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John Wilson is an American Professional Golf Player born on 23rd February 1959 in Ceres, California, United States. According to his birth year, he is now 60 years old. Now he lives in Indian Wells, California. John Wilson completed graduation from the College of the Desert. John Wilson’s height is 6’1″ (1.85 m), and his weight is 165 pounds (75 kg). John didn’t share other personal information publically, so; people don’t know much about him.

Career: John Wilson became a professional golf player in 1987, but he started playing tournaments officially from 1991. In his whole career, John won three matches. Two in Korn Ferry Tour, and one in other competitions. John Wilson played on Korn Ferry Tour from 1991 to 2003, PGA Tour from 1991 to 1997, and PGA Tour Championship only once in 2009.

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Career overview

Season 1991: In 1991, John played two events in Korn Ferry Tour (KFT) and cut both games. He finished one KFT tour (Ben Hogan Gulf Coast Classic) as runner-up and one event (Ben Hogan Pensacola Open) at T12. John also played 28 PGA Tournaments this year, where John Wilson’s made 11 cuts and withdrawn one tour and finished two events in the top 25. The first time he played on the U.S. Open Championship this year and missed the cut.

  • Deposit Guaranty Golf Classic: Finished at T19.
  • Shearson Lehman Brothers Open: Wilson finished the Shearson Lehman Brothers Open at T20.

Season 1992: This season John Wilson played only seven Korn Ferry Tournaments, where he missed three cuts and finished two games in the top 25 and one tours at the top 10.

  • Ben Hogan Pensacola Open: John gave his best performance in The Ben Hogan Pensacola Open and ended the event at T9.
  • Ben Hogan Louisiana Open: Finished at T17.

Season 1994: In 1994, Wilson played 29 PGA Tours and two Korn Ferry tours. He missed one cut in these two KFT events and finished the other game (NIKE Dominion Open) at the third position. Among 29 PGA tournaments, John finished four matches at the top 25.

  • Texas Open: He finished the Texas Open at T5.
  • Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic: In the Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic, John played the semi-final and finished the event at T4.
  • Buick Classic: Finished at T13.
  • B.C. Open: Finished at T17.

Season 1995: This season he played 30 PGA Tournaments, where he missed 12 cuts and finished four events in the top 25, and one game in the top 10.

  • Shell Houston Open: It was one of John’s best events, and he finished it at T8.
  • Bell Canadian Open: Finished the Bell Canadian Open at T11.
  • Buick Invitational of California: Played four rounds and finished the tour at T16.
  • Phoenix Open: Finished at T18.

Season 1996: In 1996, John played 27 PGA tournaments, where he missed the cut in 14 events and finished five games in the top 25, and two events in the top 10. This year he didn’t play any KFT tours.

  • Phoenix Open: John played in the semi-final and finished the Phoenix Open at T4.
  • Nortel Open: Finished at T7.
  • BellSouth Classic: Finished the BellSouth Classic at T12.
  • Michelob Championship at Kingsmill: Played four rounds in the Michelob Championship and finished at T17.

Season 1997: This season John Wilson played one Korn Ferry Tour (NIKE Miami Valley Open) and finished the top 25 positions. He also played 30 PGA Tour events, where he missed 14 cuts and withdrawn two events. And after this year, John Wilson didn’t play any PGA Tour events.

  • B.C. Open: Played four rounds on the B.C. Open and finished the game at T12.
  • Tucson Chrysler Classic: Finished at T17.
  • FedEx St. Jude Classic: In four rounds, he gained a total of 277 points and finished the match at T27.

Season 1998: In 1998, John played 21 Korn Ferry Tournaments, where he made 15 cuts in total and won one tour. It was a successful year for John W. He finished two events in the second position, three in top 10, and five in the top 25.

  • NIKE Louisiana Open: Won the NIKE Louisiana Open.
  • NIKE Shreveport Open: Played in the final and became runner-up.
  • NIKE Monterrey Open: Played in the final and finished at T2.
  • NIKE Ozarks Open: Finished at T14.

Season 1999: This season John won his other Korn Ferry Tournament. He missed 13 cuts among 25 matches and finished three events in the top 25.

  • NIKE Dayton Open: Played four rounds and won the NIKE Dayton Open.
  • NIKE Hershey Open: Played in the semi-final and finished the NIKE Hershey Open at T4.

Season 2000: Played a total of 27 Korn Ferry Events and made 12 cuts. Finished nine events in the top 25.

  • BUY.COM Steamtown Classic: Finished at T10.
  • BUY.COM Upstate Classic: Played four rounds and earned 280 points in total (64-68-77-71).
  • BUY.COM South Carolina Classic: Finished at T16.

Season 2001: This year Wilson played a total of 20 Korn Ferry Tours, where he missed eight cuts and withdrawn two events. He finished six tours in the top 25.

  • Gila River Classic at Wild Horse Pass Development: Finished the Gila River Classic at T6.
  • BUY.COM Dayton Open: Finished the event at T9.

Season 2002: In 2002, John played only two KFT tours, where he missed the cut in one event and finished the other event (State Farm Open) at T16.

Season 2003: This year John played two KFT events and missed the cut in both tours. And he won the California State Open (Southern California organizes it).

Season 2009: This year John Wilson participated in the PGA Tour Championship for the first time and missed the cut.

John Wilson played on the two major championships (U.S. Open and PGA Tour Championship), but he missed the cut in both the tournaments. He didn’t play on the Open Championship and the Master’s Tournaments. He earned a total of $329,909 from Korn Ferry Tournaments in his whole career, $642,913 from PGA Tour.

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