Sports That Start With S

In this blog, we’ll be focusing on the most popular sports globally, starting with S. We’ll be discussing different aspects of such sports. Here we have a collection of sports that begin with “S” (or similar). From Soccer to Skiing, there’s a whole host of sports to get stuck into.

What Sports Start With Letter “S”?


Sailing and swimming can be enjoyable leisure time activities for many people. Many sports enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of sailing or swimming in open water such as lakes, oceans, and rivers. For those who enjoy the thrill of sailing, it is desirable to have a boat that provides both comfort and stability. For those who want the joy of swimming, it is desirable to have a swim platform that provides support while also providing the ability to move about on the water’s surface.


A few weeks ago, my wife and I were on a trip to the Grand Canyon. We took our 2-year-old son, Cooper, with us, and he had a great time playing in the sand and riding down the dunes. We also brought along some board games, and he loved playing them all. He could play them without any help from me or his mom, which made for a fun family experience.

If you have a passion for skiing or snowboarding, you’ll want to try this sport.

It’s called sandboarding because the board looks a bit like a surfboard. You can either stand up or lie down on the board and slide along with it, either on the stomach or the back.


Shooting is a popular spectator sport in the United States. One of the most popular shooting sports is skeet, and wherein clay targets are used. The game of skeet involves several shooters who each attempt to hit a moving target. Each shooter aims at his target by lining up the target in his gun’s crosshairs and pulling the trigger. The skeet game has been played for many years using clay targets that have been loaded into a firearm by an attendant.

Shot Put

The sport of shot put is an event where athletes compete to throw a ball over a target. It is one of the most popular throwing sports globally, with the IAAF World Championships held every year since 1987. The sport has had great success at the Olympic Games since it was first introduced and is the only throwing event in the modern Summer Olympics. Athletes may compete in the shot put at all levels, from club level to the professional level.

Show Jumping

Showjumping is a sport in which horses are ridden bareback over jumps while riders are mounted on a saddle. It is most commonly practiced in a large outdoor arena but can also be done indoors or in a stadium. The horse and rider must negotiate an obstacle course consisting of up to three jumps, each with its height and distance from the previous jump.


Shuffleboards are a well-known and widely enjoyed pastime. A shuffleboard game is played by a player on a playing surface, such as a polished wooden surface or a plastic surface. The playing surface is provided with a plurality of holes with a predetermined depth and width.


Skeleton is a form of bobsled where the athletes are seated and propel themselves using their legs. The sport is unique because it requires both speed and strength. The athletes cannot use any other propulsion system than their bodyweight. Skeleton is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. All athletes must wear helmets and shoulder pads, knee pads, elbow pads, shin guards, and wrist guards to avoid injury.

Ski Archery

Ski archery is a cross-country skiing discipline that uses recurve bow and arrow. The game was invented by American inventor David Pritchard in the early 20th century, who published his first patent on February 3, 1914. The history of ski archery began with a chance meeting between David Pritchard, an engineer from Pennsylvania, and a pair of Swedish ski jumpers, Anders Andersson and Lars Bergström.

Ski Cross

Or cross-country skiing is a sport in which skiers must move from one ski to another. This is usually done by pushing off with one foot and rolling onto the other. A skier can also be required to push off and jump, such as when crossing a snowmobile trail or jumping from one ski to another. When skiing cross-country, a skier’s position relative to the skis he is traveling is called his “position.

Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping is always in the news. But what happens when a person from the sports world becomes a politician? Today, we will talk about ski jumping politicians, and we’ll also look at how he has been successful in the past and what he can do for the future.


shoes There are many things to consider when buying ski boots, but most are related to your personal preference. There is no “best” boot for everyone, and the best choice depends on your preference. For beginners, the boot must be comfortable but not too soft. It must fit well and have a good fit so that you can move around quickly. It should also have good stability.


Skydiving is a sport in which skydivers jump from an aircraft at a high altitude. The sport is considered the most extreme form of parachuting because it requires the skydiver to open and close their parachute quickly, usually within seconds. It is also considered one of the most dangerous sports, with fatal accidents every year. History The earliest recorded skydive was performed by the French military in 1912.

Slopestyle Skiing

A variety of tricks, including flips, cartwheels, and backflips. The slopestyle is a new trick that has become increasingly popular. Slopestyle skiing combines the best aspects of big air snowboarding, half-pipe riding, and freestyle skiing. What Is Slopestyle? Slopestyle is a sport that allows you to perform tricks and stunts on a snowboard or snowboard/snowboard hybrid.

Slow-pitch Softball

Slow-pitch Softball is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Softball is a bat-and-ball sport in which a batter attempts to hit a pitched ball with a softball bat. The baseball game was invented in 1845 by Abner Doubleday, who also designed the sport of cricket and golf. Softball was introduced to the United States in 1889 by William Wardell, the founder of the Chicago Athletic Association (CAA).


