Incredible Facts on Tiger Woods

In the global arena of professional golf, Tiger Woods is the most predominant name. There is hardly any career golfer who is unaware of this famous name. In the history of US golf, Tiger Woods considered being one of the all-time best players. His dazzling performance and fantastic skill sets have made him unparalleled.

Since an early age, he had been demonstrating his talents. To date, he has been showcasing his extraordinary contributions and passions for the game. His influence in this game is highly praiseworthy. He was born to an African-American father and Thai mother. The whole world applauds his enviable golf records.

In this article, we have tried to focus on various exciting aspects of this living legend. Some of the magical facts that will draw your attention to go deep inside the colourful character of Tiger Woods.

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Stunning Facts on Tiger Woods

Naming Mystery

Although the whole world knows him as Tiger Woods, his real name is Eldrick Tont Woods. An interesting fact is that the first part of his character has combined the first letter of his father’s name (Earl Dennison Woods) and the first letter of his mother’s name (Kultida Woods) at the end as the initial.

His father was a US Army Infantry Officer. In remembrance of his close friend in the army, Mr Earl named his son as Tiger. Now, this splendid player is known as Tiger Woods instead of his real name.

The transformation from an Amateur to Pro

He was a child prodigy, and his athlete father favoured and supported him a lot by introducing golf when he was only two years old. Because his father was army personnel having an intense passion for golf, Tiger got the privilege of playing at the Navy golf course beside the Joint Forces Training Base with his father.

When Tiger was only 11 years old, he defeated his father. He won the Junior World Golf Championships six times, and from 1988 to 1991; he was a four consecutive years’ champion. At the age of 15, Tiger became the youngest Junior Amateur Champion in the US.

Tiger Woods started his career as an amateur. Winning three consecutive titles in the US Amateur Championship laid the Foundation for his grand success in the arena. Till today his record of consecutive winning is untouched and unbroken.

Passion for Basketball

Apart from golf, Tiger Woods was an enthusiastic basketball player, particularly in the early Life of college days. He loved to play basketball so much that the Kansas State University team happily took him in the band. Like golf, he performed very well in the basketball court.

Man of Records

The golf world has seen a tremendous performer Tiger Woods who has won many golf lovers’ hearts with understanding and proliferation. His performances are so eye-catchy, soothing, and delightful that making and breaking new records in golf for him is no more a wonder!!

He has bagged 17 Guinness World record in several categories of golf so far!! Tiger Woods is a very few athletic geniuses who is simultaneously the most exclusive earning golfer and has won almost all major tournaments in a row.

Earning Billions is a Journey

Tiger Woods is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world every year. Considering the age range, he is one of the top billionaire athletes. In 2009 he got the billionaire title and his career earning is $1.7 billion whereas the net worth of this Afro-American golfer is around $800 million.

If the legacy continues, he will soon reach the prestigious ‘Billion Net-Worth Club’. It is for sure that his hard work and dedication for the golf have catapulted him to the apex of success. However, hefty sponsorships and jaw-dropping prize money are also fueling his journey towards the triumph!!

Personal Life

The personal Lives of Tiger Woods is very colourful and bumpy. In 2003, he got engaged with ex-model Elin Nordegren whom he married in 2004. Their daughter Sam Alexis Woods born in 2007 and son Charlie was born in 2009. However, several reasons made their relationship bitter, and they got divorced in 2010. Although Tiger Woods had engaged with some women after his divorce, he stabilized in the relationship with Erica Herman since 2017.

Dream Luxury Home

Tiger Woods owns a very spectacular 12-acre property on a lush green beach at Jupiter Island in Florida. He got the property with his ex-wife & A luxurious beach view house has built on it. The house is a serene and tranquil living place. Mini golf ground and greeneries around the home have increased the aesthetic value of the property.

Garland of Achievements

Tiger Woods is a living legend in the play of golf. His attainments are glorious. He participated in more than 80 Tour tiles and won 15 majors. It is a fact that without hard work, struggle, deep focus, and obsession for the game, he could never become a great golfer. He is unstoppable because of his persistence and stamina. In 84 International Golf events, he won 15 majors, placed 2nd for seven times and placed 3rd four times. He was within top-5 for 33 times, within top-10 for 41 times, and within top-25 for 59 times.

Scandals are part of Life

Although he is a celebrity, Tiger Woods is above all a human being and scandals touched him. Sometimes the situation is like that his Life rotates around rumours and scandals. There was a serious allegation of the extramarital affair against him with nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel.

Furthermore, he was found by the Police as a careless driver and got a penalty for the matter of immature driving. He even got a blow from his cellmate in prison. These issues broke the relationship between the sponsors and Woods. However, he managed to retain his earlier image after that and sponsors came back with new contracts.

Arrest over the Controversy of Drug vs Medication

The Jupiter Police Department of Florida caught this golf maestro in 2017 for drug-driving charges. Police filed the case against him on the ground that he fell asleep while the engine of his SUV was on and it was moving. However, Woods stated that Police arrested him with the wrong perception of drug consumption. He instead took the medication, which might have complications of sleepiness.

Trademark Color

Tiger widely sawed wearing a redshirt. Many people think that red is the signature colour of Woods. Usually, on the last day of any tournament, he loves to wear red which he believes will bring him a fortune. Some of his accomplices say that Woods got the belief of the significance of red colour from his mother. However, Woods never said anything about his colour preference.

Movies and Music

Like many ordinary people, Woods has a special affection for music and movies. In some cases, his taste surpasses the average preference. He enjoys his leisure time by watching favourite movies and listening to mind touching tracks. Apart from Hollywood movies, he is a great fan of the James Bond series!!

  • Writing: Hidden Gem Within

Like a highly skilled golfer, Woods is equally a successful writer. “How I Play Golf”, written by him, is one of the bestsellers. This book is an excellent guide for the newbies who will get the detailed directives from it. In 2017, he published “1997 Master class: My Story” focusing on his first Master class win. Furthermore, he writes columns for Golf Digest on a regular interval.

Charity Begins at Home

Tiger Woods is a man of broad heart. He earns billions of dollars from playing golf and contributes many charity works, including child education and training on golf. The Tiger Woods Foundation exclusively donates several charitable organizations. After getting established in 1996, the Foundation has reached thousands of beneficiaries to meet their challenges. His most significant donation was for the earthquake victims of Haiti back in 2010.

Final Words: It is true that like other human beings, Tiger Woods is not beyond mistakes. He has a personal life which many people may think is not going right. However, keeping all the negativeness aside, we can conclude by saying that Tiger Woods is a great entertainer in golf. His dedication and passion for the play have made him an illuminating personality!!

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