, and a lake of 85 acres. People can also enjoy fishing and kayaking in the river. The complex also provides a particular concession stand for visitors and players and a golf complex. Soccer fields in the soccer complex are rented for practice and competitions. In the case of Practice fields, anyone can rent from the start of March through November. For game purposes, lots are available at the beginning of April. There are also two Parking areas for the players and spectators of the Soccer Complex.

Ross-Stewart Soccer Complex:

This Soccer Complex is called the home of the Dallas Texan Soccer Club. This Soccer Complex was built in 2007 and is located in Farmers Branch, Texas. It has six full-sized grass fields. These fields are well-lighted and well-maintained. This complex hosts several programs, such as the Dallas Texans Residency Program, Fall Festival, and the Dallas International Girls Cup and is also used for training purposes for Dallas Texan Teams. There is also a clubhouse at the site of the Soccer complex. There are separate meeting rooms, rooms for staff, a Trophy cabinet, and a separate arrangement for the jerseys of respective Alumni in this Soccer complex. There is also a training centre at Ross Stewart Soccer Complex’s premises, Embrey Family Training Centre. An indoor pitch is located in this training centre. There are also two locker rooms and a gym in the training centre.

Fort Collins Soccer Complex:

Fort Collins Soccer Complex is one of the best in town. It is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, US, and can accommodate up to 22 fields with world-class facilities. This complex hosts youth competitions and adult tournaments sponsored by Fort Collins Soccer Club. Among the fields, there are four turf-filled fields with artificial lighting. There is also a separate championship field and restrooms for people to rest in this soccer complex.

Moreover, a paved Parking lot is also available on this Soccer field. There are also meeting spaces and a food corner in the Soccer Complex. Furthermore, this Soccer Complex does not allow pet animals, tobacco, and fireworks.

Morgan Hills Soccer Complex:

Morgan Hills Soccer Complex is located in Morgan Hill, California. This complex is a venue for sports events and championship festivals. This complex has ten grass fields of about 28 acres. Among them, two grass fields are fully lighted. Two separate artificial turf-filled areas are suitable for all weather. LED lights are also available for play during the night. There is also a large and spacious concrete pathway for people. It is also convenient for people movements during various events. Soccer or football scoreboards are also available with horn and wireless technology. The concession area is also available for spectators and players. The fields are maintained with proper care on a routine basis. There is also ADA parking available in this soccer complex.

Mesa Soccer Complex:

Mesa Soccer Complex is at 1020 Anderson Ridge Rd, Greer, SC 29651, United States. Greenville County Rec and Carolina Elite Soccer Academy (CESA) combined made this complex exceptional, with 1st class tournament facilities and 16 fields with supporting facilities. There are separate restrooms in this complex, and it has two spacious parking lots. Concession facilities are attached to both bathrooms. There are two playgrounds in this complex for younger children and a ¾ mile walking trail. This complex is not open to public use. The thing to keep in mind is that pets are not allowed in this soccer complex. However, pets are permitted on walking trails during the daytime and only when there is no event in the soccer complex.

South Forsyth Soccer Complex:

South Forsyth Soccer Complex is situated at 800 Kemp Rd, Suwanee, GA 30024, USA. It consists of 4 Soccer fields and one practice field with 1st class-supporting arrangements and hosts games like rugby, lacrosse, Soccer, and many more. There are separate bleachers for spectators who come to enjoy the match. There is also a cleaning station and hand sanitizer space to maintain proper hygiene during the game. There are restrooms for people and two parking lots in the soccer complex. Scoreboards are also available to show the score. Fields are arranged with proper lighting for night play.

Lawrence Soccer Complex:

Lawrence Soccer Complex is at 5402 Herbert Lord Road, Indianapolis, IN 46216, USA. This complex is perfect for youth sports competitions and parks and recreation department programs. It has 23 spacious fields with world-class facilities, five football & four baseball fields, and a separate area for practice sessions. Moreover, it also has a concession building, parking spaces, restrooms, medical tents, a particular place for coaches and referees, and a trophy presentation area for different events.

West Seneca Soccer Complex:

West Seneca Soccer Complex is located near Buffalo, New York, USA. It has 17 fields with high-quality amenities of varying sizes. The size range of these soccer fields ranges between (210′ X 360′) to (44′ X 80′). Various champions’ leagues and games arranged by West Seneca Soccer Club are held in this Soccer complex. There is also a separate baseball field and ice rink; individual shelters are available for people. People cannot reserve a cover, and it is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is also a separate space for Dogs. A snack bar is also available for people to enjoy snacks during hunger. There is also a walking path for people to enjoy walking and three spacious parking to park vehicles. There is also outdoor fitness space for players and spectators.