Snowcross is a unique combination of snowmobiling, skiing, and cross-country. They require special equipment and training. Snowcross Sports are an alternative to downhill skiing or snowmobiling. Snowcross is a combination of skiing and snowmobiling in which you use a sled to pull your skis, snowboard, or snowmobile down a hill. Snowcross Sports are a great way to get in shape and stay active during the winter months.


Snowboarding is widely practiced, and the snowboard is the preferred form of skiing in many areas. The snowboard, however, is different from skis in that it has a broader surface area than a ski. Snowboards also have a huge footprint on snowboard contact with the snow. As such, the snowboard provides a larger area for the rider’s feet to grasp the snow and control the movement of the snowboard.

Snowmobile Racing

The Snowmobile Racing Sportsman of the Year was an annual award given by the Snowmobile Hall of Fame. The award is presented to a person who, during the previous year, has exhibited exceptional sportsmanship and service to the sport of snowmobiling. The Snowmobile Racing Sportsman of the Year Award was first awarded in 1996 at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame Awards Banquet in Phoenix, Arizona.


Snowshoeing is a winter recreational activity in which participants travel by foot or horse on snow and ice over rough terrain, using a pair of specially designed snowshoes. It requires little physical fitness and is a low-impact sport that uses gravity to propel the user forward. Snowshoeing is popular in northern regions where snow is common, but it can also be done in warmer climates.


England, Soccer is the most popular sport in England and a significant source of revenue for the English Premier League. The Football Association (FA) is the governing body of the game in England and is based in London. The FA runs the professional leagues, including the Premier League, Championship, League One and Two, and the FA Cup. This knock-out competition is open to all clubs in England.


In the United States, Softball is a team sport played by women. It is the third most popular sport for girls in the United States, behind only soccer and basketball. Softball has been played since the 1880s, when it was first introduced to women. The first softball tournament was held in 1887, and the first organized league was formed in 1895.

Speed Skating

Speed skating (sometimes called ice speed skating) is a sport of roller skates. It is played on ice and outdoor tracks. The sport was developed in the 19th century in Russia, where it is referred to. It is one of the four traditional disciplines of competitive figure skating. It is also the only sport that requires the use of roller skates.


In Australia, Squash sports in Australia are popular sports of squash. The sport is governed by Squash Australia, which was formed in 1973. Squash has a long history in Australia and is believed to be one of the first sports played on Australian soil. The sport is currently played on both a professional and amateur level. Professional players compete at a professional level in the World Squash Tour. Amateurs play for the Australian Squash Championships.

Street Hockey

Playing in the park Hockey is a team game played with a puck on ice, a ball on a court, a bat on a baseball field, or a stick on a field. A different type of hockey, field hockey, is played on a field with a stick and a ball. Girls and women usually play field hockey. Hockey can be played in any weather, indoors or outdoors.

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling, also called sumo, is a traditional Japanese sport involving grappling and throwing techniques. It is part of the Japanese Shinto religion, practiced since at least the 9th century AD. In Japan, sumo is practiced by over 100 rikishi, or wrestlers, and is an integral part of Japanese culture. The sport is also popular in the United States and other countries.


Supercross sports Olympic Games are an international multi-sport event involving athletes from nations worldwide. These games are hosted by the host nation every four years, with the following games set to take place in Tokyo, Japan, in 2020.

Surfing spots

There are many types of surfing sports, including but not limited to longboard surfing, bodyboarding, SUP surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, and SUP yoga.


At the 2000 Summer Olympics Swimming at the 2000 Summer Olympics was held from 16–29 July. The events were held in the Aquatics Centre of the Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia. This was the first time that swimming was contested at an Olympic Games. A total of 469 swimmers from 84 nations competed in the pool. Records Before this competition, the existing world, and Olympic records were as follows. All times are in minutes and seconds.


In the pre-alpine parts of Switzerland, people would wrestle barefoot in the snow. You feel you have no control over your life, and you’re not sure if you can change things for the better. Schwingen is a Swiss national sport similar to tug of war, except that the object is a ball rather than a rope. The history of schwingen tournaments starts with a match in 1805.

Shuai Jiao

The ancient jacket wrestling shushu style of Beijing, Tianjin, and Baoding are Shuai Jiao (Chinese: or; pinyin: Shuijio; Wade–Giles: Shuai-Chiao). It’s a general Mandarin Chinese term for any form of wrestling, both inside and outside China. It may refer to various styles of wrestling practiced in China in the form of a martial arts system or a sport. The Republic of China was introduced to Southern China after 1912 in the Republican era.


Ssireum, or Korean wrestling, is a folk wrestling style and the traditional national sport of Korea that began in the fourth century. Each contestant wears a belt that is wrapped around their waist and thigh. In the competition, opponents lock on each other’s belts, and one victory by bringing any part of the opponent’s body above the knee to the ground results in minor harm to the opponent.

