Benefits of Standing Closer to Golf Ball!

There are situations in the golf course when you may need to reach the top of a hill or carry a hazard. Sometimes you may encounter a problem when mild conditions reduce the move in the fairway. Under such circumstances, you surely want to shoot the ball at a height to cover the maximum possible distance. If you’re going to succeed in golf, you must pay attention to every small fundamental for making the swing. In this article, we shall present the significance of standing at the right distance from the golf ball. Holding firmly to the golf ball from your next practice sessions will give you the edge to perform like a pro in the real-life games!!

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Standing too close is too far away

There is an ongoing debate on the standing position while hitting the golf ball. However, your game will be more challenging if you stand too firmly or too far away. Let’s examine the situations.

Standing too close

If your body is very close to the ball, you will feel stuck or crowded. Before the beginning of the swing, you will find your hands in the proximity of the body. It will give you the feeling of standing too upright.

When the swing gets started, you will perhaps lift your club too high in the air, not to turn the shoulders nicely. Consequently, the club will come down from a very steep angle. The outcome is that you are likely to get the portion of the desired swing.

Therefore, you understand that standing too firmly is not appealing at all. Instead, it will produce unexpected results.

I was standing too far away

On the other extreme, some golfers prefer to stand too far from the ball before hitting it. Although it doesn’t create many problems like standing too close, this position also has some challenges.

When addressing the ball, you may have to slump the shoulders for which the clubhead will reach out to the ball very awkwardly. It would be quite difficult for you to correct your posture if the swing starts from this position. However, like many players, if you change your posture to make a clean shot, it would surely be hard to hit the ball. You will struggle to develop the power to strike.

There is another limitation of standing too far away. It will not let you rotate correctly through the swing, leading to loss of power and accuracy.

Right posture is the solution

Standing in the correct position is of absolute importance. But the question is how to make it? Let’s keep continuing.

There is no specific or mathematical approach to make the right standing position. It’s not that you have to measure your location from the ball by inches. Because it is not a realistic solution while you are on the golf course, it is about how you feel. If you are comfortable, balanced, and ready to make an astounding swing, you can your standing position is right.

The solution lies in a stable posture that will help you start swinging. The following techniques will be in your help to figure out the right position:

  • Keep the back straight from the waist up to your neck so that you can rotate easily during the golf swing.
  • Keep your knees a bit flexible that will give you dynamic action for making a golf swing.
  • Unlike many other golfers, you should tilt forward from the hips when your back is straight.

Benefits of standing closer

1 Improvement in-game

When you stand close to the ball, you will experience the remarkable development in your performance in the game. Make sure that you swing the hands at the lowest points. It has two effects. You can create an ideal distance and hit the ball perfectly without much effort. It will also ensure you to hit the ball to its maximum height if the situation demands.

During the swing of the ball, the face of the club hit the ball. At this time, your body provides the necessary force to drive the ball to cover the desired distance. Standing far from the ball will make swing round or flat. It will throw the ball off to your target. If you stand close, you will get the upright swing, and the ball will reach the hole as tight as possible.

2. Making a balance

You can maximize your balance if you stand firm to the ball. For hitting the ball, you know the importance of balance when. It increases your chance of making a better hit. Standing far away will limit your opportunity to hit the ball accurately since you have to reach further.

When you are not in a balanced position, all the body weight will be placed on the toe. Thus, if you hit the ball standing far away, you will lose your balance. You will miss the shot to strike or otherwise hit it to the wrong destination in such a condition. So it is imperative to stand in the way that will help you achieve the balance while taking a swing.

3. Making swing perfectly

Do you want to make a perfect swing? Standing closer to the ball is the right option. At this position, your hands remain the right height while grabbing the club. For this reason, the clubface hits the ball. Mainly, when you need to cover a short distance to send the ball smoothly to the hole, a more restrained shot is only possible by standing closer.

4. Health factor

When you maintain a proper stance for hitting the golf ball, you generally keep your back and overall well-being in a safer state. When standing far away, your body falls in an off-balance position for which it requires compensation in different manners. Therefore, if you stand closer to the ball, your body weight is equally distributed, and it can exclusively handle the stress.

5. More control 

You can hit the ball with more control when you stand close to the ball. Standing far away means your stance is too broad. It will be riskier to shift the body if you want to make a swing. Your chance of hitting the ball decreases if you don’t stand in the ideal standing pose.

6. Limbs get a positive effect

Standing far away from the ball will affect permanently on your feet. It will develop a flat-footed presence, and your body will not participate in the swing process. You will soon get tired since you have to try more for accuracy. However, when you stand closer to the ball, limbs of the body get a positive impact when taking a golf swing.

Final Words

The most challenging fact in golf is that you can’t make the same shot and the same swing again and again. You have to go through many different conditions and change situations. However, if you find your right standing position, you can encounter every problem successfully. It is clear that standing close to the ball rather than standing far away provides a more competitive advantage and helps grow you up as a seasoned golfer.

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