Al Ruschhaupt Soccer Complex:

Al Ruschhaupt Soccer Complex is situated in McKinney, Texas. The total area of Al Ruschhaupt Soccer Complex is about 96 acres. It has five Soccer Complexes. This Soccer Complex also has other facilities, such as cricket, splash, and lacrosse. It has an amphitheatre for various sports-related events and programs, a trail for bike riding and hiking, swings for younger children, and a playground with wheelchair-accessible facilities for children. It also has a separate picnic spot, restrooms with a concession stand for players and spectators, and Shelters for people to rest. This complex’s shelters and a spacious parking lot are available on a first-come-first-served basis. This complex is excellent for all types of ages. Adults can sit at the picnic table and watch their kids play simultaneously.

East Lansing Soccer Complex:

East Lansing Soccer Complex is located at 3700 Coleman Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823. It is near the Michigan State University. This Soccer Complex has 2 Stadium fields and six recreational fields with supporting facilities. This complex offers good facilities for players as well as for spectators. There are bleachers for people to sit in during the match—the total capacity of the bleachers is about 250 spectators. There are restrooms and concession stands for people and players for relaxation. There is a sufficient water supply as per the requirements of the public and players. The scoreboard displays match scores. A separate area is also available for players, which is covered. There is also a windscreen, player’s locker room, and ticket counter in this soccer complex. It has a parking lot with a capacity of 350 vehicles. Also, a lighted trail is available for people to walk along the path. This complex has a lightning sensor facility.

Stars Soccer Complex San Antonio:

Star Soccer Complex is located in San Antonio, Texas. It consists of 13 fields with verities of supporting amenities. Various youth and adult championship matches are held in this complex. It has bleachers for spectators, restrooms, concession stands, and a separate locker room for players. It also has a cleaning station and sanitizing station to maintain proper hygiene. The fields are adequately lit, with a scoreboard attached to the area. A well-decorated water fountain is seen in this soccer complex. It has parking spaces that have wheelchair-accessible facilities. Alcohol, style foam, glass, and grilling are prohibited in this area. A dedicated room is available for alcohol and grilling purposes. Pets and Dogs are not permitted on this property.

Mission City Soccer Complex:

Mission City Soccer Complex is at 2600 Red Hill Ln, San Antonio, TX 78264, United States. There are several soccer fields in this Soccer complex. Previously, there were 43 soccer fields, and new areas have been added to this Soccer property. This facility is home to Bexar country games; all amateur games are held. This complex also has other games like baseball, track and field, and swimming. The Restroom, spacious parking lot, and concession stand are also on this Soccer field. The Mission City Soccer organization controls this soccer complex. This organization aims to serve people with the best sports programs, events, and people-friendly staff to meet public fitness requirements. On the other hand, it provides an environment that will help people with exciting match and training programs. Keep in mind that smoking, vaping, barbecuing, and pets are not allowed in this facility.

Olathe Soccer Complex:

Olathe Soccer Complex is at 0541 S Warwick St, Olathe, KS 66061, United States. It has nine artificially turf-filled Soccer fields with first-class facilities. The fields are well-lit and suitable for night play. This soccer complex also has restrooms, a Concession building, a business area for vendors, and a separate room for warm-up and seating. This complex also has a free parking area and is a home for the Soccer Association. The most significant competitions and matches are held in this soccer complex. There are several hotels around this Soccer Complex. It is also convenient for tourists—three hotels near the complex with about 400 rooms.

Posey Hartman Soccer Complex:

Posey Hartman Soccer Complex is located at 1438 US-42, Lebanon, OH 45036, United States. This Soccer Complex has several fields, separate practising areas, and washrooms for people and players. This soccer complex has parking space for vehicles. The parking area is very narrow, and we must make space for better parking. There is a trail throughout the complex, which is suitable for walking and jogging. One thing that needs to be improved by that complex authority is direction in this soccer complex; it will be tough for people to find the desired area. This Soccer complex is more convenient as a practice field and can be more crowded if there is a big match or tournament held in this Soccer complex.