Sambo (martial art)

Sambo is a Russian martial art, an internationally practiced combat sport, and a recognized style of amateur wrestling that is included by UWW in the World Wrestling Championships and Greco-Roman wrestling, and freestyle wrestling. The Russian SFSR was where started in the Soviet Union. The romanization Samozashchita bez oruzhiya means self-defense without weapons, which is the acronym for Sambo. SAMBO is the correct official English spelling, approved by USA Wrestling and the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The development of Sambo began in the early 1920s to improve the hand-to-hand combat abilities of service members. It was supposed to be a merger of some of the most effective techniques in martial arts. The two men who were the pioneers of sambo were Viktor and Vasili. The Great Purge resulted in the death of Oshchepkov, who was accused of being a Japanese spy after he spent several years living in Japan. What is known as sambo is a cross-pollination of two different styles independently developed by the two men. In Russia, “free wrestling” is known as catch-as-catch-can wrestling or catch wrestling, and it is softer and less brutal than in the West. It was also less dependent on strength due to the injuries that Spiridonov sustained during World War I. The founder of sambo is also a student of Anatoly Kharlampiev. The USSR All-Union Sports Committee recognized it as an official sport in 1938.

Shaolin Kung Fu

One of the oldest, largest, and most famous styles of kung fu in Chan Buddhism is called Shaolin Kung Fu. During its 1500-year history, martial arts and philosophy were combined in a temple in Greater China. “Shaolin kung fu is the best under heaven” and “All martial arts under heaven originated from Shaolin” are famous Chinese folklore sayings. The external styles of kung fu are referred to as the Shaolin brand. The name Shaolin is used in many styles in China.


A spear, gig, or harpoon is used in spearfishing, a method of fishing that involves impaling the fish with a straight pointed object. It has been used in fishing for many thousands of years. The practice of spearing fish from rivers and streams was common in the early days of civilization. Modern spearfishing usually involves underwater swimming gear and slingshot-like elastic-powered spearguns or compressed gas-powered pneumatic spearguns, which launch a tethered underwater projectile to strike the target fish. Different types of aquatic environments and target fish have been developed with unique techniques and equipment. Spearfishing can be done using free-diving, snorkeling, or scuba diving techniques, but it’s not allowed in some countries. Spearguns powered by mechanically powered engines are not permitted in some countries.

Surf fishing

While standing on the shoreline or wading into the surf zone, surf fishing is land-based game fishing. A general term, surf fishing may or may not include casting a lure or bait and refers to all types of shore fishing, from sandy and rocky beaches, rock jetties, or even fishing piers. Surf fishing from the beach by casting into the surf or near the shoreline is surfcasting or beach casting. The majority of the time, surf fishing is done in saltwater. The most common misconception about surf fishing is that one must cast as far out as possible to reach the fish.

Sepak takraw

Sepak Takraw, also called kick volleyball, is a team sport played with a plastic ball between two teams of two to four players on a court similar to a badminton court. Like volleyball and footvolley, it uses a rattan ball and allows players to only use their feet, knees, shoulders, chest, and head. Sepak Takraw is often referred to as a mixture of volleyball and association football due to its net and association football use. The sport’s modern version was developed and standardized in 1960 when officials from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Myanmar met in Kuala Lumpur to agree on a name and standard rules. Sepak Raga Jaring was first exhibited in 1945 in Penang. It was introduced as a medal event in the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur. Sepak Takraw is considered a national sport of Malaysia.

Snow golf

Many people enjoy playing golf, but what about golfing in the winter? Snow golfing is a great way to enjoy the winter weather while playing a fun and challenging game. There are many different ways to play snow golf, so find the perfect one.


Sholf is a lawn game that is similar to golf and table shuffleboard. The players take turns putting the golf balls into the scoring zones.

Static trapeze

A static trapeze is a type of circus act performed on the trapeze. It is different from the other types of trapeze because the bars and ropes mostly stay in place. A trapeze is a platform suspended from a circus tent ceiling, where acrobats perform various feats. You need to work with another person to perform this exercise. The bar is a crucial component in the sport of ring wrestling. And the ropes are used to keep the athletes apart. You can buy a self-standing trapeze for home use.

Summer Biathlon

The International Biathlon Union organizes the Summer Biathlon, which combines trail running, roller skiing, rifle shooting, and sometimes trail running. The biathlon is an Olympic sport that combines rifle shooting with cross-country skiing in the winter. Every year since 1990, the Summer Biathlon World Championships have taken place. Until 2009, trail running was a part of the world championships.

Strongman (strength athlete)

In the 19th century, the term “strong man” referred to an exhibitor of strength or circus performer who performed feats of strength. Strength athletics, also known as strongman competitions, have grown in popularity. These competitions are now composed of a variety of events in which competitors have to move the highest weights possible, the winner being the one having the highest tally across all events


Many sports begin with the letter S. In fact, over 200 different sports start with the letter S. You can’t go wrong with sports. They’re big, they’re global, they’re social, and they’re everywhere. Sports are the most popular form of entertainment for people around the world. It is estimated that the average person watches more than 30 hours of sports per month.

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