West Orange Soccer Complex:

West Orange Soccer Complex is located at 50 Windermere Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787, United States. The fields in this soccer complex are much cleaner and well-maintained, and it has a spacious parking area convenient for people. This facility has cleaned bathrooms and concession areas for spectators and players.

Waipio Soccer Complex:

Waipio Soccer Complex is located in Waipio, Hawaii. It is the first and only Soccer complex in Hawaii and consists of 21 soccer fields with supporting facilities. The total area of this soccer complex is 288 acres. This soccer complex serves almost thirty thousand local soccer players and international players who are from the places but want to play in Hawaii. This complex attracts many soccer teams outside Hawaii who want to play in Hawaii tournaments. It is the heart of the women’s soccer team at the University of Hawaii. This soccer complex has a seating capacity of approximately five thousand people. This soccer complex also hosts a local high school soccer complex. It has restrooms, locker rooms, a parking area, referee rooms, and a storage area for people and also for players. It opens from Sunday to Saturday from 8 AM to 8 PM in summer and 8 AM to 6 PM during winter.

Angel Street Soccer Complex:

This Soccer Complex is located near Kaysville, Utah. This complex is a natural place of almost 400 trees of a hundred verities and has five Soccer complexes with supporting facilities, restrooms, pavilions, parking spaces, and playgrounds. It also offers a picnic area to the visiting spectators. Anyone visiting this soccer complex will enjoy the match, the scenic beauty of nature, and a picnic with their near and dear ones. This complex also provides picnic tables and a water supply to make people comfortable. There is also a separate area for grilling, suitable for disabled people, providing facilities for their use. There is also a botanical garden in this soccer complex.

McKinney Soccer Complex at Craig Ranch:

This is at 6375 Collin McKinney Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75070, United States. It has twelve well-lighted fields. The total area covered by this complex is about 65 acres—a separate championship field for the big match and a restroom with concession facilities. There is also a trail throughout the complex for hiking and biking. Four small pavilions with electrical facilities are also available in this complex. These pavilions are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis and for large tournaments. It has a pond of ½ acre parking area for vehicles. A lightning detector is also available in this complex. Sensors have their weather station and address system to detect lightning in the area. A siren indicates if there is lightning in the area.

Jekyll Island Soccer Complex:

Jekyll Island Soccer Complex is at S Beach View Drive, Jekyll Island, GA 31527, United States. It is famous for its natural ambience and its beach-view atmosphere. For this reason, it has become the favourite soccer complex for Soccer players and nature lover spectators. Various exhibitions and tournament matches are held in this soccer complex throughout the year, from fall to spring. This Soccer complex is unique because it is just beside the Atlantic Ocean. Many people love this complex for its natural ambience, carpet-like grass field, and many more facilities. It hosts local school competitions, the Distinguished Region Premier League, and the North Florida Youth Soccer Competition. This Soccer Complex has soccer fields with supporting amenities, restrooms with concession stand, parking, outdoor shower space, beach access, and a separate area for parking cycles and other vehicles. There is also a particular area for picnics and fishing, a place for children, and natural trails. In the case of parking, people need to buy a parking pass to receive a fixed amount of parking charges at the greeting station. Parking lot charges at this complex are based on per-day per-vehicle costs. The pedestrian can enter the complex with no charges. One more thing to remember is that pets are not allowed in this Soccer Complex.

Burns Park Soccer Complex:

The heart of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Lady Trojans. It is located at 1 Soccer Avenue, North Little Rock, AR 72118, United States, and has 17 Soccer fields with first-class facilities. It is situated between Arkans River and Bayou. There are restrooms with concession facilities in this Soccer complex. This Soccer Complex also has a spacious parking lot with a capacity of 1500 parking. This complex has a natural ambience with many trees and three miles of hiking trails. There are 135 acres of preserved wetland in this complex. This complex also has facilities for other games. This Soccer complex has a tennis court and an area for golf, softball, and base fields. A separate room for dogs is also available in this Soccer complex. This complex is perfect for games, picnics, hiking, biking, and many more.

Sports Blast Soccer Complex:

Sports Blast Soccer Complex is at 19220 US-280, Birmingham, AL 35242, United States. It has six grass fields, three parking lots, an inner trail for the movement of people, separated restrooms & locker rooms for the referee, and indoor facilities and toilets. Various Sports tournaments and practice sessions are held in this Soccer Complex. There are also bleachers for spectators to enjoy the match.

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